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LOW Boylan Reunion
Emigrant Scot, John Low, jnr,
married Australian born Eliza Fuller
at her home - Whangarei's original
Settlers Hotel in 1879.
More than 100 of thier decendants held a
family reunion in the city last weekend.

Family links with Whangarei stretch over seven generations. A family proud to have had seven generations live in Whangarei held a reunion at the weekend (1975) which brought together Maori and Pakkeha decendants who had hardly realised they were related.

Thanks to the painstaking research by by Mesdames Alva Turnbull and Irene Wilson, however, about 30 of their long "lost" relatives from Taranaki were able to share in the celebration of what would have been a 96th wedding anniversary in Whangarei.
John Low, jnr had married Eliza Albania Fuller in 1879 in the Settlers Hotel, then owned by the bride's mother. A Scott from Edinburgh, John came in the Ship Jura to Auckland, (1860-61) started a Whangarei Photography business on the corner of James and Cameron Sts. and sold out to John Eccles in 1880 for 20 pounds.

Meanwhile his father , John snr. (and Jane Low ) had emigrated on the ship Rob Roy in 1865 and working as a tin smith and plumber in the town. His gravestone rests in Waiarohia Cemetery, Selwyn Ave. Whangarei.

The family's Taranaki connection arises from a distinguished elder brother of Mrs. Sussanah Fuller, who owned the original Settlers Hotel from 1871 to 1884. Walter henry Boyland was a renowned violinest and master mariner.

Queen Victoria sent him a parchment scroll in recognition of good work in bringing settlers saftly across the to New Zealand, where he was destined, like his sister, to be a Hotel Keeper.

The only surviving son of the Low-Fuller marriage, Mr. Leonard Edwin Low, 84, was able to be at the reunion, though his only sister alive, Mrs Ruby Winifred Body, 79, was not. They both live in Auckland.

Cutting a commemorative cake for the 96th wedding anniversery was the eldest grand-daughter of the wedding couple, Mrs Hilder Foster, of Kensington. A tragic year for the family was in 1916 when three mothers amongst the decendants died. A short time later, the respective fathers also died, leaving seven ophans.

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