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 Richard Haigh                                                                  John
 b.1736 Norland Halifax                                                         b.1738
 d.10jun1816                                                                    d.22jul1808
 |                                                                              |
 m.                                                                             m.
 |                                                                              |
 Grace                                                                          Susannah
 Jackson                                                                        Walker
 b.1731                                                                         b.~1744
 d.30may1802                                                                    d.05may1818
 |               c.Norland, Yorks                                               |
 |=======|=======|=======|=======|============|=======|=======|=======|=====||  |===========
 James   Sarah   Thomas  Mary    George       John    Abraham Job     Betty     Mary(Mally)
 b.1756  b.1758  b.1759  b.1762  b.23oct1763  b.1766  b.1767  b.1770  b.1771    b.1772
                                 d.1849                                         d.01apr1852
                                 |                                              |
                                 m.17nov1793   his 1st cousen ................. m.           
  John              Richard           William           Maria             George    
  b.08apr1795       b.1797            b.1800            b.1803            b.25may1807
  d.06jul1866       d.20aug1842       d.1853            d.1836            d.
  |  Halifax        |                 |                 |                 |
  m.                m.cousen          m.09jan1827       m.                m.
  |                 |                 |                 |                 |   
  Elizabeth   susannah walker     Eliza Charlotte       William           Louisa
  Borrell         Haigh             Borrell             Ashe              Harty  
  c.1802           b.1806           c.1805                                b.1824
  Horton le Clay                    Brigsley
   Mary          Jemima
   elizabeth     | 
   b.1824        b.1826
Elizabeth borrell was 1st cousen of Eliza charlotte

Gainsby Hall was originall bought by Miss Borrell circa 1804/5
Inherited by Eliza charlotte Borrell in 1826 who married William Haigh
The Haigh family then set about consolodating The Hall with surrounding land

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