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Edward was born before his parents marriage in decqt1865
GRO has a couple of Edward Pearson born Salford in 1865,
and his baptism confirms he was originally names Edward Chatterton Pearson.


After his parents marriage Edward chatterton Pearson became just
Edward Chatterton, later he added the middle name Pearson.

1881 Census
Source:                 Ref RG11    Piece 4025  Folio 81    Page 13
Place:                  Crumpsall, Lancashire, England
Dwelling:               87 Waterloo St,  Grocers Shop 

Edward   CHATTERTON     head   M   46    Shop keeper         Failsworth, Lancashire
Ann      CHATTERTON     wife   M   45    Shop keeper         Wakefield, York 
Ed P.    CHATTERTON	son    U   16 	 Postman             Salford, Lancashire
Ada B.   CHATTERTON	dau    U   15 	 Warehouse girl(F S) Rotheram, York
Thos H.  CHATTERTON	son    U   13 	 Errand boy          Liverpool Everton
Annie    CHATTERTON     dau    U   11    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Phylis   CHATTERTON     dau    U    9    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Frederick CHATTERTON    son    U    8    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Marion   CHATTERTON	dau    U    7    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Francis  CHATTERTON     son    U    5    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire

Ada L.   SMITH        Visiter  U   14    No Occ              Manchester, Lancashire

GRO Marriage
Edward pearson Chatterton
m.decqt1890 Prestwich 8d 617
Kate Mundy

source                  RG12, Piece  3214 folio 16 page 29 	
Place                   Broughton near Salford, Manchester,  
Dwelling                schedule 213,  4 Arther Street. 

Edward P. Chatterton, head, M  26   barman,                  Manchester, Lancs
Kate Chatterton       wife  M  19,                           Wotton* U Edge, Gloucestershire
Thomas H. Chatterton, brother  23 shopman,                   Liverpool.  Lancs

Note:*Enumerator has Woolton

1901 census
source                 RG13; Piece: 3725; Folio: 140; Page: 32
Place                  Broughton near Salford
Dwelling               schedule 208, 9 Bannerman street. 

Edward    Chatterton head M 36   Bakery and biscuit salesman      Manchester
Kate      Chatterton wife M 29                                    Wotton U edge Gloucester
Arthur E  Chatterton son     9                                    Manchester
Mabel B   Chatterton dau     5                                    Manchester
William M Chatterton son     1                                    Manchester

1911 census Prestwich
Place                       Manchester
dwelling                   88Esmond Rd Cheetham

Edward    Chatterton  45
Kate      Chatterton  39
Ather E   Chatterton  19
William M Chatterton  12 

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