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Charles Joseph CHATTERTON was born in Failsworth England about 1840. 
He was the son of Thomas CHATTERTON and Hannah SMEDLEY. 
After migration in 1857 he was a butcher in Melbourne. 

On 24 March 1873 he married Sarah McPherson 
in the Scots Church, Melbourne. 
The Minister was the Rev. Irving Hetherington.

They had at least four children: 
Adelaide Jane; 
Thomas Smedley; 
Evelyn; and 
Charles Joseph, Jnr.

The Age,   Thursday, 24th March 1898
CHATTERTON - McPHERSON - On the 24th March 1873 at Scots' Church Manse, Collins Street, by the Rev. Irving Hetherington,
Charles J.Chatterton, son of the late Thomas and Hannah Chatterton, Failesworth, England, to Sarah A. third daughter of Jean and the late James McPherson of Flemmington, SILVER WEDDING. Present address, 'Failsworth', South Street, Ascot Vale.

If anyone has information on this family or their descendants,
 I would be happy to hear from them.
Leo McPherson leomac@midcoast.com.au

From: "Lillian iles" (ileslj@netconnect.com.au) 
Subject: [AUS-VIC] re McPherson,Chatterton, Baker, Shiels etc; 
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:39:02 +1100 

Chatterton...Parents Sarah Ann McPherson & Charles Joseph Chatterton
Adelaide Jane b 1874
Thomas Smedley b 1876
Evelyn b 1878 d 1901
Charles Joseph b 1880
Henry James b 1888

Thursday 30 march 1877
Charles Chatterton, for allowing his horse and cart to wander,
was fined 10s., and 2s. 6d. costs.

Victoria Petty Sessions,   At Flemmington and Kensington,   3rd April 1900,
Charles Chatterton :- SUMMONS
Complainant Jolin Roddy , Counstable of Police

That the defendant on 18th March 1900 at Ascot Vale did then and there behave in an offensive manner in a public place there situate to me at the intersection of South Street and Alexander Road.

fined 20/- in default & days Impt. : 7 days to Pay
Paid 20/- 12th april 1900

Australian Police Gazette, Victoria, 1901
Thomas Chatterton and his two sons, Joseph Chatterton and David Smedley Chatterton, are inquired for by Charles Chatterton 207 Japonica Street, Pawtuket, Rhode Island, USA.
They are said to have arrived in Melbourne in 1857, and have been Cattle raising. 2nd December 1901.

Charles joseph Chatterton is listed in Ancestry's ,
Australian electorial rolls 1901-1936
The State of Victoria
i see there is also an Adelaide Chatterton meborne ports
also a florence louise Parker in Maribyrnong
how ever no Lillian Marsham
wonder if she was actually Mabel lillian of Maribyrnong
and Henry james Chatterton in Maribyrnong

Australian Election Rolls data

Street map Melbourne, Source Google Maps The State of Victoria Maribyrnong, now a suburb about 3 miles north west of Melbourne.
Charles Joseph Chatterton, labourer, lived at 
9  South  Street, Ascot Vale,  1903, 1909; 
19 Middle Street, Ascot Vale,  1914; 
9  South  Street, Ascot Vale   1919,  1924.
Sarah Ann  Chatterton (wife), house duties, lived at 
9 South Street, 1903, 1909.
Adelaide (daughter), brush maker, lived at #
9 South Street, 1903.

Miss A E Chatterton 1915 street directory
24 Auburn Grove, Haw.
Henry James Chatterton (son), line repairer, lived at 
39 The Parade, Ascot Vale, 1914.

Charles Joseph Chatterton (son), cooper, lived at 
9  South Street,  1903; labourer, 
9  South Street   1909, 
19 Middle Street, 1914;  
53 Courtney Street, North Melbourne, 1919; cooper, 
37 Charles Street, 1924.
Florence Louisa Chatterton  lived at  ( wife of Charles Joseph jnr)
19 Middle Street,   1914: home duties,
53 Courtney Street, 1919; store keeper, 
37 Charles Street,  1924. home duties, 

Sands & McDougall Melnbourne Directory 1920 Chatterton Chas. J. 37 Charles Street, Ascot Vale Chatterton Chas. W. Victoria avenue oak
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