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According to renunion article John Low (jnr) arrived about 1861 on the JURA

Jura, Ship:792 tons, Captain: Chambers
Surgeon Superintendent: 
Sailed London (the Downs) 3rd Oct 1859 - arrived Auckland January 15th 1860
Source:- Daily Southern Cross, 17th January,1860, Page 2,
Stearage Passengers:- John Low. however giving his age would be only 13 this dosnt seem right unless he was with relatives. Shipping Intelligence, Port Of Auckland The ship that was signalled on Sunday morning proved to be the Jura, Captain Chambers , from London. Her dates are The Downs on the 3rd October; Madeira sighted on the 16th; and the line on the 3rd Nov , in long 27 west. The Island of Trinidad was signted on the 11th Nov., and the Cape passed on dec. 1st in 39 10' South. The Jura ran down her Easting in between 41 and 42 south and was abreast of Van Dieman's land on the 29th of Dec.. Thence she experience head winds from the NE to ENE as far as the Three Kings, which were made thursday last. The winds down the coast were light and the north head was not reached till sunday when she was obliged to bring up. The Jura arrived in good condition and with all on board 78½ statute adultadults healthy, neither births or deaths have occured during the Voyage.

John snr and sister Jane apparently followed some 4 years later

Rob Roy, Ship: 832 tons, Captain: Sanger
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Owen
Sailed London 23 April 1865 - arrived Auckland 10th August 1865
Passenger list:- John and Jane Low
The Rob Roy is renowned for the remarkable passage from Auckland to London in 1865. She was a Clyde-built ship of 832 tons, with superior accommodation for the passengers, and came out under the Shaw Savill Comany's flag. She completed three voyages to Auckland. In 1865 the Rob Roy sailed from Gravesend on the 23rd April, and arrived on the 10th Aug after a 99 days passage. the run from the cape to Tasmania was made in 28 days; thence contrary winds delayed the ship until sighting the New Zealand coast.

White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

The Rob Roy left Gravesend on Sunday, 23rd Apr at noon. Arrived off the Isle of Wight on the 25th where she discharged the pilot 4 pm. She sighted the Lizard on the 26th. From the Lizard to Madeira (which she sighted on the 11th May) she had strong westerly breezes and these she carried to 28o 13' North, where she got the N.E. Trades.

Passing to the westward of the Cape de Verd Is., she crossed the Equator on the 27th May in 26o 30' W and lost the S.E. Trades in 18o S on 2nd June. From this date to 19th June she had a continuance of variable light winds and calms. Passed the meridian of the Cape in parallel 41o on 30 June running down her Easting to the parallel of 48° with strong westerley gales. She passed the meridian of the South Cape of van Diemen's Land without sighting it on the 28th of July, thus making the run from the Cape to van Dieman's Land in 8 days.

The Three Kings were sighted on the morning of the 4th August, from which date she has had southerly winds and calms.
The only vessels sighted were the "Giants Causeway" from London bound to Melbourne in 39° 30' S. 10° E on the 29th June in company four days; and the "Carisbrook" from South Shields bound to Point de Galle, 28 days out. H.M.SS "Falcon" was passed on Sunday last rounding Cape Brett.
The Rob Roy will enter inwards at the Customs today, and commence discharging tomorrow.

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