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circa 1876

RR as an old Man

Richard redmond's Christening not found his birth was probably 21 aug 1806 but other dates have been suggested on lds he is often described as of Binbrook linconshire but it seems he was not born there His birthplace was most likely in Westmoreland as this appears in 2 census

1828 commisioned army medical service 4303
Richard Redmond Caton. H.A. 12 June 1828. A.S. r.rrn. 6 July

The Spectator, 2nd August 1828
Ware office july 28th,The Army Hospital staff
Richard redmond Caton, Gent. vice Toulmin,
appointed to the 59th Foot;

London Gazette 2nd july 1830
Ware office 6th July 1830
Hospital Assistant Richard Redmond Caton 
to be assistant surgeon, vice Picford who resigns
THE EDINBURGH GAZZETE, Tueday July 13, 1830
War office 6th july
Hospital assistant.
Richard redmond Caton to be assistant Surgeon,
vice. Pickford who resigns.

Marriage Pallot's index 1831
    Marriage at Woodmancote near Hurstpierpoint, Sussex


Marriage 1831
Married; On Thursday, 23rd, at Woodmancote, by the Rev.Charles Goring,
Rector of Twineham, Richard Redmond Caton Esq., of the Grenadier Guards, eldest son of of the Rev. R.B. Caton, of York Street, Portman Square, London, and Binbrook, Lincolnshire, To Anna Maria, only daughter of the Rev. John Rideout, and grand-daughter of the late Sir Harry Goring, Bart.

Court Magazine and La Belle Assemblée, July - December 1832
At woodmancote, Sussex, the lady of
Richard redmond Caton Esq. of a daughter.

sheet 2

Neither Richard Redmond Caton or Anna Maria and mother Francis Rideout (right) have been found in 1841 census. From the divorce reports we know they had been living with Anna's parents in Woodmancote untill 1838, when Rev. John Rideout died, when they move to Brighton.

Early in 1841 they had seperated with Richard taking the daughters to London.
From Anna's letters 2nd and 7th July we have her address' of :-
Brunswick Square, (Hove) where anna's brother Goring Rideout is living and
75 Seymour St, Bryanston Sq. (London) where Richard's parents live.
however neither are with their respective families. The 1841 census was on night of 6/7 June, just 3/4 week previous to the letters so possibly they are in transit that night. However their son is in a boarding school in Oriental Place, just a few street away from Brunswick square.

Frances Rideout

1841 census  
Source             HO107 piece 1122 book 6 folio 38 Page 24
Place              Brightelmstone (Brighton), Palace district 10, Sussex 
Dwelling           Oriental Place

Bewley Caton pupil  aged 7

Eventual a reconcilliation took place and the family moved to Tunbridge Wells, where a daughter Mary Louisa was born decqt1841 Tunbridge GRO ref vol V. page 451.
In Oct 1843 they moved to Paris however following an affair with Major St Rose, the son of the house they were boarding in, resulting in a child.
The are 2 registration dates

Naissances de Paris et Ancienne Seine
Albert edouard Caton born 18th October 1845
Mother: Anna Maria Rideout
Father: Richard Redmond Caton

there is a second registration 15th October 1845
but still giving Richard redmond Caton as the father
However it became clear Major St. Rose was the father.

A 2nd and final seperation took place in paris dec1843? with Mr.Caton and children returning to England, however the youngest child Mary louisa b.1841 was soon after returned to Anna Maria, Mr Caton having doubts as to his paternity!
1851 census Guernsey, Channel islands 
Place Elizabeth College

Redmond R B Caton  boarder  17 Pupil            England

sheet 3
1851 Georgina maria and Laura sophia not found so far but,
Both Georgina and Laura were married in scotland 1858,1860 respectively, however they are both listed as from Park Hall Shropshire, where we find their elder ssiter and father.

1851 census 
Source                        HO107; Piece: 1993; Folio: 667; Page: 30
Place                         Whittingdon   district 1d, shropshire
Dwelling                      Park Hall shed 115

Richard henry       Kinchant head M 46  Magistrate & Landed proprietor Cudden E I.
Maria eliza         Kinchant wife M 38                               Dublin Ireland
Eliza power         Kinchant dau    18                               St Leonards Bucks
John Charlton       Kinchant son    16                               St Leonards Bucks
Myra chatherine ann Kinchant dau    11    Scholar at Home            Whittington Salop
Richard caton       Kinchant son     9    Scholar at home            Whittington Salop 
Richard Redmond     Caton   vist    44    Landed proprietor          Alleside, Westmoreland
Frances eliza       Caton   niece   18                              Woodmancote Sussex

THE TIMES, 26 september 1853
GAMES LIST, List of persons who have taken out general gaming certificates
at £4 0s 10d each, including the additional Duty of of 10 per cent,
under the Act of the 3d Vic., cap 17.
Richard Redmond Caton 21 Blanford Square.

Listed in 1859 as a subscriber to "Illistrations of Roman London"
Richard Redmond Caton, Esq., F.S.A., Union Club , Trafalgar Sq
(The building was built between 1824 and 1927 under the direction of Sir Robert Smirke, the leading Greek revivalist architect and designer of both the Royal Opera House and the British Museum. The building was used by The Union Club, one of the first gentleman's clubs, and by the Royal College of Physicians. The Union Club was set up in 1805 and the Duke of Wellington and Charles Dickens were members. It was somewhere for upper class gentlemen to drink, smoke, and gamble.

1861 census
Source              RG9 piece 77 folio 44 page 10
Place               St Mary's Marylebone District 2 
Dwelling            schedule 41, 17 Upper Seymour Street, Bryanston Square, London

Rich. R. Caton     head  W. 54   Gentleman annuitant           Ambles   Westmoreland
Jane ann A. Caton  DIL   W  28                                 Glasgow,    Scotland
Redmond B. Caton   gson      2                                 Perthshire, Scotland

1871 census 
place                  Steyning, Shoreham, Hove
Dwelling               2 Wilbury Rd.   

Thurston Caton head    74        Annuitant                     Isle of Man
Selena   Caton wife    53                                      India
Richard Caton brother  78       landowner                      Westmorland

sheet 4

1881 census 
Place                       Paddington St Johns, London
Dwelling                    13,15,17,19 Porchester Gardens

Richard Caton      boarder 88     living on own Means            Westmorland

The following Presents to the Library were announced :
From the Author. Collectanea Antiqua.
Vol. III. Part 3. 8vo. London, 1854.
From the Suffolk Institute of their Proceedings. Vol. II. No. 1. 8vo.
Bury Archaeology. St. Edmund's, 1854.

R. REDMOND CATON, Esq. exhibited a Bronze penannular Ring,
found while digging for the foundation of a House at Lincoln


The Times? May 1897
CATON, On the 8th inst., at Henfield. Richard Redmond Caton, of Binbrook, Linconshire, in his Ninety fourth year.

Mid Sussex Times,   18th May 1897
Death and Funeral of Mr. R.R. Caton.
The funeral took place here on Thursday of Mr. Richard Redmond Caton, of Binbrook, Market Raisen, Lincon and Carr House, East Riding of Yorkshire which occured Moustows Manor, Henfield, the preceeding Saterday, at the residence of son-in-law Gen. B. L. Gordon. C.B.

Mr. Caton though not a native of Sussex, was well know there, having resided there for
several years at Brighton and afterwards in other parts of the county.
He married Miss Rideout, daughter of the late Rev. John Rideout, Rector of Woodmancote and grand-daughter of the late Sir Harry Goring Bart.
The Funeral was attended by many relatives and friends, the officiating clergy being the Rev. R. Kinchant and the Rev. B. Winteebottom Rector of Wooodmancote.

The principle mouners were the deceased's son in law and daughters,
General Gordon and Mrs Gordon, Colonel J.C.Warrand and Mrs Warrand, Captain G. Erskine Calander and Mrs Calander; and his grandsons Major Redmond Gordon (15th Hussars), Captain Redmond Warand (late 72nd Highlanders) and Captain Goring Jones ( Durham light infantry).
The deceased was ninety three years of age.

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