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New Zealand Herald, 19th February 1889

At the the residence of the bride's parents, on February 12, by the Rev. A. Carrick.
Alexander, son of E. Murchie, merchant, Isle of Arran, Scotland, to
Mary Anderson, second daughter of A. Moncur
(late of Kinross, Scotland), View Road, Mount Eden, Auckland.

Mary Anderson Moncur
Mary anderson Moncur
Alexander Murchie
Alexander Murchie

Auckland Star, 14th February 1889
A large assemblage of members of Auckland Caledonian Society took place last night at the Protestant Hall, Karangahape Road, on the occasion of the fortnightly social.
Mr James Stewart occupied the chair, and in the course of his remarks offered the congratulations of the Society to two well known members - Mr Alex. Murchie and Miss M. A. Moncur - who had the previous day entered into the bonds of matrimony. His wish that Mr and Mrs Murchie might enjoy long life and happiness was warmly echoed in the plaudits of the meeting.
An excellent programme was gone through, consisting of songs by Misses Davis, Peace and L. Davis, Messrs Menziea, Simpson, Criglington and Tai -, reading by Mr J. S. Kelly, and recitations by Messrs .Davenport and McPhail. Miss Fortzer presided at the pianoforte with much acceptance. The floor having been cleared several dances were enjoyed, and the meeting closed about 10 p.m. with the singing of " Auld Lang Syne."
The membership of the Caledonian Society is rapidly increasing, and its success is now beyond all question.

New Zealand Herald, 22nd February 188, Page 5
At the Burns' social last night a letter was read from Mr. Alexander Murchie, thanking the club for the handsome souvenir with which they had presented Mrs. Murchie on the occasion of her marriage. The chairman expressed the hope, on behalf of the club, that Mrs. Murchie might be long spared to assist in their socials in the future as she had done in the past, when Miss Moncur.

Observer, 7th March 1891
Newsy Notes
Burns Club:
President, Mr James Stewart;
Messrs Fowlds, J. Lyle, and G. Lankham treasurer, Mr R. Geddes; secretary, Mr J. Home; committee, Messrs G. Carter, Alexander Murchie, J. Moncur, James Robertson, and J.Parker auditors, Messrs Sommerville and Forbes. J. Wendel,

Auckland star, 9th February 1900
In Bancruptsy
Alexander Murchie, tailor, of Auckland, to-day filed a petition to be adjudged a bankrupt. His liabilities are £465 19/, of which £361 19/ is unsecured, and £104 secured.

Auckland Star, 10th February 1900
In his sworn statement before the Official Assignee, Alexander Murchie,: who filed a petition in. bankruptcy yesterday, stated that up to about three years ago he Was in the employ of his uncle, Mr M. Murchie, as traveller and cutter. His salary did not cover expenses, and he now owed Mr Murchie £100. He began business about 18 months ago in Karangahape Road, but had to give up nine months ago. Since then he only had occasional employment. Of his liabilities of £361 19/, 185 was borrowed money.

Auckland star, 15th February 1900
At a meeting- of creditors US the estate of Alexander Murchie, tailor, a bankrupt, held yesterday, it was decided:
"That the creditors sympathise with the debtor in his'present trouble, and are satisfied that his misfortunes are due'to' causes beyond his control: also-that the Official Assignee be requested to facilitate the debtor's discharge."

Auckland Star, 9th December 1901
In Bancruptsy
At the Supreme Court this morning orders were granted releasing the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy from the administration of the estates of the following persons;
Alexander Murchie, Taylor, Auckland.

1900 Manawatu-Wanganui, Rangtikei
Alexander     Murchie, Beatie Street, Fielding? , Cutter
Mary anderson Murchie, Beatie Street, Fielding? domestic duties

1905-6 Manawatu-Wanganui, Rangtikei
Alexander     Murchie, Tailors Cutter, 47 Wicksteed street
Mary anderson Murchie, household duties, 47 wickstead street

1914 Manawatu-Wanganui, Rangtikei
Alexander        Murchie, 72 Wicksteed street, Tailors Cutter
Mary anderson    Murchie, 72 Wickstead street, married
Irene jessie     Murchie, 72 Wickstead street, spinster
Catherine lenore Murchie, 72 Wickstead street, spinster

1919 Manawatu, wanganuui
Alexander        Murchie, 72 Wicksteed street, Tailors Cuitter
Mary anderson    Murchie, 72 Wickstead street, married
Donald McGregor  Murchie, 72 wickstead street, Law Clerk
Catherine lenore Murchie, 72 Wickstead street, spinster 

Alexander Murchie died 1923

1928 Wanganui
Mary anderson   Murchie, 72 Wicksteed street, Widow
Donald McGregor Murchie, 72 Wicksteed street, Law Clerk
Molly stanley   Murchie, 72 Wicksteed street, married

Mary anderson Murchie died 1929

1935 Wanganui
Donald McGregor Murchie, 72 Wicksteed street, Law Clerk
Molly stanley   Murchie, 72 Wicksteed street, married

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