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Freeman's Journal & Daily Advertiser
15th December 1859
December 13,at the residence of the bride's mother,
Prospect Hall, Roebuck, Henry George Haigh, Esq.,
of Grainsby Hall,Lincolnshire,
to Emma Jane Adelaide, youngest daughter of
the late Sir Robert Way Harty, Bart.

Pall Mall Gazette 10th July 1866
Birth of a Son
HAIGH Mrs. G.H. of Grainsby Hall, Lincolnshire. 6th instant.

Liconshire County Court
December 1888
At the county court of Grimsby Miss Thomas of Cardiff a governess sued Mrs. Haigh of Grainsby Hall, as well as her three daughters for 56.1.6 being for one months wages, travelling expenses,from Wales and 50 damages for assault.
She was employed in October but the children would not obey her. One night she woke to the stifling fumes of a sulphurous fumes and the windows had been nailed down. She complained about this, but no notice was taken. Another night she awoke to water being dashed over her and her bedclothes were saturated. After this she resigned.

The charge against the daughters was withdrawn, and a complaint that Mrs. Haigh had not provided the governess with necessary protection replaced.
After 5 minutes, the jury gave a verdict for the governess for the full amount with all costs.

Another paper says that Mrs. Haigh was a widowed lady and the daughters were Gwendoline (16) Sylvia (17) and Millicent (20) They were very hostile towards the governess and there had already been 2 previous governesses employed during the year.

Gainsby Hall was originally bought by miss Borrell circa 1804/5 following her death circa 1829 it was bought by the Haigh family.
LONDON GAZETTE 1st April 1815 miss Burrell of Grainby listed amongst many creditors of Charles Wray Hoddelsey
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