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1841 census
Source               HO107/1231/9  Holy Trinity
Place                Myton district 16 folio 113/4 pages12/13
dwelling             Prospect Street
                     Age        Occ               Of the county
Robert   Brown       30         Stationer?         Y
Harriet  Brown       25                            N
Harriet  Brown       6                             Y
Sarah    Brown       3                             Y
Marian   Brown       2                             Y

Mary Brammond?       20        Serv?
Elyzbeth Maiden      17        Serv     

Marian's birthday 20 feb ccording to family bible but census suggest she is born between april-june ie 1841 census was taken 6june whereas later census were around March

1851 Census 
source               HO 107/2363 for Holy Trinity Hull,
Place:               South Mynton ward District 15 page 29 folio 369v
Dwelling             112 Caughey street 

                     Rel  mar Age  Occ                   Birthplace
Robert       Brown   Head     43   Accountant            Leeds
Harriet      Brown   wife     39                         Brigsby, LIN
Harriet  C.  Brown            15                         Sculcoates
Sarah Eliz.  Brown            12                         Sculcoates
Marion Caton Brown            11                         Sculcoates

1861 census
source:           RG9 piece 3592 folio 73 page 31  en17
Place:            Holy Trinity, North Myton, Kingston upon Hull,  district 17
Dwelling          25 Caughey street 

                  Rel  Mar Age   Occ                      Birthplace
Robert     Brown  head  m  54    Accountant               Leeds
Harriet C. Brown  wife  m  50    Accountant wife          Brigsley linconshire 
Harriet C. Brown  dau   u  25                             Hull
Sarah E.   Brown  dau   u  22    School Mistress          Hull
Marion C,  Brown  dau   u  21    School Mistress          Hull

Sarah m. 1862 Joseph turner Bolton
Harriet m. 1869 Joshua Robbins

1871 census
Source:              RG10 piece 4791 folio 17 page 32
Place:               Holy Trinity, North Myton, St Stevens district 19  Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling             1** Caughey Street 
                    Rel  Mar Age   Occ                     Birthplace
Robert       Brown  head  m  64    Accountant              Leeds
Harriet      Brown  wife  m  60                            Brigsley Lincs.
Marion Caton Brown  dau   u  30    School Mistress         Hull
**In 1872 when Marion married her address was given as 25 Caughey St

1881 cencus 
Source:	             PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4760    Folio 20    Page 33
Place                Sculcoates, Kingston Upon Hull
Dwelling             2 Park Rd Hull 

                     Rel  Mar Age   Occ                   Birthplace
Robert        Brown  head M  74     Insurance Agent       Leeds
Harriet Caton Brown  wife M  70                           Brigsley Manor, Lincoln

Mary Jane   Teesdale ser  U  17     General Servant       Skipsea, York

possible mother of Joseph tuner Bolton in 
1881 census
Dwelling:	83 Thomas St
Place:	        Drypool, Hull York, 
Source:	        FHL Film 1342148     PRO Ref RG11    
                Piece 4753    Folio 36    Page 11

                Rel   Marr   Age    Occ        Birthplace 
Sarah BOLTON    Head   W     75     Retired    Hull, York, England
Emily SANDERSON	serv   U     23     dom serv   Hull, York, England

Harriet Caton died west sculcoates in 1887 aged 76
following Harriet's death Robert probably move to live with
his dau Marion caton Richardson at Cottingham
where he died in 1888

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