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Barbara mary Golding daughter of
Cecil edward Golding who married sepqt1908 Newport to Mary brendon Balliene


George Golding born 1829  c.24 Sepember 1829 Gt Waddingfield Bts Suffolk
son of Hannah Andrews m.26mar1829 at Chilton to  Daniel Golding

married sep1854 Sudbury Suffolk to 
Eliza amy Sergeant born 19th April 1831 c.21 May 1831 at Chilton by Sudbury
daughter of David Sergeant and Eliza.

1851 census
Source                HO107; Piece: 1789; Folio: 266; Page: 10
Place                 Chilton by Sudbury, Suffolk
Dwelling             Schedule 21, Waddingfield Road.

David     Sargent  head m  45    Ag Labourer               Gt. Waddingfield, Suffolk
Eliza     Sargent  wife m  40                              Chilton,          Suffolk
Eliza     Sargent  dau  s  19                              Gt. Waddingfield
Catherine Sargent  dau      9  Scholar                     Chilton
David     Sargent  son      5  Scholar                     Chilton
Elizabeth Steed    dau      2                              Chilton
George has left home and is a servant a couple of miles away.

1851 census
source           HO107; Piece: 1789; Folio: 25; Page: 15; 
place            Great Connard, by Sudbury Suffolk
Dwelling         Schedule 58, Side Hill Lodge  

William    King head m 57    House na Lands Proprietor        Ballingdron Essex    
Arrabella  King wife m 55    Funds Holder                     Middlesex
George  Golding serv   20    Groom                            Waddingfield Suffolk
Frances   Lewis serv   21    House Servant                    Clare, Suffolk
George Married Eliza amy Sergeant 24 sep1854 Chilton Suffolk

1861 census
Source           RG 9; Piece: 1129; Folio: 5; Page: 4; 
Place            Chilton,  Suffolk
Dwelling         Schedule 19, cottage, Waldingfield Rd

George         Golding  head m 31  Ag Labourer        Gt Waldingfield Suffolk
Eliza          Golding  wife m 29                     Gt Waldingfield Suffolk
Mary Cathrine  Golding  5                             Chilton, Suffolk
Melissa        Golding  3                             Chilton, Suffolk
Daniel Sargent Golding   6 months                     Chilton, Suffolk
Daniel sargeant Golding, Born decqt1860 Sudbury Suffolk

sheet 2

1871 census
source         RG10; Piece: 1716; Folio: 48; Page: 5; 
place          Chilton Suffolk
dwelling       Schedule 20, Chilton End 

George     Golding head m 41    Ag Labourer           Gt Waldingfield, Suffolk
Eliza Amey Golding wife m 39                          Gt Waldingfield, Suffolk
Daniell S  Golding son    10                          Chilton, Suffolk
Emma       Golding dau     8                          Chilton, Suffolk
David S    Golding son     6                          Chilton, Suffolk
Alice A    Golding dau     4                          Chilton, Suffolk
Sarah A    Golding dau     2                          Chilton, Suffolk                  

Daniel sergent Golding married 16th May 1880 St Paul's, Hampstead
to Sarah ann Sparrow dau of George Sparrow
Marriaged cert

1881 census
source         RG11; Piece: 357; Folio: 104; Page: 58; 
place          Clerkenwell, Holborn, London
dwelling       schedule 332, 17 Spencer Street
Daniel S.   Golding head  m 21   Seedsman shopman    Chilton Suffolk
Sarah  A.   Golding  wife m 20                       Newton
Henrietta Hurst      niece   3                       Nottinghill, Middx
( Henrietta Sparrow married 1876 James Hurst, Herietta jnr born marqt1878 wandworth)
sheet 2

1891 census
source             RG12; Piece: 1385; Folio: 15; Page: 23;
place              Chelsford Essex
Dwelling           schedule 135, 8 High Street

Daniel S    Golding head m  31  Gardener Seedsman Assistant   Chilton, Suffolk
Sarah A     Golding wife m  30                                Newton
George V    Golding son      9   Scholar                      Clerkenwell London
Ethel A     Golding dau      8   Scholar                      Hinchley Leicester
Cecil E     Golding son      7   Scholar                      Hinchley Leicester
Gertrude D  Golding dau      3                                Chelsford, Essex
Florence E  Golding dau      2                                Chelsford, Essex

1901 census
source;               RG13; Piece: 1671; Folio: 9; Page: 10
place;                Chelmsford, Essex
dwelling;             schedule 59, 11 High Street

Daniel S   Golding  head m  41  Seedsman Manager           Chilton, Essex
Sarah A    Golding  wife m  40                             Newton,  Essex
Ethel A    Golding  dau  s  18  Florist Gardner            Hinchley, Leicestershire
Cecil E    Golding  son  s  17  Florists Clerk CC          Hinchley, Liecestershire
Gertrude D Golding  dau     13  School Pupil               Chelsford, Essex
Florence E Golding  dau     12  School Pupil               Chelsford, Essex

Cecil edward Golding married sepqt1908 Newport to Mary brendon Balliene

1911 census
source                RG14; Piece: 7189; Schedule Number: 186
place                 Finchley, Frien Barnet, North London
dwelling              61 Sutton Road, Muswell Hill, 

Cecil Edward          Golding  head  27  Insurance Clerk          Hinckley, Leicestershire, 
Mary Brendon          Golding  wife  24  married  2 yrs           Penryn, Cornwall, England
Kenneth Cecil Brendon Golding  son   6 months

sheet 3


Mary bendon Balleine born 4th May 1886, Penryn, Falmouth, Cornwall

    George Balleine   
    b.1812 Jersey Channel Islands
    George frederick       Master/Owner 46 ton Cutter "The Swan"
    b.27sep1835  Gorey, St Martin's Parish, Jersey Channel Islands    
    d.1894? Falmouth
    b.1835  St Martin Jersey
  George          Amelia    Lisette   Frederick  Phillip  Emma     Percy    Walter   cecil
  frederick       louise    kezio     C.         wallace  doris    joseph   payn     alfred
  walter          |         |         |          |        |        |        |        |       
  b.05jun1858     b.1860    b.1863    b.1866     b.1868   b.1870   b.1872   b.1874   b.1883
  d.20jan1912                                    d.1936                     d.1956   d.1899  
  | probate 21mar1912                            aged68
  m.decqt1884 Falmouth
  Mary louisa
  d.decqt1949  aged 86 Newport
  Mary                   Amelia             Kathleen            George         
  brendon                furneaux           louise              brendon  F.
  b.04may1886            b.decqt1887        b.junqt1888         b.1896
  d.decqy1969            d.sepqt1890        d.1977              d.decqt1965 Newport
  |                                                             |
  m.sepqt1908 Newport Monmouthshire                             m.marqt1927 Newport
  |                                                             | 
  Cecil                                                         Elsie
  edward                                                        M.
  Golding                                                       Snell    
  d.marqt1970 Eton
sheet 4

1861 census
source              RG9; Piece: 4403; Folio: 36; Page: 2; 
place               Vigtaine de Faldouet, St Martin's parish, Jersey, Channel Islands
Dwelling            Schedule 100, Banks 

George Balleine  head M 25   Mariner             St Martin, Jersey
Amelia Balleine  wife M	26                       St Martin, Jersey
George Balleine  son     3                       St Martin, Jersey
Amelia Balleine  dau     1                       St Martin, Jersey
Mary Mackay 	 widow  64

1871 census
Source            RG 10 piece 5761 folio 108    page 16
place           Vigtaine de Faldouet -north, St Martin's parish, Jersey, Channel Islands
Dwelling        Shedule 86, 

Amelia       Balleine  head M  36   Mariner's Wife                    St. Martin
George F.W.  Balleine  son  s  12   Scholar                           St. Martin
Amelia L.    Balleine  dau  s  11   Scholar                           St. Martin 
Lisette K.   Balleine  dau  s   8   Scholar                           St. Martin
Frederick C. Balleine  son  s   5   Scholar                           St. Martin
Phillip W.   Balleine  son  s   3   Scholar                           St. Martin
Emma D.      Balleine  son      1                                     St. Martin
Louisa Alger         sister W  30   formerly In Keeper                St. Martin
Louisa A alger       niece      7    Scholar                          Grouville Jersey
Mary Payn            Mother    64                                     St.Martin

1881 census, 
Place           Hampshire
Dwelling        Vessle, SUSAN 

George frederick    Balleine,  M   45   Master       Gorey, Jersey, Chan Island
George fred' walter Balliene,  S   23    Mate        Gorey, Jersey, Chan Island
Frederick Mallaes              s   22   seaman       St Helier   Jersey
John Cabot                     s   22   seaman       St Saviours Jersey
Phillip             Balliene   s   15   boy          Gorey, Jersey
On 2th December 1881 George F W Balleine was issued at Jersey with his
masters certificate, for fore and aft rigged vessles only.
Masters Cert
George frederick walter Balleine married decqt1884 Falmouth to
Mary louisa Ferneaux
George frederick walter and Mary louisa and children not found 1891 census
sheet 5

1891 census
source           RG12, piece 4698 folio 98,  page 4
Place            Vigtaine de Faldouet, St Martin's parish, Jersey, Channel Islands
Dwelling         schedule  34, Mons Orgueil Harbour Road

Amelia  Balleine    wife  56      Grocer               St. Martins Jersey
Emma    Balleine    dau   21
Cecil   Balleine    son    8

1891 census  73 London rd Gloucester
Amelia L Belleine visitor   30                          Jersey Channel islands
indexed as Balleme

1901 census 
place       Canto,  district 19, Cardiff,  Glamorgan 
Dwelling    Schedule 202, 61 Theobald Road

George frederick Balleine head 65  retired Master Mariner        Jersey, Channel Islands  
Amelia           Balleine wife 66                                Jersey, Channel Islands   
Amelia louisa    Balleine dau  41                                Jersey, Channel Islands   
Cecil alfred     Balleine son  18   Ship owner's Clerk           Jersey, Channel Islands   

1901 census, Llandaff district 3, glamorgan
Schedule 42 Cardiff road Howells School
Mary Balleine border  14    schoool Girl                Penryn, Corwall

1911 census 
source            RG14; Piece: 5939; Schedule Number: 208
place             Portswood Southampton Easton
Dwelling          172 Priory road  

George Frederick Balleine head m 76       Retired Mariner              St. Martin, Jersey
Amelia           Balleine wife m 76  m 24yrs    children 10 3 dead     St. Martin, Jersey
Amelia           Balleine dau    51     none                           St. Martin, Jersey
Cecil Alfred     Balleine son    29   Coal Merchant                    St. Martin, Jersey

George frederick Balleine
of 80 Stafford Road, Southampton, Hampshire
died 22nd August 1913 Probate: London 28th November to Frederick Prouton retire Confectioner. Effects 376 0s 5d

sheet 6

1911 census
source       RG14; Piece: 31988; ed 29  district 587
place        Newport Monmouth
dwelling     shedule 117, 1 St John's Rd 

Mary louisa     Balleine wife  47  26 yrs  4 children 3 living   St. Gulvius, Penryn, Cornwall
Kathleen louise Balleine dau   22  single                        St. Gulvius, POenryn Cornwall 

George frederick walter Balleine
of 1 St. John's Road, Newport, Monmouthshire,
died 20 January 1912 in the Gulf of Mexico. Administration (with WILL) London 21 March to Mary louisa Balleine, widow, Effects 600

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