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Marion cameron Glass was born 7th August 1873 Mount Bengar district
Registered as Maria cameron Glass
Voters list puts the family, Mount Bengar/ The Island, Roxburgh, Thatched House.
Around 1880 her family moved to Te Awamutu and by 1896 they are in Auckland.
Around 1900 the family moved to the North Shore, where many relatives of her mother resided. Her parents and brothers are also in Devonport. and Lionel oldknow Paget, her groom to be, is also in Takapuna as a student.
New Zealand Herald, 16th January 1901
PAGET - GLASS On January 12th 1901, at Roturua,
Lionel O. Paget to Marion Cameron Glass.

New Zealand Herald, 17th July 1901
Rotorua, Tuesday.
A building, owned by Mr. H. W. Penny, in the occupation of Mr. L. Paget, who carried on a general furnishing business, was destroyed by fire about four o'clock this morning.
The building was insured in the New Zealand Insurance Company's office for 150. There was no insurance on the stock, which was valued at about 140.
An inquiry will be held.

Auckland Star, 12th September 1906
A meeting of creditors in the estate of Lionel O. Paget, a clerk, formerly of Auckland, but now of Wellington, was called for yesterday morning at the office of the Official Assignee, Wellington, but lapsed, no creditors attending.
Bankrupt's statement set forth that his present position was due to bad health, while living in the Auckland district, and a heavy loss by fire at his woodware factory in Rotorua.
He had been forced to file owing to the refusal of some Auckland creditors to agree to the assignment of his estate. There was no insurance on his premises at Rotorua, and he lost everything, about 200 worth. The liabilities are about 250, and the assets consist of furniture and possibly something from properties in the Auckland district.

sheet 2
Evening Post, 10th July 1907
A sitting of the Supreme Court in Bankruptcy was held by Mr. Justice Button to-day, when three creditors came up for public examination.
Lionel 0. Paget, clerk, examined on oath, said he was now employed as a clerk at 3 5s per week. He had a wife and family to maintain. Most of the debts in his latest schedule were included in an assignment he made at Rotorua some years ago.
Mr. Ashcroft said he had nothing to do with the assignment debts. As to the later ones, he did not see how Paget could support himself and his dependents and have any chance of paying his old creditors. A discharge was granted. ."

Lionel and Marion had 2 children:-
Helen margaret rose Paget b.10nov1901 (know as Margaret)
Arthur oldknow walker Paget b.01feb1907

By 1909 the Paget family was apparently back on its feet, so much so, they could afford a trip to UK
Note: Marion was 2 years older than Lionel, so she appears to have lied about her age.
New Zealand Herald, 4th April 1910:
Personal items from London; 25th February:- "Callers at the London Office of the New Zealand Government this week have been:
.............Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Paget (Wellington)..........

sheet 3

My father recalled Marion (Aunt Paget) and her daughter Margaret visiting the family in Devonport circa 1913-14, he thought they had been living in Australia, and that Marion and Lionel were divorced possibly Arthur was left with his father.

Lionel was a commercial traveller in NZ, but he was in Sydney circa 1912-13 As evidenced by an interview by a Royal commision on food held at Sydney 4 march 1913 with Lionel oldknow Paget, Engineer, Manager of the Gane Milking Machine Co., Australia Lionel stated he has only been in Australia for a year. so it would seem Marion returned to NZ before Lionel but why did she only bring her daughter Margaret to Devonport circa 1914.
1st Sep 1916 S.S. Medina departed London destination Melbourne Lionel Paget, Engineer aged 40
It was originally thought that when Marion inherted 700 on the death of her father in April 1917 this was the trigger for her emigation to England, however the following passenger manifest shows Marion and children departed 3 months earlier.
sheet 4
New Zealand Herald, 10th June 1918
The names drawn in the fourteenth ballot called up the first draft of Class C reservists, married men with 2 children are contained in a special edition of the Gazette to be issued today. The total number of reservist in class C according to the Govements statistians roll, is 26,000 and of that number 10,000 have been called up in this ballot.

Following are the Auckland lists of the men in Class C of the Second Division now called up, the names of men who have previouly volunteered being indicated by asterisks:-
PAGET. Lionel O. , Manager, Auckland

Lionel's Registration details;

next of Kin
It is not clear if he ment Bakewell town or Backwell Rd, Loughborough)
He never saw active service, due to a dodgy knee , placed on home reserves.

Medical Exam 14 June 1918
Age:        42 years 
height:     5   8 1/2 inches
weight:     142 lbs
Chest:      min 33
Chest:      max 37
Complextion:  Dark
Eyes          Blue
Hair:  dark brown  (Bald)
Religeon:  C. of E.
Neither Lionel or Marion appear in the 1919 nz Voters list.

sheet 5
Marion and Children returned to NZ 1922 Marion and Son Arthur returned to UK a year later However her daughter Margaret fell in love and and remained behind
On 09jan1924. Helen /Margaret rose Paget married Arthur Joseph Davis.
However this marriage seems to have broken up almost imediatly
and Margaret went to Cook Islands just a few weeks later using the surname Paget, and she never remarried.
She died 1974 in New Zealand.
sheet 6
Lionel probably visiting his daughter Margaret on the Cook Islands
3rd March 1925 - s.s. Maunganui, Departed Wellington for Rarotonga and San Francisco.
L. O. Paget, aged 49   

3rd sept 1925 depart San Francisco via Rarotonga 
arrived Wellington 28th september 1925 
Embarked Rarotonga - Mr. L.Paget aged 50 

Evening Post, 8 December 1926
Judgment for plaintiffs by default, with costs, was given in the following undefended civil cases by Mr. E. Page, S.M., in the Magistrate's Court yesterday:
Commissioner of Taxes v. Lionel Oldknow Paget, 8 13s 11d;

Lionel oldknow Paget death
Vol 876, Page 3805, 1st July 1958 in Adelaide, South Australia
Marion also makes trips back to NZ, probably to visit her daughter.
13th  February 1936 -  s.s. Rangatiki,  From London bound for Timaru,
Mrs. Marion C Paget  aged 59 occupation H.D.

 7th  January  1937 - s.s. Rangitiki, Departing london for New Zealand
British passengers embarked at London
1st class , Marion Paget, HD,  of Hedgerley Green, Slough, 1st B-Auckland aged 59 born NZ

16th June      1937 - s.s.  Remurea departing Wellington for London via Rarotonga
Mrs M. C. Paget aged 60    married domestic duties

27th August    1937 - s.s.  Matua departing Rarotonga (Cook Islands)  for Auckland
Mrs M.C. Paget, aged 59   home duties       born NZ

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