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Documents held at Shropshire Archives
2216/1A 30 September 1726

Sealed will of Sir Francis Charlton of Ludford bart. He has settled by lease and release of 3 and 4 March 1702/3 and a fine and recovery pursuant, his capital messuage in Bishop's Castle (formerly Thomas Crump and Margery Crump widow, now or late David Morris gentleman), other property in Bishop's Castle town and parish and Lydham parish (David Morris, Richard Woolaston, Thomas Whittcot, William Bright, Maurice Apugh senior and junior, and Keremiah Brown gentleman land called the Warren of Hucklemind als Hucclement near the town and within the parish of Bishop's Castle; a new erected messuage, backside, and garden on the east side of Broad Street, Ludlow; a cottage and barn new erected and now converted into a coach-house and stable with little garden, adjoining the other new-erected house on the S.; messuages in Bishop's Castle;
to use of his wife Dame Mary as jointure and after to use of his sons in tail male, remainder to daughters as tenants in common.
By lease and release 9 and 10 March 1712/13 he settled tithes of corn, grain, and hay in Ludford (which he purchased of Mr John Baldwin gentleman) to use of his wife for life for increase of her jointure, remainder to his son Job Charlton in tail male, remainder to other sons in tail male, remainder to daughters as tenants in common. He confirms these two settlements.

He has lately purchased from Thomas Powell of Park Hall esq, for 10.500 paid or secured to be paid, the capital messuage called Park Hall, the farm and demesne lands of Park Hall in the parish of Whittington, Smith's tenement near Park Hall, farm called Brin a Barra in Sallattin and Whittington, 8 tenements and land (Robert Davies, Richard Phillips, Lloyd widow, Richard Lewis, Edward [...] Ja ndrel -1, Thomas Williams, David Berkley, and John Jones) in the township of Birghill, Whittington; lands (Gabriel Edwards) in Yfton als Upton in the parish of Oswestry; 3 water corn mills called Park Mills in Salattin; messuages in Oswestry (John Price, Gabriel Edwards butcher, William Price, William Howell, Lloyd widow, Jane Peters); 4 cottages without the gate of Oswestry (George Edwards, Thomas Higgins, John Mostin, Thomas Harris), quit rents in Oswestry amounting to 6s; property in Whittington, Porkington, Sallattin, and Oswestry;
to use of Mary Came of Ludford widow and James Medlycott of Ven co Somerset their heirs and assigns, in trust to convey to uses to be appointed by Charlton by will or deed.

The trustees, pursuant to directions, 22 August last, have by lease and release of 15 and 16 Sept. instant settled the said messuages and conveyed them to [...] drian Moor of New Inn, St Clements Danes, esq and John Huchings of Sherborne co Dorset gentleman and their heirs, to use of Sir Francis Charlton for life, after to use of Dame Mary and William Morris of Pentrinant co Mont gentleman, their executors, administrators and assigns, for 500 years in trust to raise 4000 to distribute among the testator's wife, Francis Edward Charlton and Emma Charlton, 2 of his children in shares and in the meantime to pay maintenance for them as he, Francis Charlton, should by writing appoint, remainder to Job Charlton his eldest son now living for his life, remainder to trustees to preserve contingent remainders, remainder to Job's sons in tail male, remainder to Francis Edward Charlton the testator's 2nd son now living for life, trustees, sons in tail male, remainder to testator's daughter Emma trustees, / and her sons in tail male, remainder to all daughters of Job, Francis Edward, and Emma, and heirs of their bodies as tenants in common, for want of issue, remainder to Dame Mary the testator's wife, her heirs and assigns.
He gives the property purchased from Powell to these uses.

Bequests -
6 to the poor of the parish of Ludford,
5 to the poor of Ludlow,
5 to the poor of Whittington
5 to the poor of the parish of Bishop's Castle to be distributed by the ministers, churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the respective parishes

To every servant living with him at the time of his death, a years wages above what is owing
To every workman employed at day labour about the house or grounds at Ludford in Charlton's actual occupation or management, one week's wages over and above what is owing

All his plate, jewels, household goods, furniture, pictures, books, coaches, chariots, chaises, horses, stock of cattle, utensils of husbandry, corn in the barn or on the ground, and other personal estate to his wife
His wife to be guardian of the children till age 21

The testator lately purchased of Richard Knight of Bringwood Forge co Hereford gentleman a capital messuage or orchard adjoining a garden late in the possession of Richard Knight and extending to the town wall of Ludlow -
this was conveyed to Charlton, his wife, Job and Emma for residue of term of 965 years.
He intended his wife and children to be joint purchasers and that the term should go by survivorship according to the law touching joint tenancies Wife to be executrix
Signature of Francis Charlton
Witnesses:- Mary Came, James Medlycott, Charity Gollop, James Marsh

Documents held at Shropshire Archives
2216/1-2 17 and 18 January 1772

1. John Charlton Kinchant of Park Hall esq, eldest son and heir of John Kinchant of Park Hall esq by Emma Kinchant his wife lately deceased, who was sister and heir at law of Job Charlton late of Park Hall esq deceased and daughter of Sir Francis Charlton late of Ludford bart by Dame Mary his wife both deceased.

2. John Adams of Castle Yard, St Andrew, Holbourn co Middx gentleman
3. John Roberts of Castle Yard gentleman
4. George Clive of Arlington Street in the Liberties of Westminster esq and John Ashby of Shrewsbury gentleman
5. Richard Myddleton of Chirk Castle esq and John Mytton of Halston esq.

extinguishing all estates tail and settling the property on new uses Lease and release of a capital messuage called Park Hall and demesne lands in the parishes of Whittington and Salatin (90 acres); messuage adjoining and land also part of the demesne (260 a.) (Arthur Embrey farmer) - rent 210, subject to an allowance of 10 for lime, coat, cart and plow boot; messuage in Whittington near Park Hall called Tinker's Green or the Smith's tenement (Lawrence Bassnett yeoman) - rent 65; 3 water corn mills in the parish of Salatin (Richard Jones) - rent 20; Cae Cam, Cae r Onnen, and the Croft, within the liberties of the town of Oswestry (Alice Jones widow) - rent 35; land called the Caia glishions in several parts and the Croft within the liberties of Oswestry (Catherine Edwards widow) - rent 26

To create a tenant for a common recovery to enure to these uses:-
Clive and Ashby, their executors, administrators and assigns, for term of 500 years from 25 March next, on trust; Kinchant and assigns for his life with power to make jointures and portions and grant leases; Myddleton and Mytton and heirs to preserve contingent remainders; from death of Kinchant, sons in tail male or in default of issue, John Kinchant (father of John Charlton Kinchant) and assigns for his life, the trustees to preserve, Francis Kinchant (brother of John Charlton Kinchant) and assigns for his life and trustees to preserve, sons in tail male; in default, to use of Richard Kinchant another brother and assigns, trustees, sons in tail male; in default all daughters of John Charlton Kinchant as tenants in common and heirs of their bodies, in default of issue to use of Emma Kinchant and Elizabeth Kinchant sisters of John Charlton Kinchant, and heirs of their bodies, as tenants in common;
In default, daughters of Francis Kinchant as tenants in common and heirs of their bodies
Or daughters of Richard as tenants in common and heirs of their bodies;
In default to use of Gertrude Browne wife of the Rev. Edward Browne Archdeacon of Cork daughter of Emma Kinchant deceased by her former husband Richard Jenkins esq deceased and heirs of her body;
Or the heirs and assigns of John Charlton Kinchant

The term of 500 years is to raise portions for Emma and Elizabeth Kinchant when 21 - 2000 equally divided with interest at 4% from age 21 until paid, or 1000 for one survivor; if neither survive till 21, the term ceases. Power to life tenant to charge the estate with portions not exceeding 2000
Signatures of John Charlton Kinchant, John Adams, John Roberts, John Ashby
Witnesses:- Thomas Wingfield junior, Samuel Elsmere junior, Thomas Wingfield of Underdale esq. Thomas Morgan clerk to Mr Ashby

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