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London Gazette 9 sep 1845
In the matter of Benjamin Borrell, Insolvant
Notice is hereby given, that a meeting of the creditors of Benjamin Borrell, of the borough of Kinston upon Hull joiner, an insolvent debter, will be held at the office of Charles Spilman Todd , of no.15 Bowl Alley Lane , in the said borough of Kinston upon Hull aforesaid, on Monday 29th of September instant,at twelve o'clock at noon, to approve and direct the manner,time,and place for disposing of the said Insolvents real estates by public auction, instead of Monday the 1st of September, as before advertised; and also to assent or dissent from the assignees of the said estate and effects paying and satisfying the costs and charges incurred in the preperation and compleation of a certain indenture of assignment, bearing the date 3rd day of March 1845, made between the said insolvent, of the one part, and the assignees, of the other part, being an assignment of all the real and personal estates of the said insolvent , For the benifit of his creditors; and also assent to or dissent from the said assignees paying and satisfying all costs and charges incurred in defending a certain action at Law, commenced in Her Majesties Court of Queens Bench by the said insolvent, against a certain party to be named at the meeting; and genrally to take all such steps, and incur such expences relative to the affairs of the said insolvent, as they, the said assignees shall deem expediant.

1841 census   
Source               Ho107, Piece 627 book 7 folio 30 page 36
Place                Barton On Humber
Dwelling             Newports (boading school?)

Richard Borrell  11 pupil

Richard benjamin Borrell m.sepqt1850 Hull 22 331

Richard benjamin Borrell m.sepqt1850 Hull 22 331 Fanny Key?

1851 census
source                HO107; Piece: 2363; Folio: 686; Page: 1
place                 Myton distict 28 Kingston upon-Hull 
dwelling              55 Osbourne street shed 1 

Mary       Brumhead  Head  U 46  Grocer                       Runeesal Notts
Richard    Borrell  lodger M 21  Clerk attorneys  Articled    Lincolnshire 
Fanny      Borrell  lodger M 18  wife                         Layton Notts
Frederick  Borrell  lodger   3months                          Hull, yorks 

Richard benjamin Borrell died marqt1852 Hull

Frederick richard caton Borrell died marqt1852 hull 9d 138

Fanny remarried in 1853 stepney London to
John Sowesby Stark son of Jeremiah Stark accountant
John aged 20 was a Clerk to Solictor in 1851 census

Source         RG 9; Piece: 3592; Folio: 71; Page: 28    
Place          Myton, Hull, Holy Trinity    
Dwelling       Schedule 143, 5 Cauhey Street  

John Sowersby Stark head m 30 Outdoor officer 2nd class     Hull Yorks
Fanny         Stark wife   28         of HM. Customs        Lenton Nottinghsmshire
Mary A        Stark dau     6                               Hull
Sarah E       Stark dau     4                               Hull

Fanny died junqt1868 Hull aged 36
John sowarsby Stark remarried marqt1871 Hull to Lydia Johnson.

1871 census 
Source        RG10; Piece: 4793; Folio: 106; Page: 9;  
Place         Hull   Holy Trinity   
Dwelling      Schedule 57, 5 Michael Street    

John Sowersby Stark head m  40   Outdoor Officer  HM Customs       Hull 
Lydia         Stark wife m  39                                     Hull
Sarah E       Stark      s  14                                     Hull

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