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                                George Bolton
                                b.21may1799 Northumberland
                                m1. 27 nov 1834    ..........m2.08 july1837
                                |  Sculcoates (m009152)      |  St John's Manchester
                                Sarah                        Mary ann             
                                Turner                       Leach 
                                b.1805/6 ?                   b.~1809
                                d.                           d?1890
                                |                            |
 |=====================================||                    =======================
 Joseph                                                       8 Children
 b.25 apr 1836
 c.06 may 1836 Holy-Trinity Waltham Street,
 Wesleyan Methodist, Hull (c.088491)
 d.junqt1906  aged 70 Scarbrough 9d 225
 m.sepqt1862  Hull 9d 321
 Sarah elizabeth
 c.12feb1838  Holy Trinity Hull
 d.marqt1899  aged 59 Scarbrough 9d 240
 John                Ehtel              Louis              Sarah
 turner              mary                                  turner      

GRO Births
Sarah turner Bolton decQt1873 Sculcoates 9d 182

 1851 census
source:        Ho107, Piece 2351 folio 230 page  30   
place          Selby district 8b   
Dwelling       Schedule 145, Market place

John       Tonkinson   head     38   Woolen and Leisur Draper
Harriett   Tonkinson   wife     41 
Joseph Turner Bolton            14    Apprentice
William       Clegg             16    Apprentice
Christopher Edmandson           19    Assitant draper
Hannah Jackson          serv    21 
James Tonkinson         brother 32 
Catherine Ann Wilson    niece   4 

Possible mother of Joseph tuner Bolton

1861 census
source            RG9,  Piece 3952,   Folio 31, page 23
place             Holy Trinity Hull, Yorkshire 
Dwelling          16 Spring Street , shedule 133

Mary     Bolton head M 67  Fund Holder                Blackham? Lancashire
Joseph   Bolton son  s 24  Draper                     Hull
Margaret Bolton dau  s 22
George   Bolton son  s 17   Twicke? Mug?ch Clerk
Henry    Bolton son  s 16  Bookseller?
Mary     Bolton dau    11  Scholar
Charles  Bolton son     9  Scholar

Hull Packet,   Friday 22nd August 1862, page 8
August 20th at St. Stevens Church Hull by the Rev I Peers Hardman Mr. Joseph Turner Bolton to Miss Sarah eliza Brown both of this place.

1871 census
Source       RG10, Piece 4783,   Folio        Page 32              
Place        West Sculcoates       district 5 shed 208    
Dwelling     4 Margaret Lane            

Joseph T Bolton    head M 34     Draper and land Owner         Hull
Sarah  E Bolton    wife   31                                   Hull
John T   Botton    son     5                                   Hull
Louise   Botton    son     6months                             Hull

1881 census
Source:                  PRO Ref RG11,  Piece 4759,  Folio 126,  Page 14
Place:                   Sculcoates, York, 
Dwelling                 21 Cavendish Sq, Sculcoates

Joseph T(urner) Bolton   head M   44   Retired Drapper        Sculcoates 
Sarah  Eliza    Bolton   wife M   41                          Hull       
John   turner   Bolton   son      15   Scholar                Hull       
Louie           Bolton   dau      10   Scholar                Sculcoates 
Sarah  turner   Bolton   dau       7   Scholar                Sculcoates 

1891 census
Source:           RG12 Piece 3963
Place             Scarborough, St Mary , North Scarborough      
Dwelling          134 North Marine Road 

                  Rel  Mar Age     Occ                           Birthplace
Joseph T Bolton   head  M  54      Retired Drapper               Hull 
Sarah E  Bolton   wife  M  51                                    Hull
Sarah T  Bolton   dau   U  17      School Pupil/Teacher          Hull

Sarah eliza died 1899
Hull #Daily News,   Saterday 11th March 1899, page 12
Hull On The .. at 131 Marine Road Scarborough //// eliza dearly loved wife of Joseph Turner Bolton aged 59 years.

Sarah turner Bolton married George Livsey in 1906 her marriage is indexed in GRO as Sarah turner BOOTH !!

1901 census
Source:              RG13, piece 4529, folio 89, page 3
Place:               Scarborough, Yorkshire
Dwelling:            128 North Marine Road, schedule 21

Joseph T Bolton visitor  W   64  retired Drapper                Kingston upon Hull

GRO deaths
Joseph Turner Bolton aged 70 junqt1906 Scarborough 9d 225

PROBATE Joseph turner Bolton of North Marine road Scarborough died 1st May 1906
Probate LONDON 6 august to Sarah Turner Livsey(wife of George Livsey)
and the said George Livsey solicitor,
Effects £1133 18s 11d.

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