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George Livsey Origins

1891 census
Source               RG12, piece 3186 folio 95 page 17
Place                Cholton in Madlock, Manchester   
Dwelling             35 Hyde Road 

George Livsey head M  44   Newspaper sub editor author          Manchester Lancs
Mary   Livsey wife M  42                                        Manchester Lancs
George Livsey  son    19 undergraduate Victoria University      Manchester Lancs
Mary   Livesey dau    16                                        Manchester Lancs

1901 census
Source             RG13, piece 3697, Folio    ,       page 42
place              South Manchester
dwelling           43 Clarendon Road schedule 267 

George Livsey  head M 54   Retired Newspaper sub editor             Manchester lancs         
Mary   Livsey  wife M 52                                            Manchester lancs
George Livesey son  U 29   Solicitor                                Manchester lancs
Mary   Livsey  dau  u 26                                            Manchester lancs

1891 census
Source:           RG12 Piece 3963
Place             Scarborough, St Mary , North Scarborough      
Dwelling          134 North Marine Road

                  Rel  Mar Age     Occ                           Birthplace
Joseph T Bolton   head  M  54      Retired Drapper               Hull 
Sarah E  Bolton   wife  M  51                                    Hull 
Sarah T  Bolton   dau   U  17      School Pupil/Teacher          Hull 

By 1901 Sarah has left Hull and is boarding in Manchester with several other language Teachers
IE Turkish Italian German Belgium Norwegan
it appears to be a home/school for Governess'

1901 census
source               RG13, Piece 3695,  Folio 50, Page 1
place                South Manchester, ed6
dwelling             111 Upper Brook Street schedule 3

Sara T Bolton  boarder  s  25      Teacher of languages            Hull,  Yorkshire

note Sarah has subtracted a couple of years off her age
Sarah's husband to be, George Livsey, lived less than a mile away

Sarah Turner Bolton married George Livsey 9th April 1901, St Matthews Ardwick, Lancaster
GRO index has her as Sarah turner Booth,

Marriage 1901 St Mattews, Ardwick

Marriage solemnized at   St Matthews Church   in the parish of Ardwick   in the county of   Lancaster
Number When
Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or
Residence Father's
200 April 9th
George Livsey 29 Bachelor Solicitor 43
Clarendon Rd.
Sarah turner
27 Spinster School
381 Moss
Lane East
Joseph turner
Married in the   Parish Church According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,
After Banns by me J.A. Sidgwick, Rector   
marriage This Marriage
was solomnized
between us.
In the presence of:

Ernest george Booth
Edith mary Richardson

Note: witness- Edith mary Richardson was Sarah's maternal 1st cousin

Joseph turner Bolton of North Marine road Scarborough died 1st May 1906
Probate LONDON 6 August to Sarah Turner Livsey(wife of George Livsey) and
the said George Livsey solicitor
Effects 1133 18s 11d

1911 census
Place             Liscard, Wallasey, Birkenhead
Dwelling          10 Penpett Road, Liscard 

George       Livsey head m 9 years    39  Solicitor , Deputy Town Clerk      Manchester Lancs
                                                 to the borough of Wallasey      
Sarah turner Livsey wife m            34    2 children                       Hull Yorkshire
Dorothy      Livsey  dau               8                                     Liscard Cheshire
Vivienne     Livsey  dau               6months                               Liscard cheshire       

yet again Sarah has subtracted years from her age
Dorothy beer's death in 1979 Birkenhead gives her birth as 14 sep 1901?
George Livsey of The Red House, Warren Drive, Wallasey, Cheshire,
Died 27 dec 1930,
Administration (with WILL) Liverpool 9 May 1931 to
Sarah turner Livsey widow and Dorothy Beer, wife of Arthur edward Beer.
Effects 1340 1s 11d

Sarah Turner Livsey died 3rd june 1943 Wallasey she is recorded as 66 when she is actually 69
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