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Euphemia, nicknamed as Tottie, was disabled in an accident as a teenager and wheelchair bound. She live at home with her parents.
The family had their own piano on which Tottie was acomplished. Every Sunday Tottie play the piano in the Church which was opposite** the Bakery in Victoria Rd. **Opposite probably just ment other side of road there was an anglican chapple in Albert Street just a few hundred yard away. Tottie help to raise my Father, who had been adopted at the age of one by John and Margaret his grandparents

Tottie was never expected to marry, so it was a great shock to her parents when in 1906 she eloped with John (jack) LOW, who was her fathers assistant and bread roundsman, following which her father John Glass refused to talk to them as they were only married in a registry office not a church, however her mother Margaret remained in contact using my father to convey messages between them.

Euphemia was assisted in her elopment by her best friend Daisy (E.Strong) , who was supposedly taking Tottie for a "walk" in her wheel chair, they must have taken the ferry across the bay to Auckland where they married in the registry office.
My father thought Daisy got married at the same time (her 2nd marriage?)
originally I thought Daisy ment Daisy Low but the witness is Daisy E Strong.

1905 Waitamata, Auckland
Daisy evelyn Strong, Devonport, Spinster.- also
1905 Ohinemuri Waikato (some 50 miles south east of Auckland)
Daisy evelyn Strong, Commercial Hotel, Paeroa, Waitress, Spinster

Daisy e. married 17jul1907 St. Sepulchre's Church, Auckland, to Amos william Moore
1919 Auckland East
Daisy evelyn Moore, 6 Claremont street, married
Amos william Moore, 6 claremont street, Warden

Both? couples went to the popular honeymoon retreat in Rotorua Springs where they were found 2 days later. On Jack and Tottie's returned to Devonport they moved into a bungalow about a mile away from her parents. According to my father's memories, Jack Started a joint venture with the husband of his sister Daisy blosson Low/Mills as fishermen and were away much of the time; the fishing venture is confirmed by Daisy's decendant who said the partnership didnt last long; probably as my dad remembers, it was not very successfull and Margaret Glass often had to help them out.

When Tottie became pregnant, much to the shock of her parents it was never considered she would marry let alone have children, it was decided that my father should be sent to live with Tottie to help out and do the shopping.
My father dosnt remember changing schools so this was probably still in Devonport. Around 1910 whilst living with "Tottie" my father caught Rhumatic Fever and ended up in Parnell hospital, Auckland for almost a year after complications set in.

by 1916 the Low family had moved to 16 Vine Street Ponsonby Auckland. which is also the address given in the WILL of john Glass in 1917


LOW. On October 22, at her late residence
16 Vine St. Ponsanby, Euphemia (Tot)
the dearly-loved wife of John Low; aged 34.
The Funeral will leave her late residence
at 2pm. tomorrow (Tuesday) 24th inst for
Waikumete Cemetery.
Friends please accept this intimation.

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