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Catherine Albina LOW 
m.15 sep 1898 
Arthur Francis HALVEY 

at the Home of the Brides Parents, Devonport. She was 17 and he was 18.
On marriage certificate he stated he was from Galway, Ireland.
At this time they both lived in Devonport.
Arthurs parents were Mary  HALVEY nee O'CONNOR and John HALVEY a farmer.
Catherines parents were Elizabeth Albina LOW nee FULLER and John LOW photographer.

Officiating Minister Thomas G DAWSON.
Witnesses: Peter DELANEY hotel keeper Devonport.
                 Daisy Blossom LOW (sister of the Bride) 
note NZBMD has names as cath"A"rine and Hal"R"ey
Marriage in the District of Auckland
No. When Married
and Where
Name Age Rank or
Condition Birthplace Residence Father 1. Mother
2.Maiden name
xxx 1898
15th September
33 Labourer Bachelor Galway
Devonport John

1.Mary Halvey
Catherine Albina
17   Spinster Auckland Devonport John

albina Low
Married at the home of the brides parents, Devonport
By Thomas G Dawson, R.C.
This Marriage Solomnised between us
Catrherine albina Low
Arthur francis Halvey
In the Presence of us
Peter Delaney, Hotel Keeper, Devonport
Daisy blosson Low, sister of the bride

Auckland Star, 23rd February 1903
Police Court
For Medical Examination:-
Arthur Halvey, a middle-aged Irishman, was charged with using threatening language to his wife, and also with being of unsound mind.
He answered His Worship's questions intelligently, and denied using bad language.
He was remanded in custody for a week, the magistrate ordering him to be kept under observation, telling Halvey that he would be able to go away on Monday if he behaved himself.

New Zealand Herald, 24th February 1903
A Family Affair:
Arthur Francis Halvey (33) was charged with being guilty of unseemly conduct towards hie wife.
Accused assured the Court that he loved his wife from the bottom of his heart till his motherin-law came on the scene, and that he had never used the language imputed to him in the information.
In answer to His Worship, accused said he had been 13 years in tho colonies, and was a native of County Galway.
He did not mind going back to gaol, as he was treated very considerately there, but begged to be allowed to go to the goldfields.
His Worship remanded accused for a week for medical treatment.

Auckland Star, 2nd February 1905
SCOTT - HALVEY. On the 18th January.
Joseph, the youngest son of the late William Scott,
to Catherine, second daughter of Mrs.E... A. Medus,
both of Devonport.

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