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Richard Kinchant born 1752


KINCHANT, Richard.
1769:- Writer.
1774:- Factor and Assistant at Cuddalore.
1776-1777 Travelled to China on a private embassy with William Parsons
1778:- Junior Merchant.
1780:- Senior Merchant.
1791:- Senior Merchant and Resident at Ragapore.
1795:- At home. 1800 : Commercial Resident at Cuddalore.
at home 1800; possibly following death of first wife
Second Marriage 10th May 1802 Cuddalor
1809:- Commercial Resident at Cuddalore, and in Charge of the 
Revenues of Pondicherry and Cuddalore.

Died 24th August, 1809, at Cuddalore. Civil Service, EICo. Esq., Commercial Resident and Collector of Cuddalore.

Morning Chronical, 26th Dec 1803 Madras,
At Pondicherry on the 4th March 1803 ,
The lady of R Kinchant Esq.,
Companies Resident at Cuddalor, of a daughter

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