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        George arthur Waddel
        d.16jul1969 Whenuapai, Auckland
        m.10dec1919 Te Aroha
        Silvia evelina
        b~1893  Perth Western Australia dau of James Brown and Agnes Suiter 
        d.07jan1950 Auckland
        Edward              Melva                                  Paul  
        george arthur       june                                   maxwell         
        b.26dec1920 NZ      b~1929                                 b.after 1933
        d.31may1988                               d.
        |                   |
        m.1953              m1.1949 .........m2.1954
        |                   |                |  
        Margaret            Albert           Brian
        edna                leslie           maxwell
        Camwell             Brainsbury       Hall        
        b.28sep1921         b.               b.11dec1916
        d.1993              d.               d.2016
                                 Glen        Shane      Carol 
                                 arthur      brian      yvonne 

1978 Atatu, Auckland
Paul maxwell Waddel

1949 Otahuhu Ackland also Bay of Plenty
Albert leslie Brainsbury
Melva june Brainsbury

Ancestry trees Massey family Hall Buckley Hill tree
sheet 2
WWI record
George arthur Waddel, Priveate 74247
Religion;            C of E,  
Born                 7th March 1891**
Occupation;          Boiler maker,  Clare and Warner, Auckland
Last address;        Summertown Te Aroha, Auckland
Next of Kin,         Mrs Annie Waddel  (mother)
                     Summertown, Te Aroha
Periods of Service
in NZ                        198 days
Overseas              1 year 104 days
Day commenced duty;   7/2/18
Date Discharged;      5/12/19
Note:- NZBMD has his birth registered as 7th March 1892*
    Embarkation details
    WW1 27 Jul 1918 - 4 October 1918 AWMM to LONDON, ENGLAND AWMM HMNZT 108 AWMM
    Vessel was Ulimaroa AWMM
    Private AWMM
    41st Reinforcements New Zealand Medical Corps AWMM
    New Zealand Expeditionary Force AWMM 

Auckland Star, 19th March 1920
MARRIAGES Waddel - Brown,
On December 10th 1919 at St David Presbyterian Church Te Aroha
by the Rev. Morgan Richards
George arthur only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Waddel of Te Aroha to Silvia? Elvina eldest daughter of Agnes and the late James Brown of Auckland.

Auckland Star, 9th December 1944
Silver Weddings Waddel - Browne,
On December 10th 1919 at St David Presbyterian Church Te Aroha
by the Rev. Morgan Richards
George arthur only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Waddel of Te Aroha to Silvia Evelina eldest daughter of Agnes and the late James Browne of Auckland.
Present address Totora Road, Whenuapai.

Sylvia evelina died 1950

Mr Carter, Land Purchasing Officer, 27th February 1946.

Dear Sir,
I am in Reciept of your letter of the 18th inst. & consider your estimate of the Fence & compensation very unfavourable for many reasons of which your are probably aware.
The fence which will have to be renewed would cost in the vicinity of 30-35 .
As you say the property occupied by the huts is small, but you have to take into consideration that I have not been able to use my property other than for dwelling since the Air Force built on it. They Broke the fences & I was deprived of any privacy as the boys were roaming my property Night and Day to say nothing of the noise always attached to such camps.
I had to get rid of my cow as I was unable to keep her in owing to the fence being broken down in places . I repaired them on sevweral occasions but it was no use. The boys in the camp anoyed the cow, they even went as far as painting different coloured patches on her, annoying her consirably. On several occasion she was almost milked out when I went to milk her in the morning.

I complained to the C.C. of the camp but recieved no satifaction, so had to sell her at a loss. The loss of the cow in its self was 10/- a week to me apart from other inconveniences. I wish to have this matter settled as soon as possible as I want to get another Cow.

Re the Huts, the value you put on them of 75 each I consider is far in excess of the value considering their condition.
Trusting you will give this matter your earlist attention. If Convenient I would like to interview you personally at your office.
Yours sincererly - G A Waddle.

Waikumete Cemetry, Soldiers Burial M Row 21, Plot 38
74247, Pte

G.A. Waddel

Medical Corp.

Died 16 7 1969
Aged 77 years
G.A. Waddel plaque

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