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Admissions to the Dargaville Primary School.
Previous school = Kawakawa,

Daisy,             b. 18 Jul 1883
John,              b. 24 Mar 1886
Katherine Albina,  b. 15 Sep 1881
Arthur,            b. 30 Mar 1888
last day              13 Dec 1895, 'Left district". Same in each case.

School admission records 
4th Feb 1896 Papakura Public School
last School Dargaville
mother E.A. Low    

From info by Liza Mills (Gt gandaughter of Daisy)
Daisy Low  d.20 jul 1916 aged 33

Daisy Blossom MILLS (nee LOW) died in Auckland General Hospital, 
after having septecsemia for 10 days, of cardiac failure. 
(per Dr L A Spedding)

On 15th September 1899 aged of 16 Daisy  married 
Llewellyn Joseph MILLS in Auckland aged 20  (on his birth day?)

School Admission Record
Name                MILLS Llewellyn
School              Papakura Public
Register no.        0396
Admission date      03 jul 1893
parent              Joshua MILLS
address             Papakura
Birthdate           15 sep 1879
last school         paparoa

Offspring from this marriage were 6 children:- 5 boys and 1 girl 
her death cert give surviving children as
Boys ages 16, 14, 10, 8 and 2
Girls age 12 

From family records and Papakura school admission they were

MILLS Stanley  joseph  b.07 jun 1900   
MILLS Douglas          b.05 jul 1902  
MILLS Ivy madeline     b.29 jun 1904
MILLS Lesley ramond    b.29 nov 1905
MILLS Reginald         b.   abt 1908 from childrens ages in 1916
MILLS Kenneth gordon   b.17 Jun 1914  

Purewa Cremations  
Mills Kennith Gordon
23 dec 1983
last residence 94 Market Rd.

Daisy died in 20 July 1916 aged 33 (and her death cert confirms her parents
as John Lowe, Eliza  Fuller) 
One thing I do find a little odd, is that even after securing her death cert (she died Daisy Mills) we have been unable to find her body!
Her husband married afterwards and his second wife is buried alongside him in Papakura... but no Daisy.

At least having her Mothers name from the school records may give me enough information to see if she may be buried with her OWN family .. the Lows.

There was same chatter in the family that Daisy and her last husband may not have been 'together' at the time of her death... certainly my grandfather (her last son) was under the impression that she died more or less at his birth, where in fact is was 3 years later.

Lisa Mills

Further confusion arrives from my father's recollections that in 1906, when Euphemia Glass married, Jack Low, she was assisted in her Elopement by Daisy Strong which is apparently confirmed by the marriage cert which shows a Daisy E.? Strong as witness.
My father thought Daisy was married at the same time, NZ BMD has a Daisy Evelyn Strong born 1881 , but was not married till September 1907 to Amos william Moore
Following their marriage Euphemia & Jack shared a house with "Daisy and her husband". and the 2 men set up business together as fishermen; Liza's family confirm the fishing connection, ie. this one was Daisy blossom , Jonn Low's sister.
So it would seem there was a two Daisys!

Chris Glass
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