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A history of Tralargon by William C Cuthill

( victoria state Australia some 50 miles east of Melbourne) "At the end of 1864, Constable O'Connor left Traralgon to take over the Police Station at Rosedale, and his place was taken by Constable Smythe. At that time the cemetery was on the hill overlooking the creek near the railway yards. You pass the old cemetery as you walk down Hotham Street on your way to the Showgrounds. Did you know that? This was years before the new cemetery was started out on the Bluff on the road to Tyers, and most of the people who died in these early days were buried here in the town.
Mr. Charlton Kinchant, who was overseer of the Tyers station, and who was drowned while crossing the Latrobe River on a log, was buried there. There would have been at least twelve graves there when the new railway line being built to Sale cut through the burial ground. While they were here, Constable Smythe and his wife had a little baby girl who died, and she was buried there on that hill.

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