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Richard-Caton KINTCHANT

1851 census 
Source                     HO107; Piece: 1993; Folio: 667; Page: 30
Place                      Whittingdon   District 1d, Shropshire
Dwelling                   Park Hall shed 115

Richard henry       Kinchant head M 46  Magistrate & Landed proprietor Cudden E I.
Maria eliza         Kinchant wife M 38                              Dublin Ireland
Eliza power         Kinchant dau    18                              St Leonards Bucks
John Charlton       Kinchant son    16                              St Leonards Bucks
Myra catherine ann  Kinchant dau    11    Scholar at Home           Whittington Salop
Richard caton       Kinchant son     9    Scholar at home           Whittington Salop
Richard Redmond     Caton    vist   44    Landed proprietor         Otleside Westmoreland
Frances eliza       Caton   niece   18                              Woodmancote Hants

EDINGURGH GAZETTE 8th March 1864 page 299
Richard caton Kinchant
Dated 18th march 1859

103rd Foot
Lieutenant Richard caton Kinchant,from the 32nd Madras Native Infantry,
to be Lieutenant,vice E.E. Gibson, transfered to the Bengal Staff Corps
Dated 2nd March 1866
THE TIMES 28th January 1867
27th Jan Southampton, Steamship Celon sailed for for Gilbralta Malta and Alexander,
she takes mail for the mediterain and Bombay, Passengers:- ...
Lieutenant R.C. Kinchant for Bombay

63rd Foot
Leiutenant Richard caton Kinchant, from the 103rd Foot,
to be Leiutenant, vice Burne, who exchanges
Dated 17 april 1867
63rd Foot
Ensign Henry john Goring to be leiutenant, by purchase,
vice Richard caton Kinchant, who retires Dated 24th March 1869
John Bull ,law and police 28th jan 1871
An Action was tried in the Bail Court on Tuesday in which Mr. Seymore
an Auctioneer in Gt Swan alley , Moregate Street sued the Rev. Mr Kinchant
Deeds and documents deposited by the Midland Bank, Craven Arms
By way of the Shropshire Record Office. (SRO 4553)

R/D/MB/1/93, Mortgage
1.John Woolley of Beguildy, farmer
2.Revd. Richard Caton Kinchant, 
chaplain of Kingston Prison, Portsmouth, co.Hants.; 
Charles Penhallow Peters of Knighton, gent.
For securing 3,00 on The Vron, The Graig, and Cwmmawr, etc.
Map and schedule.  13 May 1879

1.Henry Verdon (as above)
2. Revd. Richard Caton Kinchant, 
chaplain of Kingston Prison, Portsmouth, co.Hants.; 
Charles Penhallow Peters of Knighton, co.Rad., gent.
Mortgage for 500
On property in R/D/MM/162 and R/D/MM/180  28 May 1879

R/D/MB/1/59, Transfer of Mortgage
1. Revd. Richard Caton Kinchant, 
39 St. George Place, Canterbury, co.Kent; 
Charles Penhallow Peters of Knighton, solicitor

2.Evangeline Cecilia Mary Kinchant of Northgate, Warwick, spinster
Sum of 3,000 secured on property cited in R/D/MB/1/57
16 September 1889
Note:-Evangaline is daughter of Robert henry who is son of John robert nathaniel who is bother to Richard henry father of Rev Richard caton Kinchant
Richard caton Kinchant married junqt1870 Thanet
Harriet helen Manning

they divorced 1879 Richard remarried 30apr 1881 to Pamela

1881 census 
place         Portsea Portsmouth, Hampshire
Dwelling      29 Shaftsbury Rd. 

R. C. (Revd.) Kinchant head    38           Owestry, Shropshire
Adelaide   Blake      visitor  21           Culcutta
Gwen       Jones      visitor  19           
Goring     Jones      visitor  15 

Gwen and Goring are gchildren of Richard redmond Caton;
his wife to be,is about a mile away across Gosport harbour.

1881 census
source                  RG11; Piece: 1159; Folio: 112; Page: 53;
place                   Portsea  Island
Dwelling                25 Elphinstone Road 

Pamela Morgan    30 Lodging house keeper 
Henrietta Morgan 26 
Margaret Morrison 41 
Jessie Tribe 41 
John B. Deacon 40 
Charllot Deacon 44 

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