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1851 census
source  roll1851-166 parish 644/2  ed 32a, page 2
place        Gorbals, Lanackshire
dwelling           Schewdule 5, 41 Surrey Street

Margaret    Elder  60   House Keeper                        Forfar, Forfar
Elizabeth   Elder  30   Power Loom Cloth Weaver             France  
Jane Bryce  Elder  25   Power Loom Cloth Weaver             Glasgow Lanarkshire
Barbara     Elder  21   Power Loom Cloth Weaver             Glasgow Lanarkshire
John        Bryce   6   Gson at home                        Glasgow Lanarkshire
George      Bryce   4   Gson at home                        Glasgow Lanarkshire

John Duncan Married Elizabeth Elder about 1851-2
KIRKCALDY,  Rev. John Duncan

John Duncan; Town Missionary, Kirkcaldy

 2nd Jul 1853, Delivered an address at the ninth anniversary meeting of 
               Kirkcaldy Sabbath School Teachers Union.

 4th Mar 1854, House in Kirk Wynd presently occupied by him to let.

 3rd Jun 1854, Pronounced the blessing at the eleventh anniverary soiree of
               Kirkcaldy Sabbath School Teachers Union.

24th Mar 1855, Report of Mr. Duncan's work given at the second annual meeting 
               of Kirkcaldy Town Mission in Cowan Street Chappel

20th Jun 1855, Attended a meeting of those interested in the formation of 
               a Ragged School in Kirkcaldy.

17th Nov 1855, Conducted opening devotions at a meeting of Kircaldy and      
                    Linktown Tract Society.

16th Aug 1856, Present at the examination of West Bridge School. 

23rd Aug 1856, Present at a Sabbath School excursion to Raith House.
23rd Aug 1856, Present at the Examintion of Dunnikier School.

1861 census
source      Roll CSSct 1861-51  ed 41  Reg No 387/1
place       Perth Burgh, Perthshire
dwelling    schedule 252, 8 Bridge Street

John      Duncan  head 45  City Missionary               Glasgow Lanark.
Elizabeth Duncan  wife 43                                France, British Subject
John L    Duncan  son   7  scholar                       Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire 

Rev Duncan; Minister Abbotshall Parish Church

 4th May 1861, Examination of Phip's School 
16th May 1861, Sabbath school and Bible Class present him with a Writing desk 
               as a token of their high appreciation of his services

21st Nov 1863, Conducted the marriage of Helen Henderson to William Miller

 5th Dec 1863, Conducted the marriage of Issabella McGregor to A. Morrison.

20th Feb 1864, Addressed those attending the annual meeting of the Sabbath School 
               at Burntisland Parish Church.

19th Nov 1864, Made a presention to Robert Young on behalf of those connected 
               with the Sabbat School.

25th Feb 1865, Addressed those attending the annual meeting of the Scholars 
               attending Burntisland Parish Church School.

 6th May 1865, A special meeting of the Established Presbytery of Kirkcaldy 
               held to discuss the call made in favour of Rev. Duncan from 
               the congregation of St. Michaels in Dumfies.

20th May 1865, A meeting of the members of Abbotshall Parish Church held to 
               discuss the appointment of a successor to Rev. Duncan, who is
               to leave the church to become minister at St. Michaels in Dumfries.

17th jun 1865, The congregation of Abbotshall Parish Church held a meeting to draw
               up a short list of Ministers to be considered to succeed Rev. Duncan.

John Duncan (snr,) died about 1870

1871 census
sourcee      roll CSSCT1871-141  reg 644/10 ed56
place         Hutchenson Town, Glasgow, Govan, Lanark.
Dwelling      schedule 8, 94 Rutherglen Loan  

Elizabeth Duncan    head 52   Tobacconist             France British subject
John L.   Duncan    son  17   Wharehouse man          Kirkcaldy Fife.

1881 census
Source:	           GRO Ref    Piece 644-11    folio 79    Page 13
Place:	           Hutchesontown, Govan, Lanark, Scotland
Dwelling:	   shedule 74, 112 Florence Street 

Elizabeth DUNCAN   head    M   62    Missionarys wife        British Subject, France  
John L.   DUNCAN   son     U   26    Painter (Manager)       Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

1891 census 
source 644/12027/12012
place           Govan, Abbotsford, Glasgow
dwelling        schedule 68, 249 Eglinton? Street 

J. L.    Duncan head   m  36     Painter                     Kilkaldy, Fife
Ann      Duncan wife   m  36                                 Kinross
J. white Duncan dau        1                                 Govan, Glasgow 
Ely      Duncan mother W   72                                France, British subject 
Euphemia Glass  boader U  33      Bakers Shopwoman           Kinross

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