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Beer Origins

Dorothy married in marqt 1923 to Arthur edward Beer

1911 census
source             RG14; Piece: 22067. district 452 page
place              Liscard, Cheshire
Dwelling           40 Penkett Rd.

Arthur james   Beer  head  51 M  Timber Saleman              
Mary ellen     Beer  wife  50 m  
Emily florence Beer  dau   26 
Elsie          Beer  dau   24 
Jennie johnson Beer  dau   22 
Lawrie         Beer  dau   20                             Peckhill Liverpool
Dorothy        Beer  dau   16 
Hilda          Beer  dau   14                             Peckhill Liverpool
Arthur edward  Beer  son   11  Scholar                    Liscard

Dorothy beer's death in 1979 Birkenhead gives her birth as 14 sep 1901?
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