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It first would seem this was something of a shotgun wedding, although Alfred's parents John and Margaret who being strict Presbyterian disaproved of Evelyn who was illigitimate and wore lots Jewelry and was according to my father working as an actress in a local theater. Info from a step sister confirms that she worked in the C.J.William light Opera company for a couple of years.

However a second explaination has arrisen;
From a story by the late John evan Low, son Of Ephemia (Alfred's sister),
that his mother had a brother who was a homosexual who liked drama and arts
and who married a pregnant theatre employee to save her face.
I appears he is talking about Alfred Duncan Glass and Evelyn. The following police case may have been a ruse, Alfred's parents would have been dead against such a marriage to an "Actress" but if she named him then they couldnt object to the Wedding, however if this was a ruse why did he defend himself?
DNA test have now established that Alfred was neither the father of Douglas or Leslie. His Brother William raised Harold Guillard (illigitmate son of his wife's sister) who had a strong resemblance to the Glass disproves this.
New Zealand Herald, 29th January 1901
Remanded: Alfred Duncan Glass was remanded till the 4th Prox, on a charge of being about to leave the colony without making provision for his illigitamate child. Bail was allowed, accused in one surity of 50.
Auckland Star 4th February 1901
(Before Mr. T. Hutchison, S.M.)

A week's adjournment was agreed to in the case of Alfred Douglas Glass, charged with being about to leave the colony without making adequate provision for his unborn illegitimate child.
Mr. Reed appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Cotter for the defence.
No Doubt as a result of this Court appearance Alfred was forced into marriage, which took place just a few days later on 9th of February.
On My fathers weddding cert he described his father, Alfred duncan Glass, profession as a Vocalist, but I think he was just part time, as he is described as a Clerk on his marriage cert and on the birth cert of of Alfred george douglas Glass.

A later court case indicates Alfred duncan deserted Evelyn in early 1902, although it seems it may have been earlier as family story has Evelyn was failing to manage on her own and John and Margaret Glass having had to help nurse Alfred george Douglas back to health several times before finally arranging to adopt him. some 8 months after his birth he was adopted by John and Margaret under the name of Douglas Glass and thereafter just called Douglas, he was probably not told he was adopted as he refered to visits as a young child by an "UNCLE Alfred".

New Zealand Herald, 15th August 1902
Police Court News
Prohibition orders were granted againt Alfred Duncan Glass

4 years later Evelyn had a second child Leslie rupert oakes Glass
whoes birth cert describes father as Alfred george Glass, Occupation Clerk, however it seems probable that the father was actually Joseph Hayward with whom she later lived, and Joseph raised Leslie after Evelyns death in 1913.

No records have been found of adoption as yet for Leslie or exactly when Leslie became a Hayward, still looking to identify him in school records

Following the Death of Evelyn in 1913 Leslie was adopted by Joseph william Hayward whom it is presummed Evelyn had by then been living with.

Although Leslie's birth cert. records father as Alfred george Glass it seems certain Leslie was actually Hayward's son, A photo from Leslie and his dad to Grandma seem to confirm Joseph Hayward is the father however several aunts from the Clarke line were sure he was a Glass as Alfred duncan had for several years returned at odd intervals; but DNA tests show that Alfred b.1901 and Leslie b.1904 have different fathers these tests also revealed that neither match other decendents of the Glass Family!

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