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William appears to have been sent to be apprenticed to his uncle William Whyte in Nairn at an early age.

1851 census
Piece        sct1851/121  Enu district 5  folio 96 page 7 shed 31
Place        Boghole, Audearn Nairn

                 Rel   Mar   Age    Occ                                Birthplace
John    Whyte    head   m    33     Minister UP of Boghole chapple     Kinross
Mary    Whyte    34     m    34                                        Inverness
Jean    Glass    niece  u     6     Scholar                            Kinross

William Whyte    vist   u    26     Merchant Draper                    Kinross
William Glass    vist   u    13     apprentice Draper                  Kinross 

1861 census 
Place              Grantown shed 109  page 16

William Glass   head   U  23  Draper                        Kinross
Jane    Glass   sister U  16  House keeper                  Kinross

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