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Baptism entry New Mills

Mary Chatterton
dau of Edward Chatterton & Martha C.,
was born 29th sep 1815 & Baptised 14th Jan 1816
John Whitehead.

Mary Chatterton's marriage to Joseph Waterhouse
15 feb 1837 Eccles Lancs.
The census shows them living with Mary's widowed mother Martha Chatterton

1841 UK Census Sun/Mon  6/7 
Source               HO107; Piece 581; Book: 13;  Folio: 31; Page: 29;
Place                Ardwick, District: 23; Manchester , Lancashire
Dwelling             John Street 

                       Age Occ                        Born this county
Martha   Chatterton    60  House Keeper               N
Joseph   Waterhouse    25  Overlooker                 N
Mary     Waterhouse    25  Weaver                     N
Martha   Waterhouse     3                             Y
Edward   Waterhouse     7mn                           Y

note the house next door  has
Mary    Waterhouse 45 James 20 David 15      


1851 census
Source                 HO107; Piece: 2237 folio 188 page 28
Place                  Dukinfield district 1f, Stalybridge,
Dwelling               43 Canal Street, shed 99

                       Rel  Mar Age  Occ                        Born
Martha     Chatterton  head  W  70   Housekeeper                Disley     Derbyshire
Joseph     Waterhouse  SIL   M  35   Labourer                   Hayfield,  Derbyshire
Mary       Waterhouse  dau   M  35,  weaver                     New Yrk,   Derbyshire
Martha     Waterhouse  gdau  u  13   Weaver                     Gorton,      Lancs       
Edward     Waterhouse  gson  u  10   Scholar                    Gorton,      Lancs
Sarah      Waterhouse  gdau  u   4   Scholar                    Stalybridge, Cheshire

Sarah Hemmingway    lodger      32   Servant
Easter Oakes        lodger      25   Weaver                            

GRO births  Chorlton which covers Gorton
Martha ann Waterhouse junqt1838 Chorlton 20, 176
Edward Waterhouse     decqt1840 Chorlton 20, 192  
Sarah Waterhouse      junqt1846 Ashton under Lyne 20, 33 which covers Stalybridge

In 1861 Martha Chatterton is  living at 35 Canal St. but with another daughter 
Sarah Molesdale, who  had been deserted by her husband in 1857.

Info 8a sheet2

the following entry is the best match found in 1861 although Joseph's age birthplace has changed however the children's age and birth place seem correct

1861 census           
Source               RG9; Piece: 2997; Folio: 91; Page: 34
Place                Dukinfield district 25,  Stalybridge 
Dwelling             Cresbeach Street, shed 223

Joseph   Waterhouse  head W  46   Iron dresser             Methy,       Debyshire
Martha A Waterhouse  dau  u  22   Dress Marker?            Gorton,      Lancs
Sarah    Waterhouse  dau  u  14                            Stalybridge, Cheshire

Joseph is now married but this appears to be Mary as in 1851 it would seem unlikely a second wife had the same name and birth place and they are at 35 Canal St where Martha chatterton lived in 1861

1871 census 
source                  RG10; Piece: 4085; Folio: 6; Page: 6;
place                   Dukinfield district 25 Stalybridge
dwelling                35 canal street, shed 39

Joseph   Waterhouse  head M 55  Forman Iron foundry          Hayfield Derbyshire
Mary     Waterhouse  wife M 55                               New York Derbyshire

GRO marriage marqt1871 Ashton 8d 751
Thomas Harrison to Martha Ann Waterhouse

source                     RG10; Piece: 3584; Folio: 24; Page: 19
place                      St Peters parish, Belper district 13 , Derbyshire
Dwelling                   Market Place, shed 99 

Thomas       Harrison head M  28   Iron founder & Iron monger 
                                              emp 3men 4 boys       Belper,  Derby
Martha       Harrison wife M  33                                    Gorton Lancs
Alfred Harrison    brother U  20   Ironmonger                       Belper Derby
Sarah Waterhouse   visitor U  24                                    Stalybridge Cheshire

1881 census
source                  RG11; Piece: 4053; Folio: 46; Page: 32; 
place                   Dukinfield district 15, cheshire
Dwelling                Moyston? street hollins villa, shed 171 

Joseph     Waterhouse  head M  66    Forman of Dressers Cotton    Hayfield Derbyshire
Mary       Waterhouse  wife M  65                                 Charlesworth Derbyshire
Sarah jane Waterhouse  dau  U  34                                 Stalybridge cheshire

GRO possible marriage marqt1889 Sarah jane Waterhouse in Salford 8d 107
however no sign of her in 1891 census

In 1891 Mary Waterhouse is a widow living with her daughter Martha

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