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JOHN GLASS last appears in Scotland 1861 census, occupation Baker which is his main trade when he arrived in NZ.
s.s. Alhambra Possible arrival in NZ An "Address (or acknowledment) to
Sir George Grey in 1886 signed by 10,000 people,
includes in passenger arrivals - John Glass arrived 1864,
Source GNZ MSS 275, p. 2
Unforntunatly 1863/64 was the Gold rush with the resulting
in a flood of emigrants to Otago, shipping lists are few
and incompleat, however there is a Mr. Glass arrived on the Alhambra, from Melbourne - Dec. 23: 1864.
Since its arrival from UK in sep1862 the Alhambra ferried pioneers between Melbourne and NZ, so its not clear if John had worked in Australia before comming to NZ.
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