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The 1841 finds Eliza lyonella and 2nd husband about 5 miles west of Liverpool on the Cheshire side of the Mersey in a small coastal hamlet of just 28 families. mostly farmers and fishermen, 2 lighthouse keepers, 1 policeman and 2 customs officers, possible he manned the Coastgard signal station.

1841 census
Source                HO107; Piece 127; Book: 14; Folio: 3; Page: 29
Place                 West kirby district 8b, Cheshire
Dwelling              Little Meolse 

Edward Bolton  41       Customs         N
Eliza  Bolton  45                       N
ellen dean     15       F S 
Given Eliza's father died jun1872 and her mother Margaret hawksmore remarried
in 1783 Eliza's birth must be before 1783, so it look like she lied about her age

possible birth LDS submission
Edward Bolton b~1801 married Mary Carr 1832 North Meols
possible c.10mar1805 North Meols

1851 census          
source                HO107; Piece: 2174; Folio: 166; Page: 35
Dwelling              Little Meolse districts 18-21 West Kirby
Dwelling              Little Meolse shed 12

Edward Bolton  head M 50  Superanuated Locker? liverpool           Liverpool 
Eliza  Bolton  wife M 60                                           Berkshire?

Eliza Borrel born Berkshire?
we do not have a christening for her but
she may have been born Welwyn Herts where 2 of her siblings were christened

Possible death
Louth 1853 possibly visiting her dau at Grainsby Hall

1861 census
Source                  RG9; Piece: 2713; Folio: 35; Page: 18;
Place                   Everton district 22, Liverpool, lancashire
Dwelling                8 Caird Street shed 96

Edward Bolton   Head W 61     Superanuated customs officer,     Liverpool

GRO death
Edward Bolton marqt1870 aged 70 W.Derby 8b 287 ( includes Everton)
Post nuptial Settlement Reference Name HAIGH/4/4/1 Mr & Mrs Edward Bolton (formerly Charlotte Lyonella Elizabeth Borrell, widow [mother of Elizabeth Charlotte Haigh]) to Thomas Seddon Smith of Liverpool. Concerning a bond of 800; Richard Bewley Caton of the City of London, clerk, her interest for life in certain rents from land in Ludford under the will of Richard Bewley late of Lincoln doctor of medicine and some household furniture. Date: 3 Dec 1838 Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]
? Print Email Bookmark A parcel labelled Mrs Bolton, deceased, Bond, Copy will, Settlement, residuary account, Counsels opinion, receipts etc ? Reference Name HAIGH/4/4 No. in pencil 48. Extent: 5 files Date: 1838-1870 Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

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