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Thomas William chiene WEIR was born 1901 in Glasgow, Jeweller
son of Thomas Weir b.1869 Watch Maker and Christina McInnes
Grandson of James Weir b. 1839 Watch Maker. and Phyllis Gray.
and Great Granson of James Weir b.1810 Railway Porter.
May and Thomas and mother

May euphemia (Low), Thomas william chiene Weir and his mother Christina (McInnes)

              James Weir
              b.11jul1810 Glasgow
              d.13oct1869 Paisley
              m.23jun1839 Glasgow 
     James               Thomas          John          Isabella C      William   
     b.21dec1839         b.26aug1841     b.03apr1843   b.12apr1845     b.05nov1847  
     d.25dec1905         d.1900          d.21sep1909   d.              d.          
     |                   |               |  usa        |
     m.06mar1863         m.12jun1871     m.25nov1864   m.
     |                   | Dublin        |                             
     Phyllis catalina    Elizabeth       Margaret
     Gray                Hughes          McMurdo                             
     c.11sep1844         b.1847Ireland   b.1846
     d.                  d.1914 Ireland  d.1910
     James          George          Thomas               Margaret       John
     |              gray            |                    cheine         alexander         
     b.15apr1864    b.02oct1866     b.28feb1869          b.16apr1871    b.10oct1879
     d.1929         d.1881+         d.1950 NZ            d.~1946        d.1882
     |                              |                    |              *******
     m.13dec1888                    m.17aug1897 Sydney   m?1892                              
     |                              |                    |
     Mary prebles                   Christina (Crissie)  James scott  
     Anderson                       ella McInnes         Anderson   
     |                              b.1869  au           |
     ======================         d.1938  nz           |================================
    James      Mary                 |                    Phillis  Douglas Muriel  Alistair
                                    |    First 4 children born Scotland
  Frances           James             Thomas            George          Phyllis
  olive             sydney            william cheine    |               romsey aroha 
  b.01oct1898       b.05dec1899       b.1901            b.~1904         b.08jun1905 Dunedin
  d.30sep1994       d.17nov1972       d.1976            d.~1911         d.1984 nz
  |                 | auckland        |                 *******         |
  m.09may1929       m.1937            m.07mar1928 NZ                    m.1938
  |                 |                 |                                 |
  Peter ronald      Gertude bland     May euphemia                      Clarence charles
  McIvor            Hamilton          LOW                               Campbell
  b.04mar1904       b.19dec1907       b.05oct1908                       b.1892
  d.1972            d.05may1986       d.13nov2002                       d.1960

sheet 2

James birth 1839

sheet 3

1863,     Marriages in the parish of Corstophine in the county of Edinburgh
& When
Profession Age Address Name Father, Mother Minister,
On the Sixth
day of March
At Ivy Cottage
James Weir
Watch Maker


10 Salisbury

James Weir
Railway Porter
& Ann Weir
M.S. Macarthur
George Burns D.D.
Minister of the
Free Church
7th March

William Duncan
After Banns according
to the Forms of
the Free Church
of Scotland
Phillis Catalina Gray


Ivy Cottage

Alexander Duncan
& Margaret Gray
M.S. Cheine
Charlotte Scott
& James Weir

sheet 4
Margaret (chiene) Weir died 1898

sheet 5

Birth of Thomas william Cheine Weir 1901
Entry in the Registry of Births kept in the undermentioned Parish in the District of Govan
Name of
& Where
Sex Name
& Where
Informant Registration
Twenty Ninth
4:30 a.m.
Nithsdale Rd.
M Thomas

M.S. McInnes
August 17th
New South Wales

July 6th
D.M. Renwick
Book of Births for the District of Tradestone
in the County of Glasgow on the 3rd day of August 1901

In 1905 the Weir family visited Crissy's brother Myles McInnes in Dunedin NZ, where their 5 child Phillis Weir was born 08jun1905.
However as visitors the Weir family not found on 1905 voters list -

1905 Dunedin North, Oltago (23rd November 1905)
Myles murdock   McInnes, 48 Grange street, printer
Blanch madeline McInnes, 48 Grange steeet, married

sheet 6

Crissy and Thomas came out on the Tainui from London arrived on the 20th May 1914

MANAWATU Times, 30th March 1914
By Electric Telegraph - Press Association - Copyright.
(Times. - Sydney Sun Service.)Received 5.40 p.m.
LONDON, March 29. Queensland is experiencing difficulty in attracting immigrants and is reintroducing assisted passages.
Eighty are sailing for New Zealand by the Tainui, including fifteen domestics.

Steamers bound for Wellington
Tainui left london 3rd April, via Capetown and Hobart, Due about 19th May.
Hawerea and Normanby Star, 14 May 1914
The Tainui has arrived and will sail for Wellington at 6 o'clock on Friday morning. She landed 22 passengers, and has 176 for New Zealand.
Marlborough Expess, 20 May 1914
Wellington May 19th 1914
Arrived, 10;10 p.m. Tainui, fron London via Hobert.
Weir Children
Weir children circa 1904
Frances olive & James sydney
Thomas william & baby George

The Sun, 21st May 1914
TAINUI, FROM LONDON. Late on Tuesday night the liner Tainui arrived, in Wellington from London on her fourteenth voyage. She brought a comparatively small number of immigrants, there being only 200 passengers in the third class. The outward journey was quite uneventful, and the roughest weather was that experienced in Cook Strait. "It blew pretty hard," said an officer, "but it did not affect us much." London was left on April 2 last, and Plymouth two days later.

The first call was made at Teneriffe on April 9, and from there the Tainui was favoured with fine weather to Cape Town. At the South African port, which was reached at 9 a.m. on the 24th, 1000 tons of bunker coal were taken aboard, and the vessel left the same evening for Hobart.
On the run across the Southern Ocean exceptionally fine weather was experienced. A satisfactory run was made from Hobart to Wellington.

The number of passengers booked for Wellington was 176-157 of whom were in the third class. N.Z. SHIPPING COMPANY
sheet 7
Otago Daily Times, 21st May 1914
Notes from LONDON
The saloon passengers on board the Tainui are:-
The Rev. J. A. Arkwright, Mr and Mrs A. J: Elvin and Master Elvin, Mr and Mrs F. Ferguson. Mr and .Mrs C. S. Munday, the Misses Munday, Messrs J. and P. Munday, Mr and 'Mrs E. Peacock, Mr and Mrs E. L. Walton,
Mr and Mrs T. Weir, Miss Weir, Mr J. Weir, Master T. Weir, Miss P. Weir,
Mrs M. Mummery, Mrs J. Strachan, Mies rf.' Varley, Mr J. W. Wise, Mr J. Dewar, Mr E. J. Fooks, Mr O. Frnmerin.
In the third class there are about 160 passengers. The Tainui' sailed this morning in charge of Captain Moffatt, and with Dr W. F. M'Leaa as medical officer.

The story goes that James born 1864 , Thomas' big brother took over the Jeweler shop and kicked Thomas out with a pension. This is why Thomas never worked and bummed around, Thomas and Crissie where very heavy drinkers and she ended up falling down stairs and died in auckland 1938?
1919 Auckland East
Thomas  Weir, "Rostrevor", Cowes, Waiheki, Settler
Crissie Weir, "Rostrevor", Cowes, Waiheki, married
Frances olive Weir, 110 Carlton Gore road, spister

1928 Auckland East
Thomas       Weir, Cowes Bay, Waiheki Island, no occupation
Crissie      Weir, Cowes Bay, Waiheki Island, married
James sydney Weir, Cowes Bay, Waiheki island, Salesman
Thomas william cheine Weir, 3 Dilworth Terrace, Railwayman
1928 Waitaki, Otago
Frances olive Weir, The Salvation Army,  Georgetown, Spinster

1935 Parnell, Auckland
Thomas        Weir, 1a Pukeora Avenue, retired
Christina    Weir, 1a Pukeora Avenue, married
James sydney Weir, 1a Pukeora Avenue, salesman
Romsey       Weir, 1a Pukeora Avenue, spinster

1938 Parnell, Auckland
Thomas    Weir, 1a Pukeora Avenue, SE2, retired
Christina Weir, 1a Pukeora Avenue, SE2, married
Phyllis romsey aroha  Weir, 1a Pukeora Avenue, spinster

1946 Tamaki, auckland
Phyllis romsey aroha  Campbell, 20 Rukutai street, married
Clarence charles      Campbell, 20 Rukutai street, Carrier

1949 Tamaki, auckland
Phyllis romsey aroha  Campbell, 20 Rukutai street, SE2, married
Clarence charles      Campbell, 20 Rukutai street, SE2, Salesman

1963 Tamaki, auckland
Phyllis romsey aroha  Campbell, 20 Rukutai street, E1, widow
Romsey moira          Campbell, 20 Rukutai street, E1, Dental nurse
Bruce alistair        Campbell, 20 Rukutai street, E1, Maufacturer

sheet 8
Murdock McInnes
         b.1813 Isle of Sky scot
         d.1881 au?
         m. when where
         b.1815 Isle of Sky
         d.1868 AU
         John          and 4 other children
         godfery     last child born Melbourne au                        
         b.1839 Sky
         d.13apr1885 AU
         m.11feb1886  St. Mary's Catholic Church, Young, NSW
         Maria theresa 
         Quinn   dau of Bernard Quinn
         b.1847 Dublin
         d.17nov1899 In prison
         |     First 4 children born Young NSW        2 born Balranald 
  Andrew       Godfery          Christina    Emily        Myles        Ernest
  john         bernard          ella         nerney       murdock      joseph nerney
  b.1867       b.1868           b.1869       b.1871       b.1875       b.1877
  d.1910       d.1950           d.1938       d.1872       d.1928       d.1877
  ******       |                |            ******       |            *******      
               m.1899           m.17aug1897               m.1900 
               |                |                         |
               Lillian  maud    Thomas                    Blanche madeline
               Thompson         Weir                      Robinson
               b.1870           b.1869                    b.1877
               d.1949           d.1950                    d.1955
               |                |                         |
 |========|=======|======||     =================         |============|===========||
 Dorothy  Godfrey Andrew        Thomas william            Violet       Thelma
                                chiene                    irene        myles emelie
                                b.1901                    b.1901       b.1909
                                d.                          d.1966       d.1940
                                May euphemia

Crissy ella's origins are a sad story;
Her father John Godfrey McInnes born 1839, came out with his family from Isle Sky in 1856;
Her mother Maria Theresa Quinn born 1847/8, came out from Dublin Ireland with her parents in 1853 aboard the Tamer, passage paid 8 per adult sponsor William Buyers
Bernard Quinn 37, Ellen Quinn 35, Maria Quinn 5
(also aboard Mary Quinn 34, possible sister of Bernard, also sponsored by William Buyers)

Maria theresa married John Godfrey McInnes on 11th February 1886
at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Young, NSW

John was a telegrapher and working in Young but later in Balaranld N.S.W.
They had 6 children, 5 living.

Around the time the last child was born 1877 John godfery desert Maria, we guess he went chasing gold up north, leaving Maria theresa and children destitute.
She and the children except one child which I think her father took in, were all in a Benevolent asylum in Sydney and then they let her out with the baby, why I don't know,but it must of being hard for her leaving her kids there, sounds like she was left to wander
Sydney, Morning Herald, 21st June 1877
Coroner's Inquests-Verdict of Murder
The City Coroner held an inquest yesterday at the Benevolent Asylum on the body of a child, aged five months, named Ernest Joseph M'Innes, the son of a woman named Maria M'Innes, who was a short time since committed to take her trial at the Central Police
The child was taken to the Infirmary by the constable who found it there; but, notwithstanding all the care and attention bestowed upon it by Dr. Renwick and the matron of the institution, it never rallied and died on Tuesday.
The jury, after consulting togther returned a verdict of murder against Maria M'Innes, the mother of the child and she was committed to take her to trial at the next sitting of the Criminal Court.-
sheet 9

Australian Town & Country Journal, 23rd June 1877
On Wednesday the coroner committed a woman, named Maria M'Innes, for trial at the Central Criminal Court, on a charge of wilful murder of her child, Ernest M'Innes, aged 5 months. It appeared that as a horse-shoer, named John Parker, was on his way to his work about 8 o'clock on the morning of Tuesday, the 12th instant, he saw a bundle in Harris's paddock, off Mary-street.
The head of a live child was exposed at the top of the bundle. He communicated his discovery to Constable James Bourke, who, be- tween 8 and 9 o'clock, took possession of the bundle and the infant. The child was asleep, and its head was laid on a newspaper. It appeared too weak to cry. As the child was shivering from the cold, and was wet from the rain which had fallen during the night, the constable, be- lieving that the child was dying, took lt to tho Benevolent Asylum, where it was carefully nursed.

At the asylum Burke was told that Mrs. M'Innes had been an Inmate of the asylum, and had left it with the child in her arms, on the previous Monday. Subsequently, he went to look for Mrs. M'Innes, and met her at the corner of Valentine and Ultimo streets. He asked her whether she had left her chlldren in the paddock. She replied, " It is not I that left it, but the man who was with me. "
He then asked her at what time, and she answered "about ll o'clock the night previous."
She also said that she left the child with the man to take care of while she went away to get some milk, but on her return she could neither " find the child nor the man. Burke then took her to the police station, where he charged her with leaving the child exposed all night in the paddock.

The next day Mrs. M'Innes was at the police court, and committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions for assaulting the child. There was evidence to show that the child was in a dying state when admitted into the asylum, and that on the night previous to its discovery, Mrs. M'Innes was seen drunk in the paddock with a man who had his arms around her waist.

The medical evidence of Dr. Renwick showed the cause of death was inflammation of the lungs, accelerated by the exposure.
The jury found a verdict of wilful murder.
sheet 10
The Sydney, Mail, 18th august 1877.
Before his Honor Mr. Justice Faucett. Mr. O'Connor prosecuted for the Crown.
Maria M'Innes was indicted for that she did, on the 19th June, 1877, at Ultimo, feloniously kill and slay one Ernest Joseph M'Innes. Prisoner pleaded not guilty, and was undefended. On the 15th of May last, the prisoner, with four of her children, was admitted to the Benevolent Asylum, where she remained under treatment until the 11th of June following. About half -past 9 o'clock on the morning of that date she was discharged from the asylum, with an infant child five months old.

Nothing more was seen of her from the time she left the asylum until half -past 10 or 11 o'clock at night, when one of the witnesses saw her near a paddock at Ultimo, apparently in a state of intoxication, with a child in her arms, and accompanied by a man who had his arm round her waist. Next morning, about 8 o'clock, a man going to his work found the child lying exposed in the paddock near to which the prisoner was seen on the previous night. It was wet, shivering with cold, and in a state of extreme exhaustion. The man who found it took it to the Benevolent Asylum, where it was recognised by the matron as the child which the prisoner took away.

Prisoner was arrested, and was committed at the Police office on a charge of assaulting her child, by leaving it exposed in an open paddock. In the meantime, however, the child died from pneumonia and bronchitis, brought on by the exposure. When asked why ehe left her child exposed, prisoner said that it was left in the paddock, not by herself, but by the man in whose company she was seen on the night of the 11th of June.

No witnesses were called for the defence. Prisoner was found guilty, and was remanded for sentence.

Its a puzzle that when Maria was deserted she did not seek help from her father Bernard Quinn, who also lived Sydney, Bernard Quinn he went to vist Maria in Newington asylum on the day she died of phthisis 17th Nov 1899 aged 44yrs.

The 3 elder children were then taken to the Randwick asylum, the youngest child Myles Murdock McInnes was adopted by his Grandfather, Bernard, but the 2 boys stayed at Randwick till they where about 13yrs
Crissy was released a bit younger to her grandfather Bernard Quinn at the age 12 1/2

According to Randwick asylum Crissy was admitted on the 16th July 1877 aged 7yrs 2 months so that would make born about december 1869.

Crissy and Thomas traveled back to Glasgow, soon after they married but then in 1905 thet emigrated to NZ visiting Crissie's brother in Dunedin, they had one child born 1905 (in NZ?) but then went back to Glasgow and finally emigrated for good in 1912 with 4 children.

RIP,- Rockwood Catholic Cemetery

Burial Mortuary 1, Section 5, Grave 1206
Bernard Quinn,      died 21st March 1900, Service 23rd March 1900, aged 76
Anne Theresa Quinn, died 20th July  1897, Service 22nd July  1897  aged 60

also  Mortuary 1, Section 5, Grave 1204
James W Byrne,      died 19th May   1876, Service 21st May   1876 aged 15
In Loving Memory of
Beloved stepson of
Bernard Quinn
died 19/5/1876
aged 15 years and 5 months
May his Soul rest in Peace

Beloved wife of Bernard Quinn
And dearly beloved mother
of the above, Aged 60 years.
May her Soul rest in Peace.

Erected by her beloved Husband
and fond Daughters.

rip Quinn

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