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4th May 1881,   Marriages
KINCHANT-MORGAN- On the 30th ult.,
at St. Jude's Church, Southsea, by the Rev. J. S. Blake, M.A.,the
Rev. Richard Caton Kitchant,
son of the late R. H. Kitchant, Esq.,of Park Hall, Salop, to
Pamela Augusta MORGAN, eldest daughter of the late Captain H.C. Morgan,
formerly of the 3rd Light Dragoons, granddaughter of the
late Sir East George Clayton East?, Bart. of Hall Place, Berks.


7th May 1881
On the 30th ult. at St Judes' South Sea,
the Rev. Richard Caton Kinchant,Esq. of
Park Hall, and Bishops Castle, Salop, J.P. D.L., to Pamela augusta, eldest daughter of the late Captain henry Charles Morgan 3rd light Dragooons

Kelly's directory 1891
Rev. Richard Caton Kinchant chaplin H.M. prison Canterbury

1891 census 
Source                   RG12  Piece 708  folio 37 page 13 
place                    Canterbury  kent
Dwelling                Schedule 81, 39 St Georges Place 

Richard C Kinchant head M 49  Chaplin H M Prison  Canterbury     Witting Salop
Pamela A  Kinchant wife M 40                                     London
Henrietta J Morgan SIL  s 36                                     Owestry Salop
Ellen     Woodland ser  s 21  Domestic                           Caldecot Chepstow

1901 census 
Source             RG13 Piece 915  Folio  Page 26    
Place             St Ann parish, Lewis, Sussex
Dwelling          schedule 172,  Chaplins House

Richard C Kinchant head m 58  Clergyman Church of England       Wittingham Salop
Pamela A  Kinchant wife m 50                                    Ireland
Myra A    Kinchant  dau s  7                                    Lewis Sussex
Morris    Dupont    ser s 24                                    Rouan France
Ellen Sallis    visitor   14                                    Bristol Gloucester
Richard Kinchant died decqt1902 aged 60

1911 census  
Place         Hove  Sussex       
Dwelling     27 Shelley Road          

Pamela  Kinchant    head W 60  children one       Independant     Hyde Park London
Myra    Kinchant    dau  s 17                     Independant     Lewis  Sussex 
Henrietta Morgan sister  s 56                     Independant     Owestry Shropshire

Myra  A F Kinchant       born  marqt1894 Lewis Sussex
Myra      Kinchant    Married  decqt1914 Lambeth   to Harry B. Tilbury.        
Harry bertie Tilbury     born  junqt1891 Hendon
Barbara U N Tilbury      born  sepqt1920 Steyning
Barbara M N Tilbury   married  sepqt1939 Hove,     to William E Chinn

Gloria V    Tilbury      born  marqt1926 Steyning 
Gloria V    Tilbury   married  marqt1948 Hove,     to  Charles B Symons

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