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No christening records for Kinross around this time probable due to many families joining the new Presbyterian sucsession from the main church.
John Glass born 1841/42 gave his age in aug 1881 as 39

Source:           1841 census Kinross, South end of town ,
                  from Boiling house to Quice Bridge
                  Book 5 page 2/3
Dwelling:         Main st

                     Rel    Age        Occ 
William    Glass     Head   35         Warper
Jean       Glass     wife   25
William    Glass     son     3
Janet      Glass     dau     1

Note that adult ages were rounded to nearest 5 years

1851 census
Source            Book 7 page 12 shed 63
Place:            Kinross, South end of town ,  from Myre Wynd to  Bridge
Dwelling:         Main St, west side

                     Rel   Age       Occ              Birthplace 
William    Glass    Head    44       Warper           Kinross
Jean       Glass    wife    36                        Kinross
Janet      Glass     dau    11       School           Kinross
John       Glass     son     9                        Kinross
Mary       Glass     dau     5                        Kinross
Thomas     Glass     son     1                        Kinross

William aged 13 apprentice with uncle William Whyte in Nairn
Also a younger sister Jeanie age 6/7 has been sent to her uncle Rev John Whyte in Auldain, Nairn

1851 census
Piece             sct1851/121  Enu district 5  folio 96 page 7 shed 31
Place             Boghole, Audearn Nairn

                  Rel   Mar   Age     Occ                               Birthplace
John     Whyte    head   m    33     Minister UP of Boghole chapple     Kinross
Mary     Whyte    34     m    34                                        Inverness
Jean     Glass    niece  u     6     Scholar                            Kinross

William  Whyte    vist   u    26     Merchant   Draper                  Kinross
William  Glass    vist   u    13     Apprentice Draper                  Kinross 

1861 census Source: Book 3 page 25 shed 160 , Kinross, South and West of town , Place: Gt North Rd. from School Wynd to Bridge Dwelling: High St, west side Rel Age Occ Birthplace William Glass Head 54 Warper Kinross Jean Glass wife 44 Kinross Mary Glass dau 14 School Kinross Thomas Glass son 11 School Kinross Eliza Glass dau 9 School Kinross Anne Glass dau 7 Kinross Euphemia Glass dau 5 Kinross David Leslie Glass son 1 Kinross Isabella Thompson boarder 2m Kinross 1861 census source: ED: 1; Page: 9; Line: 22; Roll: CSSCT1861_126. 685/2 place Edinburgh St George; Midlothian Scotland dwelling 108 Princes Street, Schedule 28 John W Mackie head 59 Buiscuit Maker Bamford Stirlingshire Agnes W H Mackie wife 41 Dunbar Haddingtonshire James W Mackie son 22 Confectioner St Andrews Edinburgh Francis W Mackie son 19 Corn Merchants Clerk St Georges Edinburgh John Glass visitor 19 Baker Kinross Ann Burns 19 servant Betsey Burns 17 housemaid Alexander Meason 24 Apprentice Baker Robert Ross 20 Apprentice Baker Peter Brown 16 Apprentice Confectioner
Janet Glass aged 21 probably at Orwell Book 3 Page 12 as a servant to Reddie
In 1863 Janet married Andrew Moncur who's family lived only a few doors away from her parents.

Thomas Glass died 19th June 1867 aged 18, info from Family gravestone.

1871 census
Source:            Book 4 page 13 shed 86   Kinross, South and West of town ,
Place:             West side Gt North Rd. south from  School Wynd to  Bridge          
Dwelling:          Montgomery St.

                   Rel    Age      Occ              Birthplace 
William   Glass    Head    64      Woolen Weaver    Chamcerine, Kinross
Jean      Glass    wife    56                       Kinross
Euphemia  Glass    dau     15      School           Kinross

Mary Glass who was working in Strathmiglo married George Miller in 1875 Her sister Eliza was a witness.

1881 census
Source:           GRO Ref    Volume 462    Enum  Dist 4       Page 29
Place:            Kinross
Dwelling:         Montgomery St.

                  Rel     age         Occ                     Birthplace
William    Glass  head    74          Woolen Weaver           Kinross
Jane       Glass  wife    66                                  Kinross

1881 census
Source:           GRO Ref    Volume 644-7   Enum  Dist 66     Page 8
Place:            Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Dwelling:         93 Cadogan St

                  REl.    Mar  Age    Occ                     Birthplace 
Elizabeth KEIL	  Head     U    50    Dress Maker	      Ayr, Ayr,
Elizabeth GLASS	  Border   U    29    Saleswoman (Baker )     Kinross
Annie     GLASS   Border   U    27    Saleswoman (Baker )     Kinross
Euphemia  GLASS   Border   U    24    Saleswoman (Baker )     Kinross

Also their Eldest son William having apprenticed with his uncle is now in business on his own

1881 census
Source:             GRO Ref    Volume 128-B2    Enum Dist 6    Page 6
Place:              Cromdale, Elgin, Scotland
Dwelling:           Tenement No 25 No Side

                     Rel      Age     Occ              Birthplace 
William      GLASS   Head     43      Gen Draper       Kinross, Kinross
Mary Ann     GLASS   wife     44                       Cromdale, Elgin
William A.   GLASS   son       7      Scholar          Cromdale, Elgin
James Grant  GLASS   son       5      Scholar          Cromdale, Elgin
Alexander G. GLASS   son       3                       Cromdale, Elgin
Jessie CRUICKSHANKS  Serv     16      Gen domestic     Cromdale, Inverness

William Glass Marriage to Mary Ann Grant 1st Jan 1872 at Cromdale and Inverallen

William Alexander Glass c. 12 feb 1874 at Cromdale by
William Glass and Mary Ann D. Grant

1881 census
Source:             GRO Ref    Volume 121    Enum Dist 5    Page 5
Place:              Audearn, Nairn, Scotland
Dwelling:           UP Manse Moyness

                    Rel      Age     Occ                   Birthplace 
John Whyte          Head     63      Minister UP Church    Kinross, Kinross
Janet W. Whyte      wife     51 	                   Edinburgh
William  Whyte      son      20      Law Apprentice        Audearn, Nairn
James M. Whyte      son      15      Scholar               Audearn, Nairn
Marion C. Whyte     dau      11      Scholar               Audearn, Nairn
George F. Whyte     son       8      Scholar               Audearn, Nairn

1881 census
Source:             GRO Ref    Volume 123  Enum Dist 10    Page 14
Place:              Nairn, Nairn, Scotland
Dwelling:           Viewfield St. Park Villa

                    Rel      Age     Occ                   Birthplace 
William Whyte       Head     56      Draper                Kinross, Kinross
Jeanie Glass        Niece    35      House Keeper          Kinross, Kinross
Isabella  Whyte     Niece     3                            Forres, Elgin

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