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William Norman Vickers b.1900; 4th child of Alice Skelton and William Vickers b.1866.
Grand son of Joseph Vickers and Elizabeth (Betsey) Wright of Lincolnshire.

Vickers Line

   d.03sep1908 nz
   m1.16may1859  parish Church Swaby, ........................m.02aug1911
   |              Louth, Lincolshire                          |  Pukirimu
   Elizabeth (Betsey)                                         Richard
   Wright                                                     England 
   b.04jun1843                                                b.decqt1843 Louth, Lincolnshire
   d.07aug1918  nz aged 75
   |                                                                                  cont.
 Thomas     George     Harry      William    Bessie     Write      Eliza      Frederick   
 b.1860     b.1863     b.1864     b.1866     b.1869     b.1870     b.1872     b.1873   
 d.1942     d.1875     d.1902     d.1923     d.1934     d.1915     d.1947     d.1944
 |          ******     aged 37    |                     |
 m.1880 uk                        m.1888 NZ             m.1894
 |                                |                     |
 Emma                             Alice                 Mary agnes
 Kemp                             Skelton               Twomey


  cont.                                             Last 3 born NZ
          Edward     Mary       Joseph     Emma       Alice      Charles    George   
          b.1874     b.1877     b.1878     b.1880     b.1882     b.1883     b.1885
          d.1950     d.1962     d.1959     b.1934     b.1903     Stillborn  d.1974
Richard England was born about a mile away from Betsey, louth Lincolnshire
sheet 6

    William Vickers 4th son of Elizabeth Wright and Joseph Vickers
    b.sepqt1866 Louth (Swaby) 7a/524,  Lincolnshire UK
    d.03jul1923 Devonport, NZ aged 57
    m.04jan1888  NZ
    b.~1866 uk
    d.14oct1923 Devonport NZ aged 57
    Louisa        Alice         Blanche       William       Ellen         Frank      
    mable         frances       catherine     norman        agnes         joseph
    rose          may           lily          |             myrtle        |            
    b.22sep1889   b.05feb1892   b.23jul1895   b.14sep1900   b.16jun1903   b.23apr1906      
    d.09may1975   d.1977        d.10nov1987   d.02mar1973   d.2000        d.27jan1975
    |             |             |             |             |             |
    m.1910        m.1914        m.1913        m1.12may1921  m1.1922       m.1927
    |             |             |             |             |             |
    William       John ernest   Gilbert       Alice         William       Jean
    charles       william       john          edna          henry         rowena
    Boyes         Cavill        Bond          Glass         Hepworth      Gordon 
    William C   Nevil A   Eva mable lily 1915-2011  
                          m.  Jens Jenson      
Source; ISBN 0-473-05226-1.;Vickers Family by the late Eva Jenson,
grand daughter of Joseph Vickers, dau of Louisa mable rose Vickers b.1889
© Eva mable lily Jenson.
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