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Ina lilly Glass born 19 december 1916 married 1940
Arthur evans Martin, born 21st nov1912 son of Rosalina gladys and Joseph josiah Martin

Auckland Star, 29 May 1919,
Undefended Divorce Cases
Habitual drunkenness and cruelty were the grounds of the petition of Rosalie Gladys Martin (Mr. Singer), against Joseph Josiah Martin. There were five children of the marriage, which took place at Waihi in 1906. Subsequently the parties lived at Te Aroha. The petitioner said the respondent had always been addicted to liquor, but he became worse after they removed to Te Aroha. He was almost always under the influence of liquor, and used violence toward her. He often threatened her, and once knocked her down in the street.
She had left him, and was now working to keep herself. The mother now kept one of the children, and the four others were in Salvation Army homes, the respondent paying for their maintenance.
Corroborative evidence having been given, a decree nisi was granted, the arrangement in regard to the custody of the children being allowed to stand. The petitioner was granted costs.

1935 Waitomo Waikato
Arthur evans Martin, c/o E. & R. Mangapehi, Labourer

New Zealand Herald, 13th august 1940.
A charge of being intoxicated in charge of a motor-car in Kbyber Pass Road on Saturday was preferred against Arthur Evans Martin, storeman and labourer, aged 27, in the Police Court yesterday. He was remanded for a week on bail of 5O.

Auckland Star, 19th august 1940.
Illness Pleaded,
Case of intoxication; DRIVER FINED 20

Because the circumstances were unusual, Mr. P. Morling, S.M., in the Police Court to-day imposed a fine upon Arthur Evans Martin (27), for being in a state of intoxication while in charge of a car in Khyber Pass Road on August 10.

Mr. Lovegrove appeared for Martin, who pleaded guilty. It was disclosed by Senior Sergeant Joyce that the car driven by Martin collided with a parked car about 6.15 p.m. on the date mentioned, and that the impact was a severe one. Martin was found under the influence of alcohol. "It is becoming increasingly difficult for counsel to say anything in mitigation in this type of offence," said Mr. Lovegrove, "but- my client, who comes from.the country, suffers seriously from a duodenal ulcer and has been under treatment for some considerable time. Being, on a strict milk diet, the two handles of beer which he foolishly took on thie occasion, affected him, although there were no pronounced signs of intoxication." Counsel added that Martin's nervous condition would cause him to appear really worse than he actually was if imprisoned it would greatly affect Martin's health. He had already spent one night in the cells and had been given a salutary lesson. Mr. Lovegrove urged that the magistrate might exercise his discretion and impose a fine in lieu of imprisonment. Mr. Morling said it was only in exceptional cases that the Court felt that it could impose a fine. In the present casfr the circumstances justified him in inflicting a fine, although he had come to this decision only after some hesitation.
Martin was fined 20 and his license was cancelled, no other to be issued for 12 months.

1946 Grey Lynn, Auckland
Arthur evans Martin, 136 Weston Springs Road, Bootmaker
Ina Lilly    Martin, 136 Weston Springs Road, married

1949 Arch Hill, Auckland
Arthur evans Martin, 7 Mostyn St. sw2, Metal Worker (gl)
Ina Lilly    Martin, 7 Mostyn St. sw2, Married (gl)
Ina lilley Divorsed? Arthur
and remarried in 1953 Terrell john Weekes
1954 Palmeston North
Terrell john Weekes, Kent Street, Patea, Electrical Engineer
Ina Lilly    Weekes, Kent street, Patea, Married

1957 Hawkes Bay Hastings
1963 Hauraki, Auckland
Terrell john Weekes died 1967
Ina lily
1969 Hauraki,    Auckland
1972 Coromandel, Waikato
1978 Hauraki,    Auckland
1981 Hauraki,    Auckland
Ina lilly Weekes died 1990

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