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1861 census
Source:              RG9,   Piece 2905       Folio    Page 4
place:               Pendleton,  Salford
Dwelling             98 Brenghton Road, Grocers Shop, Schedule 17 

Richard Johnson head M 46  Grocer                            Pilkinton
Ellen   Johnson wife M 45                                    Acrington
James   Johnson son    18   Grocers Assistant                Pendleton
Joshua  Johnson son  U 16   Grocers assistant                Pendleton
Robert  Johnson son  U 13   Grocers assistant                Pendleton
Ann eliza Gecker? visitor 13 scholar                         Preston

Catherine Low married Joshua Johnson of Manchester (source: family bible)
GRO decqt1867 Salford

1871 census
Source:             RG10, Piece 4008, Folio 131, Page 2
Place               Pendleton, Salford
Dwelling:           245 Broad Street, Shop, Schedule 6 

Joshua    Johnson  head M  26  Provision Dealer                Pendleton, Lancs
Catherine Johnson  wife M  29                                  Scotland
John      Johnson  son      8mn                                Pendleton

The London Gazette, 28th September 1877
Notive is hereby given the the Partnershipe heretofore subsiting between us the undersigned, Richard Johnson, James Johnson and Robert Johnson, carrying on the Business at No. 245 in Broad Street, No.82 in Broughton Road and No. 14 in Bird Street, all in Pendleton, in the borough of Salford, in the county of Lancaster, as Bakers and Flour Dealers, and Provision Dealers, Under the style or Firm of R. Johnson and Sons, was disolved by mutual consent, on the 25th day of December 1876, so far as regards the said Richard Johnson who has retired from the said business.
All Debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be recieved and paid by the said James Johnson, Joshua Johnson and Robert Johnson by whom the said business will be continued under the old style of R. Johnson and Sons.
Dated this 4th day of May 1877.
Richard Johnson; Joshua Johnson; James Johnson; Robert Johnson.

1881 census
Source:             RG11; Piece: 3949; Folio: 5; Page: 3; 
Place:              Pendleton in salford, Lancashire
Dwelling:           15 Sligo Street 
Joshua     Johnson  head M  36  Baker emp. 5 men            Pendleton
Catherine  Johnson  wife M  39                              Scotland
John       Johnson  son     10  Scholar                     Pendleton
Lydia      Johnson  dau      8  Scholar                     Pendleton
Frank      Johnson  son      7  Scholar                     Pendleton
Jane ellen Johnson  dau      6  Scholar                     Pendleton
Joshua     Johnson  son      1                              Pendleton

sheet 2

1891 census
Source:           RG12, piece 3208 Folio 48, Page 3/4
Place             West Salford, Lancashire
Dwelling:         13 Sligo Street, Schedule 19 

Joshua    Johnson  Head M 46  Baker                           Pendleton, Lancashire
Catherine Johnson  wife M 49                                  Scotland.
Lydia     Johnson  dau  S 19                                  Pendleton, Lancashire
Frank     Johnson  son  S 17  Baker                           Pendleton, Lancashire
Jane E    Johnson  dau  S 16  Book Keeper                     Pendleton, Lancashire   
Joshua    Johnson  son    11                                  Pendleton, Lancashire
Arthur    Johnson  son     9                                  Lytham,    Lancashire
Dora      Johnson  dau     7                                  Pendleton, Lancashire
Catherine Johnson died aged 50 marqt1892 Salford
Joshua Johnson remarried sepqt1896 Fyled to Helen Brooks

Jane Ellen possible marriage sepqt 1894 Blackburn to
william worswick or Edward Livesey Ormby

1901 census 
Source                  RG13 Piece 3717   Folio  Page 18
Place                   Pendleton Salford Lancs.
Dwelling                79 Lower Seedley Rd   Schedule 90 

Joshua Johnson head m 56   Corporation Gas Canvaser                 Pendleton
Helen  Johnson wife m 40                                            Pendleton
Lydia  Johnson dau  s 29                                            Pendleton
Jane   Johnson dau  s 26   Wharehouse assistant under clothing      Pendleton
Arthur Johnson son  s 19   Assist Chemist                           Pendleton
Dora   Johnson dua  w 17   Wharehouse Assistant under clothing      Pendleton
Mary Brooks    MIL  59  

Joshua Johnson jnr married Drucilla Owen decqt1908 Salford

Although Joshua snr has has left the family business his brother remains a grocer

1901 census
Source               RG13 piece   folio   page 5 
Place                Pendleton, west Salford 
Dwelling             17 Brentwood schedule 27

Robert    Johnson  head m 53 wholesale grocer                Pendleton, Lancs
Harriet   Johnson  wife m 54                                 Salford
Eleanor   Johnson  dau  s 29                                 Pendleton
Gertrude  Johnson  dau  s 28 Clerk Grocer's                  Pendleton
Eunice    Johnson  dau  s 21 Clerk Grocer's                  Pendleton
Bertha H  Johnson  dau  s 20                                 Pendleton
Constance Johnson  dau  s 10                                 Pendleton
Robert    Johnson  son  s 26  Grocers Traveller              Pendleton 
Edward    Johnson  son  s 23  Clerk Bank                     Pendleton
James     Johnson  son  s 18  Clerk Bank                     Pendleton
Hugh F    Johnson  son  s 13                                 Pendleton
Mary E    Brooke   serv s 14 Housemaid                       Northwick, Cheshire

1911 census 
Source                   RG14PN24008 RG78PN1382 RD465 SD2 ED32 SN293 
Place                    Salford Lancs.
Dwelling                 10 Yew Street,      Lower Broughton

Joshua     Johnson head 66 m 16 years    Gas Collector  gas works         Salford
Helen      Johnson wife 50 m                                              Salford
Lydia      Johnson dau  39 s                                              Salford
Jane ellen Johnson dau 36  Assistant Drapery Warehouse                    Salford  
Dora       Johnson dau 27  Assistant Drapery warehouse                    Salford
Murial     Johnson Gdau 1                                                 Salford

1911 census
source                   RG14PN23932 RG78PN1381 RD465 SD1 ED1 SN92 
Place                    Pendleton, Salford   
Dwelling                 25 Nursery Street 

Arthur  Johnson head 29 m 3 yrs  Manufacturing Chemist Tar Distillery   Lytham,  Lancs        
Annie   Johnson wife 33 m children one                                  Worsley, Lancs

1911 census 
Place                 Pendleton Salford     
Dwelling             2 Gerald road 

Emma      Owen    Head 74 widow  12 children 8 living   Besses O "th" Barn Prestwich
Jessie    Owen    dau  39 s   Cotton Winder                                Pendleton
Elizabeth H Owen  dau  36 s   Cotton Winder                                Pendleton
Emma      Owen    dau  35 s   Cotton Winder                                Pendleton
Joshua    Johnson SIL  31 m 2 yrs Tramway Painters Lab. Boro council       Pendleton
Drucilla  Johnson wife 28 m children one                                   Pendleton
Alec owen Johnson son  18months                                            Pendleton

Joshua Johnson snr died junqt1932 salford aged 87
Helen C Johnson    died marqt1940 Salford aged 79

Jane E Johnson     died junqt1955 Salford aged 80
Dora   Johnson     diad marqt1963 Salford aged 78

Arthur Johnson     died decqt1948 Salford aged 67

Joshua   Johnson
Drucilla Johnson  died decqt1872 Leicester born 24nov 1888 ?

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