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Evening Post, 28th December 1923, page 8
The body of-the labourer found dead in bed at a Public Works camp at Horokiwi has been identified as that of Alexander Murchie, 56? years of age, whose relatives are believed to live in Wanganui.

Wanganui Chronicle,   3rd January 1924, page 4
MURCHIE. At Wellington, suddenly, Alexander Murchie, beloved husband of Mary Murchie, 72 Wicksteed St., Wanganui.

Buried Korori Cemetery, Section Public 2, Plot 551H

Wanganui Chronicle,   17th June 1929, page 6
There passed away at Wanganui yesterday a highly respected resident of the city in the person of Mrs Alexander Murchie.
The deceased lady, who was a lovable character was known to a wide circle of friends to whom her demise will come as something of a shock, taking place as it did after a brief week's illness.
Of marked vitality, for one of her years, Mrs Murchie set an example to many of the younge generation in the energy she displayed.
Her husband predeceased her years ago and she is survived by two daughters and one son Mrs. Frank Campbell, Wellington, and Mrs Sidney Rankin and Mr Donald Murchie, Wanganui).
To them sincere sympathy will be extended in their hour of sorrow.

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