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Mable arudell Hanne Origins

1881 census
Source                RG11; Piece: 683; Folio: 125; Page: 47
Place                 Peckham, Camberwell
Dwelling              44 St Mary's Road 

John J A Hanne head  37   Practicing Surgeon M R C S Eng   Weymouth Dorset
Jane E   Hanne wife  40                                    Tregoney Corwall
Mabel E  Hanne  dua   5                                    Peckham surrey
Ethel A  Hanne  dau   3                                    Peckham
Maria Vaugham   serv 18

Jane Elizabeth Hanne (nee Barnicoat) died decqt1889 Camberwell aged 51
Widower John James A Hanne remarried in 1890 to
Ann Kinchant who was widowed in 1880

1891 census 
Source               RG12; Piece: 476; Folio 22; Page 37
Place                Peckham surrey
Dwelling             55 St Mary's road, schedule 275 

John J A    Hanner     head 46    Surgeon                 Weymouth Dorset
Ann         Hanner     wife 41                            Poole Dorset
Mabel A     Hanner     dau  15                            Peckham
Ethel A     Hanner     dau  13                            Peckham
Frederick S Kinchant step son 18                          Kentish Town  middx*
Mary C Lunt          serv?     26                          St Albans*
* it appears birth places have been swapped
Mary c Lunt sister in law?
Frederick indexed as Rinchant
Ann Hanne died marqt1893 Camberwell

In 1894 Frederick married his Step Sister Mable
 Marriage Solomnized at The Parish Church in the parish of Camberwell in the county of LONDON
No. When
Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or
Residence Fathers
78 3rd
Frederick Stuart
21 Bachelor Bill
15 St. Marys Rd Jamed Richard
Mable Arundell
18 Spinster   10
Peckham rd
John james
arudell Hanne
Married in the   Parish Church According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,
by Licence by me H J M Clement, Curate
signed This Marriage
was solomnized
between us.
In the presence of:
John james Arundell
Richard James Lowe

Ethel arundell Hanne married dec1898 Lambeth
Thomas john Thompson 

1901 census 
Source            RG13 piece 219  folio  page 24
Place             Hackney              
Dwelling          48 Median Road 
John J A  Hanne widow 57  visitor      surg         weymouth Dorset

visiting another surgeon Richard T Walsh and family 

1911 census 
Source                   RG14PN9007 RG78PN479 RD178 SD2 ED14 SN404 
Place                    Luton, Bedfordshire
Dwelling                 Ethelhust 63 Conway Road 

Thomas john    Thompson head 40   Secretery to ltd company (engineering) 
Ethel arundell Thompson wife 34                                              Peckham
Dorothy mabel  Thompson dau  11   Scholar                                    Dustable
Joyce lillian  Thompson dau   9   Scholar                                    Dustable
John  stuart A Thompson son   4                                              Dustable
John J arudell Hanne    FIL  67   Surgeon                                    Weymouth           

John Hanne died 1918 in Luton
Frederick also died in luton in 1940 was he visiting Ethel
The London Gazette, 12th March 1897
Notice is hereby given that the Partnership which has for some time past been carried on by Frederick stuart Kinchant and Edward archibold Gedge under the firm of Stuart and Stuart at 11 and 12 Clement's Lane Lombard Street in the city of London in the trade or business of Financial Agents Finaciers and Bill Brokers was this day disolved by mutual consent.
All debts due to and owing by the late firm will be recieved and paid by the undersigned Edward archibold Gedge by whom the business will be carried on in the future at the above named place under the same style or firm.
As Witness our hands this fifth day of March 1897.

1901 census 
Source                 RG13,  Pirce 554 Folio  page 56
Place                  Lewisham
Dwelling               38a Maylons Road

Frederick S  Kinchant  head  28    Manager Cycle Depot          St Albans, Herts
Mable A      Kinchant  wife  25                                 Peckham Surrey

1911 census 
Source                   RG14PN17929 RG78PN1093 RD383 SD3 ED19 SN240 
Place                    Edgbaston district 19, Kings Norton, Worcestershire
Dwelling                 123 Summer Road
                         Private house 6 rooms

Frederick stuart Kinchant head 38 m 16y   Chauffer            St Albans Herts 
Mabel arundale   Kinchant wife 35  children none              Peckham london

Frederick Stuart Kinchant died sepqt1940 Luton aged 67
Mabel Arundell Kinchant died junqt1944 Bradford aged 68

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