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Mary 1833 Sarah Ann 1836 Robert 1838 Charles 1840
David 1842 Elizabeth 1845 James 1847 William 1855

           Edward Chatterton 2nd child of  Thomas and Hannah Chatterton 
           c.15mar1835  Cathedral Manchester
           d?before 1911
           m.03dec1865 Leeds parish church
           Pearson  3rd child of  Elizabeth and Timothy Pearson (1st) 
           b.13aug1835 Wrenthrope
           c.05feb1836 All saints Wakefield                 chat1835-Info 1a, 1861-1901 Edward Census
           d.junqt1919 North Manchester aged 88                                
Edward     Ada        Thomas     Annie      Phyllis    Frederick  Marion     Frank   
pearson    beatrice   Henry      |          |          |          |          (francis)          
 64-5      marqt1867  marqt1868  marqt70    sepqt1871  junqt1873  decqt1874  junqt1876
Salford    Rotherham  Everton    Manchester Manchester            Prestwich  Prestwich

chat1835 sheet 2

*Edward appears to have been born before Anne Pearson married Edward Chatterton
possible birth Edward PEARSON junqt1865 Salford
There is no Edward Pearson b.~1865 Salford/Manchester in the 1871 census
and No deaths for an Edward Pearson Salford/Manchester 1865-1871

       Edward pearson Chatterton  1st child of Ann  Pearson and ?Edward Chatterton
       b.1864/5 Salford     born before marriage 
       d. 1881+                                             chat1835-Info 2a,  Edward pearson Census
       m.decqt1890 Prestwich 8d 617 (north Manchester)
       Mundy                                      chat1835-Info 2b,  Mundy Origins
       b.~1870 Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire
       |                  children born Manchester
       Arthur             Mable             William
       edward             beatrice          mundy              
       b.decqt1891        b.decqt1895       b.junqt1899
       Salford            Salford           Salford
       |                  |                 |
       m.sepqt1919        m.                m.sepqt1924 Manchester
       |  Braintree       |                 |           
       Emma M                               Bertha Amy
       Lawrence                             Griffith   
                                            b.marqt1901 Manchester

chat1835 sheet 3

       Ada beatrice Chatterton  2nd child of Ann  Pearson and Edward Chatterton
       b.marqt1867 Rotherham     
       d.                                              chat1835-Info 3a,  Ada beatrice Census
       m.marqt1897 Manchester 8d 230
       Robert                         chat1835-Info 3b,  Alexander Origins
       b.1868/9 Doncaster Yorks
       Beatrice              Gladys                Robert?
       ellis                 mary B                stanley ? 
       b.marqt1898           b.decqt1900           b.junqt1903

chat1835 sheet 4

       Thomas henry Chatterton  3rd child of Ann  Pearson and Edward Chatterton
       b.marqt1868 West Derby 8b 430 (Everton, Liverpool) Lancashire   deaths found up to 1922               chat1835-Info 4a,  Thomas hardy Census
       m. several possible marriages from 1912+


chat1835 sheet 5

       Annie Chatterton  4th child of Ann  Pearson and Edward Chatterton
       b.marqt1870 Manchester Lancashire    
       d.                                  chat1835-Info 5a,  Annie Census
       m.decqt1895 Cholton 8c 1275 (south Manchester)
       b.~1872 Salford
       |          children born Salford
       Harry                    George                chat1835-Info 5b, RIP  Harry chatterton Darbyshire
       chatterton               agustus      
       b.junqt1896              b.marqt1898
       salford 8d 67            Salford 8d 63
       d.22jul1916 WW1


chat1835 sheet 6

       Phyllis Chatterton  4th child of Ann  Pearson and Edward Chatterton
       b.sepqt1871 Manchester Lancashire    
       d.                                  chat1835-Info 6a,  Phyllis, no info yet
       m?1922 sculcoates as phillis
       Thomas H 


chat1835 sheet 7

       Frederick Chatterton  6th child of Ann  Pearson and Edward Chatterton
       d.                                              chat1835-Info 7a,  Frederick Census
       m.sepqt1894 Salford 8d 212
       Seddon                                      chat1835-Info 7b,  Annie Seddon Origins
       b.~1875 Salford 
       Salford 8d 78
       m1.marqt1927 W.Derby 8b 761 ................................m2.
       |                                                           |            
       Margaret M                                                  Frances J
       Sloan                                                       Chadwick   
       Ronald       Joan    Leslie
       F             V       joseph
       1927         1929

chat1835 sheet 8

       Marion Chatterton  7th child of Ann  Pearson and Edward Chatterton
       b.decqt1874  Crumpsall Lancashire    
       d.                                  chat1835-Info 8a,  Marion 
       m.sepqt1901 Prestwich 8d 565 (south manchester)


chat1835 sheet 9

       Francis (frank) Chatterton  8th child of Ann Pearson and Edward Chatterton
       b.junqt1876  Crumpsall Lancashire    
       d.                                  chat1835-Info 9a, Francis (Frank) Census
       m.possible  sepqt1911 Salford  8d 183 
       Ellen Dodd  or
       Edith Montgomery


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