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Mary 1833 Edward 1835 Sarah ann 1836 Charles 1840
David 1842 Elizabeth 1845 James 1847 William 1855


         Chatterton  4th child of  Thomas Chatterton and Hannah Smedley 
         b.14sep1838                                      Info 1b  chat1838Info 1a, 1861 - 81 Robert uk Census
         c.07nov1838  Failsworth , Lancashire
         d.15feb1911  Cranston, Rhode Island, USA
         |                                                 Info 1bx  chat1838Info 1c, Emigration to USA
         m.26nov1866 Manchester                
         Mary ann  
         Wiggins  ?th dau of Frances McCurdy and Robert Wiggins            Info 1d
         b.nov1843 Colyhurst, Lancashire
         d.~1923   Providence, Rhode Island, USA
  Thomas            James             Charles           Fanny             Joseph       
  |                 frederick         |                 |                 |           
  b.oct1867         b.29jun1872       b.22aug1875       b. june1877       b.20may1881
  c.19jul1868       c.                c.                r.sepqt1877       c.
  d.25jan1937       d.12apr1933       d.25oct1929       d.01may1893usa    d.04may1942
  |                 |                 |                 *********         |
  m.28oct1903       m.21aug1899       m.26jan1901                         m.07sep1904  
  |                 |                 |                                   | 
  Sarah jane        Jane              Claimond(bessy)                     Hannah louis
  Bartley           McKeag            Parsons                             Abbott  
  b.Salem MA        b.Northbridge MA  b.05jul1879                         b.04mar1884
  d.Foster center   d.                d.03jun1975                         d.12jul1967  

* Note: USA 1900 census has Mary as mother of 5 children, 4 living
chat1838 sheet 2

        Thomas Chatterton  1st child of Mary ann and Robert Chatterton
        b.--oct1867 Manchester, Lancashire Uk
        c.19jul1868 Foster center RI
        d.25jan1937 USA
        m.28oct1903 Pawtucket Rhode Island, USA                       info 2a 
        Sarah jane
        b. Salem MA
        d. Foster center RI

chat1838 sheet 3

        James frederick Chatterton 2nd child of Mary ann and Robert Chatterton
        b.29jun1872 Droyleden, Lancs
        d.12apr1933 where
        m.23aug1899 Witinsville Wocester Massachusetts            info 3a 
        b.1878   Northbridge , MA
        Robert                          Fannie       
        |                               gertrude      
        b.23jun1900  Whitinsville       b.11nov1906
        d.07feb1964                     d.17jun1979 CA
        m.  his 1st cousen
        Bessy may
        Chatterton see sheet 4

chat1838 sheet 4

       Charles Chatterton 3th child of Mary ann and Robert Chatterton
       b.24aug1875 Droyleden , Lancs
       d.25oct1929 Somerville Middx Massachusetts
       |                                         Info 4a 
       m.26jan1901 Pawtucket Rhode Island                
       Parsons                                Info 4b 
       b.05jul1879 Ochre Pit cove New Foundland
       d.03jan1975 Medford, Massachusetts
       |              children born Pawtuket R.I.
       Bessie                     Lillian                   Charles
       may                        isabell                   joseph              
       b.12may1902                b.26jul1903               b.20may1906 Pawtucket
       d.21jul1978                d.06oct2001               d.25nov1957 
       | Cranston RI              | Ocala Florida           | Conn
       |                          |                         |
       m. her 1st cousen          m.27mar1941 Brookline MA  m. when where
       |                          |                         |
       Robert                     Alfred gerald             Helen frances
       Chatterton                 Watson                    Fisk
       see sheet3                 b.1909                    b.
                                  d.04jun1983               d.
                                  Cambridge middx

chat1838 sheet 5

        Fanny Chatterton 4th child of Mary ann and Robert Chatterton
        b.june 1877 Bury lancashire
        registered sepqt1877 Bury
        d.01may1893 Whitinsville, Massachusettes, USA                     Info 5a 

        Burial Place Pine Grove Cemetery, Whitinsville, MA, USA    
        Buried in grave on 24 Wildwood path

chat1838 sheet 6

        Joseph Chatterton 5th child of Mary ann and Robert Chatterton
        b.20may1881  Bury,      Lancashire,    UK
        d.04may1942  Medford,   Massachusetts, USA        Info 6a 
        m.07sep1904  Pawtucket, Rhode Island,  USA
        Hanna Louis  dau of Ellen bland Cockroft and Henry austin Abbott 
        Abbott                             Info 6b 
        b.04mar1884  Pawtucket, Rhode Island,  USA
        d.12jul1967  Medford,   Massachusetts, USA
  * *    Ist child died at birth , 2nd very young
 Clifford             Anna                 Howard             Earl
 linwood              louise               austin             leslie   
 b.13aug1909          b.14jun1912          b.17feb1914        b.26oct1918 
   Pawtucket          |  Pawtucket         | Pawtucket        | Dorchester
 d.15apr1997          d.16mar1993          d.16sep1998        d.22jan2004 
 | St louis park MN   |   Lutz Fl          |     Manasses     | south Carolina
 m.02sep1933          m.07sep1935          m.23nov1940        m1.26nov1942..m2.16sep1967
 | Wakefield MA       | Arlington          | Cranston RI      | Pawtucket   | Great Neck 
 Elizabeth            Norman               Ruth marie         Eleanor       Catherine helen
 Stockbridge          Copeland             McElroy            Patton        Pitchersky  
 b.1908               b.1908               b.1913             b.1918        b.1928
 d.1995               d.1990               d.2004             d.1965

  Info 6c Info 6d Info 6e Info 6f

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