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1841 Census            Sun/Mon  6/7 June 
Source                 Ho 107; Piece 581; Book: 9;  Folio: 18; Page: 29;
Place                  Failsworth, District 1, Manchester, Lancashire
Dwelling               Dob Lane 

                        Age  Occ                Born this county
Thomas    Chatterton    25   Vituler            N
Hannah    Chatterton    25                      Y
Mary      Chatterton     7                      Y
Edward    Chatterton     6                      Y
Sarah Ann Chatterton     4                      Y
Robert    Chatterton     2                      Y
Joseph    Chatterton     1                      Y
Sarah Percival          15   FS
note: ages over 20 rounded down ie Thomas and Hannah were 29

Hannah appears to have died in 1850, need death cert to confirm

1851 census
Source                 HO107; Piece: 2231; Folio: 200; Page: 4;
Place                  Newton, district 2f All Saints, Lancashire
Dwelling               Church Street, en10   

                          Rel Mar Age  Occ                         Born
Thomas         Chadderton Head W 39   Assistant overseer 
                                      Collector and Surveyor       Glossopdale Derbyshire
Mary           Chatterton dau  U 18   Housekeeper                  Fallowfield lancs
Edward         Chatterton son  U 16   assistant bookeeper          Failsworth, Lancs
Sarah Ann      Chatterton dau    14   power loom weaver            Failsworth, Lancs       
Robert         Chatterton son    12   Silk factory                 Failsworth, Lancs
Charles Joseph Chatterton son    11   silk factory                 Failsworth, Lancs
David Smedley  Chatterton son     9   silk factory                 Failsworth, Lancs
Elizabeth      Chatterton dau     5   scholar                      Failsworth, Lancs
James Frederick Chatterton son    4   scholar                      Failsworth, Lancs
Mary (jnr) married in 1853
Info 6c sheet 2

Thomas remarried in 1855 to Mary Dean.

1861 census
Source                 RG9; Piece: 2916; Folio: 30; Page: 5;
Place                  Greengate district 30, Salford, Lancashire,
Dwelling               73 Silk Street , shed 23

                       Rel Mar Age  Occ                          Born
Mary       Chatterton, head M  43   House keeper                 Gisburn,    Yorkshire, 
Charles H. Dean        son  u  15   Hooker Calico                Seacomb,    Cheshire, 
Sarah      Chatterton  dau  u  24   Cotton weaver,               Failsworth, Cheshire, 
William    Chatterton  son  u   5   Scholar                      Salford,    Lancs, 
Robert     Chatterton  son  u  23   Striker Iron                 Failsworth, Lancs
William    Turner   nephew  u  11   Office boy                   Salford,    Lancs
Nancy      Curdy    lodger  W  80,                               Colyhurst,  Lancs 
Fanny      Wiggin   lodger  W  41   Cotton warper                Colyhurst   Lancs
Mary       Wiggin      dau  U  18   Cotton weaver                Colyhurst   Lancs

notes: Charles H Dean is son of Mary born before Wedding
Charles and David have emigrated to Australia with father Thomas in 1855
and James aged 14, Elizabeth age 15 and Edward age 26 are now living away from home.

"Slater's 1861 listing" as
Mary Chatterton, householder, 73 Silk at Salford.

1871 Census
Source:              RG10; Piece: 4019; Folio: 98; Page: 10
Place                Greengate, district 28, Salford, Lancashire
Dwelling             91 Silk Street, enu45 

                    Rel Mar Age  Occ                         Born
Mary    Chatterton  head M  53,                              Craven, Yorks, 
James,  Chatterton  son  U  24   artisan printer,            Failsworth, Lancs
William Chatterton  son  U  15   apprentice maker,           Salford, 
William Turner   nephew  U  21   apprentice maker,           Salford.  
Note the child James Chatterton. 

1881 Census 
Source              RG11; Piece: 3951; Folio: 77; Page: 36
Place               Broughton district 4a,  Salford, Lancashire
Dwelling            23 Edith Street,

                    Rel Mar Age Occ                                   Born
Mary    Chatterton  head M  63  Publicans wife,                       Gisbourne, York, 
James   Chatterton  son     34  House painter                         Failsworth, Lancashire, 
William Chatterton  son,    25  Marker up cloth warehouse(cotton dyer) Salford, Lancashire

James and William are both in 1891 census but no Mary
Mary Chatterton may have died in 1891 (first Q 1891).Salford

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