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Roberts of Wakefield Ramsden of Wrenthrope Pearson of Wakefield
Richardson of hull Crompton of Nafferton Elgey of Driffield

  Edward                                          Info 1b, Warning Info 1a, Chatterton Origins
  Chatterton  son of Peter?
  c.02feb1771  St Thomas, Mellor, Derbyshire                                          
  d.26dec1834                                                 Info 1c, Will of Edward Chatterton
  parish records Ashton, Edward Chatterton of Gorton aged 64
  br30dec1834  at St Peter's Church.
  m.17oct1799 parish Church, Glossop                  Info 1d, Martha
  |           witnesses      William Handford; John Brocklehurst 
  Wild                                             Info 1e, Christenings
  b.~1780 Disley, Cheshire
  d.10sep1862 aged 82, Canal Street, Dukinfield
  br15sep1862  at St Peter's Church. 
  |             children born Derbyshire 
Ann         Peter       James       John        Sarah       Thomas      Joseph      Mary   
b.23jan1801 b.24nov1802 b.19nov1804 b.27sep1806 b.23nov1808 b.09jun1811 b.07apr1814 b.29dec1815
c.27jan1801 c.24dec1802 c.20jan1805 c.09nov1806 c.07dec1808 c.18jun1812 c.19apr1814 c.14jan1816
|           |           d.young?    |           |           |           |           |
Ann 1801 Peter 1802 James Baptism john 1806 Sarah 1808 Thomas 1811 Joseph 1814 Mary 1815

Chatterton sheet 2

        Ann Chatterton  1st child of  of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
        b.23jan1801 New York, Charlesworth
        c.27jan1801 St Mary's Independant, Glossop, Derbyshire
Ann Chatterton Spinster was buried at St Peters Church, Ashton under Lyne
in the same grave as her father Edward Chatterton who had died in 1834

As yet Ann has not been found in the 1841 census

Chatterton sheet 3

             Chatterton 2nd child of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
             b.24nov1802 Glossop
             c.24dec1802 St Mary independant Church 
             d.05sep1841 of Typhus at Portland St. Ashton,  BMD ref. Macclefield 19, 91
             m.14may1826 Manchester  Cathederal          Info 3a, Christening Marriage Peter Chatterton
             Andrew                                 Info 3b, Census Peter Chatterton
             b.~1805   Bredbury nr Stockport Cheshire
             d.23nov1882 aged 77, at 36 Thomas Street Newton
             |          Chatterton line
Elizabeth    Edward      James     Martha    Ann        Margaret     Hannah       John 
b.10oct1826  b~1828      b.~1830   1833      1835       b.11mar1837  b.17mar1838  b.11dec1840
c.27feb1827  c.03aug1828 c.        c.        c.         c.16apr1882  c.           c.13dec1840
Gorton       d.jan1889   d.                  d.1881+    |  Gorton    d.1871+
d.03jul1827  |           |                              |            |          
br.St Peters |           |                              |            |
Ashton       m.18jun1849 m?1851                         m.sepqt1857  m?1872/6/8
             |                                          stockport        
             Sarah                                      Robert 
             Roberts                                    Cooke  
             b.~1827  Stalybridge                       c.07feb1836
             d.1903 aged 75                                         d.
             |                                          |   Cooke line
|============|============|==========||   |=============|============|============|=========||
Peter        Robert       Elizabeth       Edward        Emily        Joseph       Frank
r.junqt1850  r.decqt1854  r.marqt1856     b.31jul1862   b.14jun1863  b.24jun1869  b.18dec1876
Ashton        Ashton      Stockport       c.14dec1862   c.07aug1864  c.01aug1869  c.06feb1877
                                                        | Walker Line
                                                        m.07jul1917 Stockport
                                                        grandson of
                                                        Sarah Chatterton b.1808
                                                       see sheet 5
Elizabeth 1826 Edward 1828 James 1830 Martha 1833
Ann 1835 Margaret 1837 Hannah 1838 John 1840

Chatterton sheet 4

        Chatterton 4th child of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
        b.27sep1806  Mottram or Stockport
        c.09nov1806  Tivot Dale Weslyan Chapel, Heaton Norris. Lancashire
        d?decqt1884 Omskirk aged 77
        m1?17aug1826 .............. m2.junqt1865 .............m3.1868      Info 4a, John Chatterton
        |  Manchester               |  Manchester             |
        |                           |                         |
        Jane                        Hannah                    Sarah ann
        Wharmby?                    Lavin                     Clough?       
        b. ~1808 New Mills          b.~1820 Ireland           b.~1831
        d.1851-61                   d.?1874 aged51?           d.
        Robert       Sarah          Edward         James        
        |            W.             |
        c.28mar1830  abt1833        abt1835        abt1837 
        Goole        Goole         
        died young?  |
                     m1.sepqt1853 ...... m2? 1885 
                     |  Manchester       |    Omskirk
                     |                   |
                     |                   |
                     John Thomas         Joseph
                     Dodd                Tomlinson   
                     b. possibly 1833    b.
                  durham or birmingham
                     d?before 1861 census
                     possible son John    

Chatterton sheet 5

        Chatterton 5th child of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
        b.23nov1808 New York, Charlesworth, Derbyshire
        c.07dec1808 New Mills Weslyan Chapple, Glossop , Derbyshire
        d.29nov1882 Robert St. Hyde, aged 74           BMD ref Stockport 8a 14, 
       br.02dec1882 Hyde, St George
        .........................................married widower Isaiah 
                                          at the Weslyan Methodist Chapple 
                                                 | Ashton under Lyne
       Isaiah                                    | 
       Molesdale                                 |
       b.~1818                                   |
       d.                                        |
       |                                         |
       m1.spqt1838 Manchester 20, 538   .......  m2.03aug1846   Info 5a, Sarah census
       |                                         |  
       Jane                                      |
       Whittaka (er)                             |
       b.1811-15                                 |
       d.decqt1845 ashton under line 20, 9       |
       |                      Molesdale Line     |
|==============|===============|============/ /==|==============
Robert          Frederick       Elizabeth        William             Info 5b, William Molesdale
whittika        |               jane             edward      
b. ~may1840     b.13jun1842     b.12jan1845      b.11dec1848
c.26jul1840     c.22aug1842     c.09mar1845      c.04mar1849
d.01jan1842     d.10jun1916     d.27mar1928      d.1918+
***********                                      |
children registered Ashton under Lyne            m1.1868 Elizabeth Nuttall
                                                 m2.13aug1878 stockport   m3.decqt1902 
                                                 |                        | 
                                                 Annie maria              Martha a 
                                                 Cramond                  Chadwick   
                                                 b.29sep1852 Tuxford
                                                 | Molesdale line
                                                 b.12mar1882 Hyde
                                                 m.07jul1917  stockport
                                                 | his 2nd cousen, once removed 
                                                 Gt Grandaughter of
                                                 Peter Chatterton b.1802
                                                 see sheet 3

Isaiah in USA Frederick usa Elizabeth usa William edward

Chatterton sheet 6
                                                                   Info 6a, Thomas
             Chatterton    6th child of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
             b.09jun1811 ?                                               Info 6b, RIPThomas
             c.18jun1812 New Mills Weslyan, Glossop, Derbyshire             
             d.18apr1887 East Melbourn, Australia                                       
             m1.10jun1832 Eccles Lancs............ ....................    m2.10apr1855  
             |                                         St John's Church,   Manchester
             Hannah                                                        Mary
             Smedley                                                       Dean   
             b.~1811-16                                                    c.30jul1817 Gisburn
             d.sepqt1850                                                   d.marqt1891?
             |                                                             |
             |                                                   cont.     |   son of Mary  
 |===========|===========|===========|===========|===========|======//     |  |=============|
 John        Ann         Mary        Edward      Sarah       Robert        |  Charles henry 
 |           |           |           |           ann         |             |  Dean      
 b.          b.          b.1833/4    b.06jan1835 b.23jun1836 b.14sep1838   |  b.sepqt1846 
 c.26may1833 c.13apr1834 c.          c.15mar1835 c.10aug1836 c.07nov1838   |  seacombe
 d.young?    d.young     d.          d.          d.          d.1911usa     |  father unknown
                         |           |           |           |             |    Info 6c, Dean origins 
                         m.sepqt1853 m.03dec1865 m.junqt1871 m.26nov1866   | 
                         |           |           |           |             |
                         William     Ann         Thomas      Mary a        |
                         Collinge    Pearson     Wood        Wiggins       |
                                     also see Pearson line                   |
 cont                                                                      |
    Charles      David        Elizabeth    James        Thomas alfred      William francis
    joseph       smedley      |            frederick    smedley            nightingale
    b.marqt1840  b.decqt1841  b.sepqt1845  b.09feb1847  b.sepqt1850        b.sepqt1855 Salford
    c.26apr1840  c.06feb1842  c.07sep1845  c.09may1847  c.                 c.          Info 6d, 1841/81 Census 
    d.1925 Aus   d.1929 aus   d.marqt1892  d.junqt1916  d.decqt1850        d.
    |            |            |            ***********  ***********        |     
    m.24mar1873  m.           m.marqt1868                                  m.16apr1881 
    |                         |                                            |   Salford  
    Sarah                     George                                       Elizabeth ellen
    McPherson                 White                                        Sheppard   

Mary 1833 Edward 1835 Sarah Ann 1836 Robert 1838 Charles 1840
David 1842 Elizabeth 1845 James 1847 William 1855 -------------

Chatterton sheet 7
           Chatterton   7th child of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
           b.07apr1814 new york, Charlesworth
           c.19apr1814 New Mills Weslyan, Glossop, Derbyshire   
           m.?                Info 7a, Joseph Chatterton
           Ann born cheshire
           b.1848/9 cheshire

Chatterton sheet 8
     Chatterton   8th child of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
     b.29dec1815  New York, Charlesworth,
     c.14jan1816  New Mills Weslyann Chapel, Glossop, Derbyshire    
     m.possibly 15feb1837 Eccles (2miles west of manchester)         Info 8a, Waterhouse
     c.16oct1816 Hayfield, Derby son of Thomas and Sarah  
     |           Waterhouse line
     Martha             Edward                  Sarah  
     ann                |                       jane 
     b.                 b.31oct1840             b.junqt1846
     b.junqt1838        c.12nov1840             c.
     d.                 d.                      d.1881+
     |                  |                       |
     m.09feb1871        m.sepqt1865             m. possibly 1889
     |                  |                       |             
     Thomas             Eliza                   ?
     Harrison           Battle                  ?        
     b.~1843 Belper     c.08jul1838                      
     d.                 d.
     |                  |    female1868                      male1877
     |===========     |==========|==========|==========|==========|=========|=======
     Thomas           Mary       Arthur     Ada        Lucy       William   Frederick   
     edward           battle     edward     |          ellen      battle    walter 
     b.decqt1878      b.jun1867  b.dec1869  b.dec1870  b.1871     b.1879    b.~mar1881 
                      d.1869                d.
     Info 8b, Martha Waterhouse and Thomas Harrison                  Info 8c, Edward Waterhouse

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