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GRO births
Edward Waterhouse decqt1840 Chorlton 20,192 (Gorton)
By 1861 Edward has left his family in Lancashire and moved over 100 miles to Lincoln

1861 census
source                RG9; Piece 2359; Folio: 71; Page 12/13
Place                 St Peters Arches district 15, Lincoln, Linconshire
Dwelling              234 High Street, schedule 54a

Edward Waterhouse  assistant u 20   assistant Drapper          Gorton Lancs

GRO marriage sepqt1865 Lincoln 7a 767
Edward Waterhouse to Eliza Battle

1871 census 
source                      RG10; Piece 3374; Folio 72; Page 25
Place                       Lincon Holme district 30, Lincolnshire
Dwelling                    8 Lucy Tower Street, schedule 118  

Edward Waterhouse  head M 30  Commercial Traveller              Gorton Lancs
Eliza  Waterhouse  wife M 32                                    Hollingham, Notts.**
Arthur Waterhouse  son    1                                     Lincon
Ada    Waterhouse  dau under 1                                  Lincon
Mary Douglas      Serv    28
Eliza birthplace should be north Collingham, Notts. (12 miles SW of Lincoln)
dau of William and bridget;source IGI c046611
GRO Births, Lincoln
Mary battle      Waterhouse  junqt1867  Lincoln 7a 496 died marqt1869 aged 1 
female           Waterhouse  sepqt1868  Lincoln 7a 489 died marqt1870 aged 1 
Arther edward    Waterhouse  decqt1869  Lincoln 7a 463 
Ada              Waterhouse  decqt1870  Lincoln 7a 436 died? sepqt1872 manchester
Lucy ellen       Waterhouse  decqt1871  Lincoln 7a 483 
Male             Waterhouse  decqt1877  Lincoln 7a 550 died decqt1877 aged 0 
William battle   Waterhouse  junqt1879  Lincoln 7a 653 
Frederick walter Waterhouse  marqt1881  Lincoln 7a 542  

1881 census
source                   RG11; Piece 3240; Folio 104; Page 59/60
place                    Lincon district 14
dwelling                 7 Carholme Rd schedule 293

Edward       Waterhouse   head M 40      Draper                 Gorton,     Lancs
Eliza        Waterhouse   wife M 42                             Hollingham, Notts
Arthur E.    Waterhouse   son    11      Scholar                Lincoln
Lucy E.      Waterhouse   dau     9      Scholar                Lincoln
William K.   Waterhouse   son     1                             Lincoln
Frederick W. Waterhouse   son     1 mn                          Lincoln
Martha Darker             ser    25  
Sophia Moor               ser    19  

Possible death
Edward Waterhouse mar1890 Ormskirk 8b 658 aged 49
Elizabeth Waterhouse aged 43 Gainsbro 7a 464

1891 census 
Source            RG12; Piece: 2591; Folio 92; Page 38         
Place             St mary le Wigford district 14a Linconshire     
Dwelling          1 Carlholme Rd, sched 231

Arthur E    Waterhouse  head U  21 Draper                     Lincoln , lincs.
Lucy E      Waterhouse  sister  19                            Lincoln , lincs.
William B   Waterhouse  brother 11  Scholar                   Lincoln , lincs.
Frederick W Waterhouse  brother 10  Scholar                   Lincoln , lincs.

Samuel      Pattinson   visitor 20   
Margaret E  Cannell     serv    55  
Harriet     Snow        serv    26  
Elizabeth   Day         serv    19  

Lucy ellen waterhouse m.marqt1893 lincoln 7a 683 either
David anderson Applewhite or,
George Edwards or,
Thomas Robinson
1901 census  

william waterhouse border 21 s railway contractor                  lincoln 
William battle Waterhouse m.junqt1907 wigan 8c 98 sarah ellen West or, Catherine ellen Benson or, Edith emma Button

1911 census
place         37 Belverdere rd 
william w Waterhouse head32 m 4y  railway contractor               lincon
Arthur edward Waterhouse m. mar1906 hull 8d 357 or
sep1909 Birmingham 6d 106

Frederick walter Waterhouse died sepqt1905 Wirral 8a 264 aged 24
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