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Cambridge Alumni
Adm. pens, at Queens', Jan. 30, 1824. Of India.
Youngest son of Richard, of the H.E.I.C.S.
Born 22nd June 1805.
Matric. Easter, 1824. B.A. 1825; ord. deat. .11 (Hereford) 1828; priest, 1829.
P.C. of Bettws, Salop, 1833-71. V. of Llanfair-Waterdine, Radnor, 1833-84.
Married, May 20, 1835, Maria, dau. of Richard Phayre, of the H.E.I.C.S., and had issue Died 8th Dec. , 1884. Brother of the next. (Clergy List, Foster, Index Lutes.; P. B. U. Binnall.)

1851 census
Source            HO 107, Piece 2493 Folio 149, Page 6
Place              Knighton. district 12a, Radnorshire
Dwelling           Natiago, Trebert

John R N        Kinchant  head m  45       Perpetual Curate           East India
Catherine Emma  Kinchant  dau  u  15                                  Llanvair Shropeshire
Maria ann       Kinchant  dau     12                                  Goldstone Norfolk
Francis charlton Kinchant son     10                                  Llanvair Shropeshire
Rose Myra        Kinchant dau      7                                  Llanvair Shropeshire
John Charlton    Kinchant son      4                                  Llanvair Shropeshire
Maria phillips   Yewens   gov     35                                  Camberwell Surrey
Mary ann         Bedman   ser     14                                  Bromsgrove Surrey

1861 census
Place:              Knighton, Radnorshire
Dwelling:           Nantiagne 

John  R N Kinchant head 55    Perpetual Curate            East Indies
Maria     Kinchant wife 50                                Ireland
Rose M    Kinchant  dau 17                                Llanver

place              Lucton School, Leominster Kingsland
John charlton Kinchant 14  Pupil                          Matiags, Shropshire

1871 census 
Place             Llanvair-Waterdine 
Dwelling          Schedule 33, Nantiago  

John R N Kinchant  head m   66      Clergyman                        Pondicherry, East indies
Maria    Kinchant  wife m   55                                       Ireland
Rose M    Roper    dau  m   27                                       Llanvair-Waterdine
W. Trevor Roper    SIL  m   38     Merchant                         Hope, Flintshire
Ethel J   Roper    gdau      5                                      Heston Cheshire
Mary Abel          serv     20

1881 census
source                 RG11; Piece: 5473; Folio: 49; Page: 5;
place                 Llanfair Waterdine, Knighton, Shropeshire
dwelling              Nantiago House 

John R. N. Kinchant head 76  M    Vicar of Llandvair            Pondicherry india
Catherine E Dodd    dau  44  W                                  Llanvair Waterdine Shrop
Francis C Kinchant  son  39  M    No Occ                        Llanvair Waterdine
Eliza Mornington    serv 27                                     Clun Shropshire

1881 census source RG11; Piece: 2570; Folio: 23; Page: 6; place Cheltenham dwelling Phayrecot Maria Kinchant aunt 70 M London, middlesex Geoffery Chamberlain head 22 s undergraduate Cheltenham Lucy Chamberlain sister 21 s Maud Chamberlain sister 20 Edith Chamberlain sister 18 Beatrice Chamberlain sister 15 Georgina Chamberlain sister 12 Jane Steel serv nurse Margaret Brown Serv cook Eliza Ballinger serv housemaid Alice Fletcher ser under housemaid

26 June 1886
The Will of Maria Kinchant late of 6 Imperial Square Cheltenham in the county of Gloucester Widow, who died 22 December 1885 at 6 Imperial Square was proved at the Principle Registry by Robert henry Kinchant of Northgate Warwick in the county of Warwick, Chief constable of Warwick and John charlton Kinchant Esquire Lieutenant Colonel in the 11th Hussars now stationed at Ballincollig in Ireland the sons of Executors.
Estate 2,612 17s

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