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The Burns Club,  Newton,   Auckland

Auckland Star,   11th February 1888, page 7

The Weekly meeting of the Auckland Burns Club Literery Society took place on thursday evening in the Hall, Newton. There was large gathering of members and friends. Dr. Walker presided, and introduced the various performers in his usual houmorous manner. Mr M. McDermott played a selection on the piano, and Mr Worrall sang "Jack's Yarn." The Chairman then announced that he had nothing more on the programme, but hoped some of ladies present would come forward and help.

Miss Moncur responded, and sang "Flora McDonald's Lament" with great feeling, and Mr Pitke then recitited "The Wonderful Wean" Mr Lankham followed with the good old: Scotch song " The Bonnie Breast Knots" Mr Preecott played a selection on the violin from " Pirates," and Miss Davidson, a young lady from Whangarei district, elivened the proceedings by playing a number of Reels and trathspey on the piano.
At this jucture Dr. Walker said he now had a very pleasing duty to preform Viz; of presenting Master T Moncur with a medal won by him at the dancing competition in the City Hall on the 25th ult. Master Moncur came forward and having mounted the platform, Mrs Dr. Walker pimnned the medal on the little chaps breast amnidst great applause.
At the request of the Chairman, Master Moncur danced the fling to the delight of all present, Miss Davidson supplying the music on the piano Dr. Walker said he had another pleasing duty to preform, but he was not going to allow his wife to have a hand in it, as the reciepient of this trophy was a lady. He refered to Mrs. Grubb, who had won the prize for Highland reel dancing, and he (Dr.Walker) was quite sure from what he had seen of Mrs. Grugg's saltatory abilities, that she had been trained from her infancy. He had witnessed that wonderfull reel, and it fairly made his brain reel to watch Mrs. Grubb go through it.
Dr. Walker then, in the name of the Auckland Burns Club presented Mrs. Grubb with a pair of silver flower vases, and hoped she would long be spared to dance many more Highland Reels.

Mr. Simpson amused the audiance with a comic song the "Auld Pair of Tawse" (encored), and Mr. Tait sang "Jessie, The Flower of Dumblain" for which he also recieved an encore.
The next piece was a recitation by Miss M. A. Moncur "Mad Marie" a tale of the French Revolution, comment on which is unnessesary, as this young lady's elocutionary abilities are well known. Mr. Worrell again favoured with "the Gallants of England" and Mr. Larkham sang the "Barrin O' Our Door".

Before the meeting terminated, Mr. Peace, the Secretary, announced that since these weekly meetings were inaugurated the sum of £5 11s 3d had been collected by subscriptions at the door. This he stated, was quite inadquate to meet the expences, as it cost about £30 a year to keep the meetings going. He trusted the contributions would henceforth increase. His remarks were endorsed by the Chairman, and after singing "Auld Lang Syne" the Meeting dispersed.

Auckland Star,   29th May 1891
The fortnightly entertainment of the Burns Club was held in 
the Masonic Hall, Newton, last evening, 
Mr J. Moncur occupying the chair. There was a full attendance, and 
an excellent programme was presented consisting of the following items : -

Piano, "Music on the Water,"            Miss Adams; 
song, "Duncan Gray,"                    Mr Armstrong; 
song  "A Highland Lad,"                 Miss J. Pain; 
song, "I'll Take You Back, Kathleen,"   Mr Patterson; 
song, "Broom o' Bowdenknowes,"          Miss J. Moncur; 
Scotch reading,                         Mr Parker; 
song; " Close to the Threshold,"        Mr A. Taib; 
song, "Isle of Beauty,"                 Miss Moncur; 
song, "Lars o' Patio's Mill,"           Mr Mason; 
song, "Annie Laurie,"                   Miss Bain; 
reading, "Leezio's Second Marriage,"    Mr McNab; 
song, "Mona,"                           Mr Taib; 
song, "Land o' the Leal,"               Miss Moncur; 
song-, " Queen of the Earth,"           Mr Patterson ; 
duet, " Hunting Tower,"                 Mrs Murchie and Mr Armstrong. 
Miss Adams ably performed the duties of accompanist. 
It was intimated that the Highland Assembly next week would take the form 
of a " long night," when there would be a display of the tartan. 
Several nominations for membership were received, and 
"Auld Lang Syne," sung by the company, 
brought a pleasant re-union to a close.

New Zealand Herald,   27th November 1891, page 5
The usual fortnightly meeting of the Burns Club took place in the 
Masonic Hall, Newton, last evening. Mr. Alex. Murchie presided. 
The following programme was gone through with great acceptance; 

Recitation, " Death Doomed," Mr. Sandall; 
song, "The Land o' the Leal,"               Miss Jessie Moncur; 
recitation, "Bingen on the Rhine,"          Miss Woolley ; 
song, "Death of Nelson,"                    Mr. Ryan, (encored) and he gave 
"The Village Blacksmith"; 
song:, "Auntie,"                            Mrs. Murchie; 
song, " Smile Again, Bonnie Lassie,'        Mr. Tait (encored) 
and he responded with "Mary of Argyle"; 
song, " Robin Adair,"                       Miss Jessie Moncur;
song, "Kathleen,"                           Mr. Patterson; 
song, "John Hielandman,"                    Miss Bain. 

The chairman read a letter on " The Life of Burns,"   by Mrs. Gray.
The proceedings closed as usual with " Auld Lang Syne." 
The club intend to honour St. Andrew's Day by having a social re-union ,

Auckland Star,   26th January 1893 Page 9

The 134th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, 
Scotland's greatest poet, was celebrated last night by the Burns Club, 
who held a concert and dance in the Masonic Hall, Karangahape Road.
Mr George Fowlds presided, and opened the concert by a few appropriate  
remarks, touching on the event they were celebrating. 
During the evening Mr Fowlds mentioned that he would shortly be leaving
Auckland on a tour round the world, and during his travels it would give 
him great pleasure to represent the Auckland Burns Club and convey their 
greetings to the various Burns Clubs in the Burns Federation, of which 
they were a part, and especially to the mother club at Kilmarnock,
 his native town. 

The following programme was gone through; 
"The Braemar Highlanders' March,"          by Mr Fotheringham; 
song, " Of a' the Airts the Wind Can Blaw,"   Mr Carter; 
song, "Flora Macdonald's Lament,"             Miss Jessie Bain; 
recitation, "Tarn o1 Shancer,"                Mr Smith; 
song, "Waiting,"                              Mrs Anderson; 
song, "The Broom of the Cowden Knowes,"       Miss Jessie Moncur;
Highland fling,                               Miss Minnie Stewart; 
reading, "Oor Scotch Tongue,"                 Mr Fowlds; 
song,''A Man's a Man for a' That,"            Mr Cartor; 
reading, "Tom Pengavie o' Paisley,"           Mr Parker; 
dance, " Sheantreaus,"   Miss Minnie Stewart; flute solo; 
" When the Lights are Low,"                   Mrs Anderson;
" A Guid New Year to One and A',"             Mr G. Carter; 
" Rowan Tree,"                                Mr G. Carter; 
" Auld Lang Syne." 

After the concert programme had been gone through, the "Chieftain o' the 
puduin' race," was introduced by Mr Geddos, and after Burns's "Invocation to 
a Haggis" was recited over by Mr Fowlds, it was duly handed round by members.
 Mrs Moncur made the haggis, which was pronounced " graun." 
At the dance which followed Messrs Geddesand C. Dunn acted as M.C.'s.

Auckland Star,   18th August 1893 Page 4
Despite the boistorous weather last night there was a large attendance at
The Burns' Club entertainment held in the Masonic Hall, Karangahape Road.
Mr Andrew Moncur  presided. 
The following programme was creditably gone through:-

Piano solo,                   Mrs Angus; 
song,                         Mr Lyle; 
song,                         Miss J. Moncur;  
recitation,                   Miss L. Briggs;  
song,                         Miss Moncur; 
recitation,                   Mr Moffatt; 
reading.                      Mr Horne; 
song.                         Miss Hassie 
song,                         Miss Hill; 
song,                         Mr Briggs; 
recitation                    Mr Moffat ; 
song.                         Miss J. Noonan; 
song,                         Miss Tudehope; 
song,                         Miss Noonan; 
song,                         Mr Lylo; 
song,                         Mr Murchio; 
song,                         Mr Homer; 
reading,                      Mr Moncur; 
"Auld Lang Syne."

Auckland Star, 29th February 1894

Burns Club;
At the annual meeting of the Burns' Club, held last night in the Masonic Hall, Karangahape Road, Mr Alex. Murchie occupied the chair.
The Secretary, Mr John Home, submitted a report of the past year's proceedings. It stated that while the year had been one of pleasure and success the membership had nob increased as much as mighb have been expected. The monthly entertainments had proved successful while the class for dancing had also been maintained. The report continued,
"The finances are in a satisfactory condition, but if the arrears were paid up there would be a substantial credit balance. The Club was much indebted to the Hon. Wm. Swanson, M.L.C., for a copy of the 'Illustrated Songs of Burns,' and record their beat thanks to him for the genuine interest he had always taken in tho welfare of the Auckland Burns Club."

The Treasurer's statement; showed the total receipts to have been £50 16s lid while the expenditure left a email credit balance. The assets were valued at £51 17s 7d and the liabilities amounted to £12 9s 6d. Election of Officers; Officers were then elected for the ensuing year:-
President, James Stewart, C.E. Vice-presidents, Hon. W. Swanson, Messrs George Fowlds and Alexander Murchie; Treasurer, John Henry; Secretary, John Home; Committee, Messrs William Henry, R. Geddes, Charles Dunn, Alex. Wright and D. Finlayson.
Vote of thanks were accorded the retiring officers, and also to the Hon. W. Swanson for his presence. Seven new members were elected.

Auckland Star,   15th April 1898, Page 4
The Burns Club met last night in the Masonic Hall, Karangahape Road, 
when Mr W. Moncur officiated as chairman: 
The following ladies and gentlemen contributed towards 
the evening's entertainment:-
Mr Seali'. Miss Coates, Mr Lankham, 
Miss Moncur, Mr. Moncur,
Mrs. Marriage, Mr Morris, 
Miss Jessie Moncur, 
Mrs. McLeod and Mr Marriage.

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