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The christening of Charlotte Lyonella Eliza CATON has not been found
and order of her christian names  seems to vary,
1841/51 census suggest birth 1791-6 ie she was daughter of George Adams,
however she always uses the Caton Surname suggesting born before 1783 when
Her mother remarried. 
In her first marriage in 1804 to Benjamin Borrell she is
Eliza Lyonella Charlotte CATON
and at her childrens christenings she is 
Eliza Lynnetta Charlotte 1805 Grainsby
Eliza Lionella charlotta 1806 Brigsley
Eliza Lyonella charlotte 1808 Brigsley
Eliza Lyonella charlotte 1809 Brigsley
Eliza Lionella charlotte 1810 Brigsley
Lionella charlotta       1813 Brigsley
Lionella charlotte       1817 Brigsley

At her 2nd marriage 1833 to Edward Bolton in Liverpool she is
Charlotte Lyonella Eliza Borrell

At her daughters marriage at the same church in 1834
she was a witness along with her son Laurence, and in newspaper report of the marriage 
links her to Benjamin Borrel
and her daughter Harriot gives her birthplace in a later census as Brigsley Manor
Also 2 court cases re wills connect her to her mother Margaret Hawkesmoor Bewley
and record her second marriage to Edward Bolton
30 May 1834 (Friday),Marriages
Yesterday by the Rev. J.R.Tetlow, A.M,
Mr. Robert Brown of Hull, to
Harriett Caton, youngest daughter of the late
Benjamin Borrell, Esq. of Grainsby hall,
in the county of Lincoln,
and of Mrs. Edward Bolton, Devonshire-place, Everton

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