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Joshua Robbins probably christened 16 feb1823 Tipton staffordshire
son of Uria Robbins and Mary
BMD has 
Harriet charlotte Brown 
Married Decqt1869  Halifax 7b 479
Joshua Robbins

1841 census
source            HO107; Piece: 982; Book: 2; En District: 3; Folio: 19; Page: 30; 
place             Tipton, south offlow, Staffordshire
Dwelling          Dudly Road
Uriah Robins 	41
Mary Robins 	42
Joshua Robins 	18
Uriah Robins 	14
Mary M Robins 	7
Jasmaine Robins 7

Thomas Jenks    11 serv
Josh   Jenks     8 serv
Elizabeth Jones 17 serv

1851 census
source            Ho107 piece 2029 folio 104 page 36
place            Tipton
dwelling         schedule 136 Dudley Road

Uriah    Robins   head m 53 Prvisions Dealer  Trevthan Monmouthshire
Mary     Robins   wife   54                    Binver Staff
Uriah fellows  Robins 24
Mary matilda   Robins 18
Damaris Robins        16

Thomas Jenks nephew 21
Josh   Jenks nephew 17
Matilda Haeet 19

1851 Census
source             HO107; Piece: 2029; Folio: 217; Page: 46;
place               Tipton, Staffordshire

Joishua Robbins  head m 28   Grocer and Pawnbroker           Tipton Staff   
Mary Robbins     wife m 28                                   Sedgley
Rachael Binns    Serv s 14

1861 census
source                RG 9; Piece: 671; Folio: 118; Page: 8;
place                 Dibden, Hampshire 
dwelling              schedule 36, West Street

Joshua Robbins       head m 38      Professor of Music       Tipton, Staffordshire

1871 Census
                    RG10 4780 folio 121, page 19 shed 112
Place               Sculcoates, Drypool, ED 10, St Peters, Holderness ward
Dwelling            79? Garbutt Street, off Holderness road

                    Rel  Mar Age  Occ                    Birthplace
Joshua  Robbins     head  M  48   Musical Professor      Tipton Stafford
Harriet C Robbins   wife  M  35                          Hull, Yorks

1881 Census
Source:             PRO Ref RG11,  Piece 0478,  Folio 75,  Page 39
Place:              Mile End Old Town, Stepney, London, Middlesex, England
Dwelling:	    schedule 251, 60 Cleveland St

                     Rel  Mar Age   Occ                  Birthplace
Elizabeth R. KEMP    head  U  34    General Dealer       Greenbors, Kent, 
Harriett  C ROBBINS lodger M  45                         Hull, York, 

1881 Census
Source:              Ref RG11    Piece 4343    Folio 88    Page 37
Place:	             Bingley, York, England
Dwelling:	     2 Mount St

                   Rel Mar Age  Occ                           Birthplace 
Ellen    GRAYSON   head W  34                                 Bolsterstone, York 
Emily A. GRAYSON   dau     12 	Scholar                       Skipton, York 
Amelia   GRAYSON   dau      7   Scholar                       Bingley, York
John T.  GRAYSON   son      5   Scholar                       Bingley, York
Emma MEXON       sister W  25                                 Bolsterstone, York 
Joshua ROBBINS  Boarder M  58   Muscian                       Tipton, York
Alfred S.BANKS  Boarder U  22   Theatrical Performer (Actor)  Malton, York,
Ernest WINTOM	Boarder U  21 	Theatrical Performer (Actor)  London, Middlesex, 

Joshua Robbins died 9th September 1885 Stepney, Mile End old Town
Died of Cerebro-spinal sclerosis
which seems to fit with Harriett in Mile End in 1881 census
Family records have Harriett's death as 05 apr 1889
but dont say where
BMD suggests she died
ROBBINS Harriet age 53 marqt1888 Bedminster, Somerset, 5c 536

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