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John Low jnr was born in Scotland 1847
he is supposed to have emigrated in 1860/61 to NZ on the ship Jura
giving he would be only 13, It sems more probable this was his father JohnLow snr
, and that John jnr and sister followed in 1865

Rob Roy, Ship: 832 tons, Captain: Sanger
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Owen
Sailed London 23 April 1865 - arrived Auckland 10th August 1865
Passenger list:- John and Jane Low

Waikato Times, 11 april 1874

Photography! photography!
J.Low has much pleasure in anouncing that he has 
errected a Studio in the township of Ngaruawahia 
and is now prepared to execute any order with which he may be favoured.
Cartes De Visite

Views of Waikato; Natrivew pictueres &c 
J. Low

Waikato times 15 september 1874
J.Low wishes to notify to the inhabitants of 
Ngaruawahia and surrounding districts, that he has 
re-opened business in the old establishment next 
Mr Fitzpatrick's store Ngaruawahia

Waikato Times 21 November 1874
J.Low begs to inform thethe public of Hamilton and surrounding districts
that he has resumed business in the old premises, Hamilton East.
Cartes de Visites taken daily. A large collection of Waikato views for sale; 
also a choice assortment of Albums, from 3s 6d upwards.
J.Low photographer.

Waikato times 10 april 1875
J.Low has now commenced business in CAMBRIDGE 
and will remain there for one month only
next door to mr W Alder's Hotel Cambridge.

Waikato Times ,13 may 1876 
The Waikato Portrait Rooms, Victoria Street,
Hamilton West, will be open for one week only
from date, May 13th 1876
views of the Hot Springs and Maori pictures for sale.

Waikato Times 13 september 1877

J. Low, Photographer,
Begs to inform his friends and the public of Waikato that 
he has returned to HAMILTON and will resume Business
on september 18th inst.
A large collection of views of Kaipara and 
Manakau Heads for sale.

Waikato times 8 march 1879
Mr. J. Low will open his Photographis studio open 
monday 10th inst. with new appliances, 

Wakato times 31 may 1879 


J.Low, Photographer, begs to inform his friends in the Waikato
 that he will be leaving the district about the end of  the 
present month. Intending coustomers will please rally up 
within the next three weeks, as i go for certain.
Views of Mr Cox's house, presentation to mr Cox in Gwynne's Garden; 
Rewi, the great Maori Chief, William Thompson and Kereopa for sale; 
also views of Hamilton, waikato, Hot springs, Whanganui,Bay of Isalnds,
andKaipara. Portraits taken daily for one month only.
J. Low
photographer , Hamilton

Northern Advocate 18th february 1888
W. W. Taylor
Will open the studio opposite the Settlers Hotel,
lately occupied by Mr. John Low.

Waikato Times, 4th March 1879

Low - Fuller
On February 27, at Whangarei, by the 
Rev. Alexander Thompson,
Mr John Low, photgrapher, of Waikato, 
to Eliza A. Fuller, of Whangarei.

Waikato Times 17 september 1881
LOW on the 15th inst. ,at the America Portrait Rooms,
13 Grey Street, Auckland, the wife of Mr. John Low,
 Photographer, of a daughter.

Eliza Fuller and John Low
had 60 acres in Kawakawa valued at 100 pounds.

Admissions to the Dargaville Primary School.
Previous school = Kawakawa,

Daisy,             b. 18 Jul 1883
John,              b. 24 Mar 1886
Katherine Albina,  b. 15 Sep 1881
Arthur,            b. 30 Mar 1888
last day              13 Dec 1895, 'Left district". Same in each case.

School admission records 
4th Feb 1896 Papakura Public School
last School Dargaville
mother E.A. Low    

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