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Holloway origins

 Emanuel Holloway                  m. 1873 NZ         Isabella Wallace
 b.junqt1846 chipping Norton UK                        b.~1851 
 d.10frb1901 aged 54   NZ                                   d.1920 aged 69 NZ
 John       Margaret     George     Trancis     Alice      Cathrine     Eveline    Harriet
 charles    lydia mary   emanuel    trevor      may        |            jane       hester 
 1873       b.1875       b.1876     b.1878      b.1884     b.1886       b.1888     b.1890
            d.02aug1901                                                             |
            aged 26                                                                 |
                                                                                    W F Low

Southern Cross, 17th April 1872
The annual licensing meeting for the Auckland district was held yesterday at noon in the Police Court, High-street. An immense crowd was in attendance. The following magistrates took their seats upon the bench: Messrs. Thomas Beckham, R.M. (chairman); Archibald Clark; J. R. Nicho'son, M.D.j P. A. Philips, Mayor J. H. Home, Joseph May, T. Cheeseman, Thomas Ritchie, and J. Holt.
The various Acts relating to the granting of licenses in this province were put in.
The Mayor presented an address embodying a series of resolutions passed at the public meeting held some time ago uudor the auspices of the Alliance for the Suppression of the Liquor Traffic.
Mr. Broham stated that in his room was waiting a deputation to present a petition to the Benoh. Would he be permitted to usher them in The Bench gave permission, and a deputation, consisting of the Rev. Dr. Mauusell, Rev. Dr. Wallis, the Rev. Messrs. C. W. Rigg, S. Edger, Waters, Cornford, and Messrs. 0. Lewis, Coupland, Le Roy, and several others, was then ushered in by Inspector Broham. Dr. Maimsell on coming forward stated that the memorial he held in his hand was signed by 2,000 of the public. It came from no particular section of the people, but from the public at large. It was against the granting of any new licenses to new public-houses.
Mr. Boveridge objected to this statement being made to the Court. The memorial, or petition, whatever it was, was said to be signed by a large number of inhabitants, not from any one district, but from the whole public. The memorial was not drawn up and signed in the way prescribed by the Act. A certain course of procedure was laid down in the Act passed by the Provincial Council, and when the petition did not comply with that it could not be received. He therefore objected to the Bench receiving it, as it was extrajudicial.
Mr. Hesketh also supported Mr. Beveridge, and thought the conduct of the Mayor, in leaving his seat on the bench, and presenting the address adopted at a meeting of which he was chairman, and afterwards resuming his seat upon the bench, was not proper. The Chairman asked whether the memorial was one under the Act.
Mr. O. Lewis stated that the memorial was not under the Act. It was a general expression of the opinion of the public Mr. Beveridge then submitted, with all respect to the Bench and the Venerable Archdeacon who was presenting the memorial, that the Bench could not receive it. Some discussion ensued, after which the Chairman expressed himself strongly upon the propriety of presenting such a memorial to the Bench. It was a reflection upon them, and implied that they had not done their duty in the past. He was only speaking for himself, and he could say that he had been 32 years a Magistrate here, and during all that time he was not aware that he had ever neglecteded to do his duty. He may have made mistakes at times that was but human, but he never shrank from doing his duty, and he did not like to be goaded on to do his duty by a memorial of that kind. He then consulted with his fellow Magistrates about receiving the memorial, and they decided to receive it.

The memorial waa then read as follows "To the Worshipful the Justices of the Peace of the city of Auckland, in session assembled The humble petition of the undersigned inhabitants of the city of -Auckland and its viciuity showeth, That your petitioners learn with regret that several new applications have been made to your worshipful Court for licenses to sell intoxicating liquors. Your petitioners firmly believe that it would be inimical to the welfare of social order to have the number of public-houses (which your petitioners are convinced are already more than sufficient to meet the supposed requirements of the population) increased and your petitioners, as in duty bound, earnestly entreat your Worships to refuse all applications for additional licenses. Your petitioners would also humbly desire to express their hope that, in the case of houses against which information may have been laid for misconduct, your Worships will deem it expedient to refuse a renewal of any such licenses, And your petitioners will ever pray. " Here follow the 2,600 signatures.] The Bench then proceeded to dispose of the applications brought "before them, with the following results Renewals of Licenses. .....
... Emanuel Holloway - Flagstaff Hotel
Daily Southern Cross,  12th October 1872
The following licences were transfered at the Police Couirt yesterday;
The Suffolk Hotel, from George H Legg to Emanuel Holloway

New Zealand Herald, 16th june 1873
Unopposed applications
Emanuel Holloway 
Suffolk Hotel, College Road
closing time 10 o'clock

Auckland Star, 17 june 1873
An application wasas made for the, transfer of license from 
Emanuel Holloway, of the Suffolk Hotel, 
to George Seeley, which, as there was no opposition, 
was granted. 

New Zealand Herald, 22nd May 1875
Applicants for publicans licence
Renewal, North shore
Emanuel Holloway ; Ferry Hotel , Stokes Point

New Zealand Herald, 21st April 1883
 Licensipg Notices.
Notice is hereby given that on the 14th dAy of April instant, 
an order was duly mado under the provisions of The Licencing Act, 1881, 
prohibiting the sale or supply to EMANUEL HOLLOWAY, of Devonport, 
North Shore, near Auckland, Labourer, 
of intoxicating liquor for the space of one year from the 
said 14th day of April, 1883. Dated this 20th day of April, 

Auckland Star, 2nd February 1901
HOLLOWAY.-On February 10, at his late residence, Takapuna, 
Emanuel Holloway; aged 54 years. 
The funeral will leave his residence tomorrow (Tuesday), at 0.30 p.m.,
 for O'Nell's Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation. 

Auckland Star, 3rd august 1901
-On August 2nd, 1901. at her late residence,Victoria Park, Devonport. 
Margaret Lydia Mary, eldest daughter of the late Emanuel Holloway; 
aged 26 years. Private interment.

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