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On 28 June 1862 Christopher frederick Mann obtained a Mates Certificate (No.26.187) issued at the Port of Sunderland;
he is recorded as aged 33 born 1829 Kirkwick, Birmingham
His Application for "Only Mate - foreign parts", details some of his maritime life;
Mann Cert images
Frederick's lastest emploment is shown as Boswain on the Brig the "Rolling Wave",
which seems to have been running between Tyne & Wyre and the eastern Mediteranian.
Shipping arrivals, transcribed by Jacqueline Walles,
from the New Zealand Herald

Sailed from Gravesend 2 September 1864, arrived Auckland 5 January 1865.
Captain William GIBBONS
1190 tons registry, built by Potter & Co, Glasgow Messrs Cruickshank, Smart & Co., Agents

When the Victory left England to sail to Auckland in 1864 it had the misfortune to collide with a French schooner when working down the Channel and suffered considerable damage. She was compelled to run to Portsmouth where necessary repairs were effected. The ship brought 247 passengers to Auckland, 80 of whom were Albertland settlers. It sailed from England 15 Sept 1864 and arrived 4 Jan 1865, the journey taking 110 days.

MANN, Charles F, Harriett, Alice & Mary E

full transcription at
Southern Cross 31 jan 1865 page 4
During the past month the title of immigiation to our port from the mother country, the Australian colonies, and the Cape has added a large influx to our steadily increasing population The ship 'Victory,' from London, under the command of Captain William. Gibbons, arrived on the evening of January ,4, with 247 passengers on board. Of that number 80 are Albertland settlers, and several of them are assisted immigrants.

The following year 18th sept the 3rd daughter
Annie Eliza Oakes Mann was born in NZ

Electorial Roll for 1865 NEWTON
shows a Christopher frederick Mann

Wises Directory has him in Newton Rd in 1875/6 and 1885/6 Wises 1892/93 Mrs.Harriet Mann, John St. Ponsonby 1899 Frederick Wiliam Oakes Mann, John St. Ponsonby, driver Harriet Mann, John St, Ponsonby, home duties 1900 Harriet Mann, Oliphant St. Ponsonby.

Daily Southern Cross,11th May 1870
Crown Lands Office, Auckland, April 26th, 1870.
I HEREBY notify that Crown Grants, in favour of the persons named in the following Schedule, are now ready for delivery at the Office of the Registrar of Deeds, High-street, Auckland.
J. Williamson,
Commissioner of Crown Lands.

Schedule:- ..snip... Mann, Christopher Frederick;

Daily Southern Cross,18 Nov 1870
IN BANKRUPTCY. Notice ii hereby given that on Thursday, tho 1st day of December next, at 11 o'clock in tho forenoon, application will be made in the Supreme Court of New Zealand, at Auckland, in its Bankruptcy Jurisdiction, for a declaration of the complete execution of a certain deed, dated the 19th day of November instant, made between HUMPHREY RAWLINGS, of the city of Auckland, Settler, of the first part ; Christopher Fredsrick Mann, of the same place, Carpenter, of the second part ;
and all the Creditors of the said Humphrey Rawlings, of the third part: whereby the said Humphrey Rawlings did convey and assign all his real and personal estate to the said Christopher Frederick Mann, for the equal benefit of all the Creditors of the said Humphrey Rawlings, which deed is intended to operate as a deed of arrangement, under the Bankruptcy Acts, 1807, 1868, and 1970.
Dated this 20th day of November, 1870.
A. BROCK, Solicitor for the Arranging Debtor.

New Zealand Herald ,1st November 1871
For Hokianga;
The fast sailing Cutter,
C.F. Mann, Master, will sail as above
This Day (wednesday) 1st November. For frieght or passage,
apply to M.Niccol, Agent

Daily Southern Cross, 11th December 1871
THE Partnership heretofore existing between us, C. F. Mann and Henry Maitland,
carrying on business in Auckland as Rope makers, Is this day Dissolved.
Dated the 6th day of December 1871.
All Accounts owing to the said firm will be payable to Mr. C.F.Mann.

Witness: J. Case.

Daily Southern Cross , 29th January 1873
(calling at all Stations)
The favourite Schooner TAURANGA
C.F. Mann, Master, will sail as above
This day, Monday, the 20th inst. For frieght or passage,
to Must & Co., Agents

Auckland Star , 4th June 1873
(calling at all Stations)
The Cutter, Æolus
C.F. Mann, Master, will leave the Manukau
on or about Wednesday 4th June. For frieght or passage,
to Must & Co., Agents

AJHR 1874 Section H22 page 18
Return of Wrecks  (Ocean Wave)

Date of Casualty :     3 May 1874
Name of Master:        Christopher Frederick MANN
Age of Vessel:         8 years
Rig:                   Schooner
Register Tonnage :     118
Number of Crew  :      7
Number of Passengers : 2
Nature of Cargo  :     Coal
Nature of Casualty :   Stranded; total loss
Number of Lives Lost :
Place of Accident :    Oamaru Beach
Wind Direction  :
Wind Force  :          Calm

Finding of Court of Inquiry
Master had to slip in order to avoid being run down by "Emulous",
when vessel was cast on shore by the sea.

North Otago Times 6th May 1874
(Before T. W. Parker, Esq., R.M.)
Frederick Mann, master of the Schooner Ocean Wave, was charged, on the information of the Deputy Harbor Master, with failing to clear the bay of three anchors and cablet A Defendant was allowed fourteen days to remove the obstructions, a deposit of L25 being required, same to be forfeited in the event of their not being removed within that time.

Despite his misfortune in loosing the Schooner Ocean Wave C.F. Mann has found a new Vessle to Captain

New Zealand Herald, 7th December 1874
SHIPPING, Port of Auckland
Entered inwards
Mercury, cutter,Mann, from Raglan (at Onehunga)
Cargo 12 bales hay,65 bales tow, 1 bale wool, 2 bags wool.
Barnes;6 pigs . Hunter and Co. J.W. Waller agent

New Zealand Herald, 23rd June 1875
SHIPPING, Port of Auckland
Entered inwards
Mercury, cutter, 30 tons C.F.Mann, from Kalpara
Cargo 22,000 ft timber. G.W. Blaney, agent

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