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Baptism entry

Thos. Son of Edwd & Martha Chatterton,
New York, Township of Charleworth and Parish of Glossop.
was born June 9th 1811 and Baptised June the 18
by me William Midgley.

Thomas' first marriage to Hannah Smedley was 10 June 1832. at St Mary the Virgin parish church Eccles , Lancashire; which is on the south west outskirts of Manchester One witness was John Chatterton most probably Thomas' brother.
Although the 1841 census states Hannah born Lancashire circa 1811-14 her death in 1850 aged 41 suggest 1809 best fit are either baptism of 30th june Kirk-irton Derby or 28th january Staspleford Nottingham shire both some 30 miles south from Manchester.


baptisms               occ            abode
John             1833       Coach Smith    Manchester
Ann              1834       Coach Smith    Salford
Edward           1835       no image
Sarah ann        1836       Publican       Failsworth
Robert           1838       no image
Charles          1840       Publican       Failsworth
David Smedley    1842       no image
Elizabeth        1845       Publican       Manchester   
James Frederick  1847      no image
sheet 2
Thomas is listed as a publican (Inn Keeper) of The Bulls Head from 1835 to 1838
The 1841 census shows him as a Victualar in Dob Lane Failsworth and in 1847, and Newton in 1855
The Inn appears to have been situated just off the Main Manchester to Oldham Turnpike some 4 miles NE of Manchester, between the turnpike and the Rochdale Canal.
In 1849 Thomas sold the Inn

Bulls Head has the oldest alehouse licence in Failsworth that can be traced back to 1731.
In 1734 a Turnpike Act was passed to improve the road from Manchester to Austerlands on the Yorkshire border, via Failsworth, Hollins and Oldham.
This increased the prospect of having horse-drawn vehicles passing by and their drivers and passengers coming in for refreshments.

By the 1830's there was a decline of the stage coach and the appearance of the first local omnibuses. These ran to Manchester from Bulls Head every day at 10:00am, noon, 5:30pm, 7:15pm and 8:30pm, and the service was well established by 1836.

Dobs Lane Failsworth
Failsworth circa 1843

Dobs Lane Failsworth
Failsworth circa 1893

Bulls Head
The Bulls Head circa 2012, 3 Oldham Rd, Failsworth. (A62)
sheet 3

In 1841 there were 10 inns in Failsworth and a rapidly growing population of over 2000 serving a number of Mills in the area.

An April 1849 a newspaper advertisement stated "...The house is replete with every convenience for the trade, contains five entertaining rooms, on the ground floor, exclusive of bar and pantry; large club room, containing nearly 100 square yards of flooring; four bedrooms; brewhouse, fitted up on best principle; with a never-failing supply of water, good wash-house, detached stables, piggerles, garden, etc. There are three clubs attached to the house, one of which is held fortnightly; and a Manchester Omnibus runs to and from the house sixteen times a day. .." The address of Bulls Head changed in mid 1880's from Dob Lane to the present 3 Oldham Road.

A survey in 1890 found the new Bulls Head could accommodate three travelers and provide meals for up to twenty persons. There was stabling for six horses and the nearest public houses were each 500 yards away - the Weavers and the Church Inn, Newton Heath.

Manchester districts
Districts related to census

The 1841 Census,      dated June 11, 1841, 
Source:               HO107; Piece: 581; Book: 9; Folio: 18/19; Page: 29/30;  
Place:                Failsworth district 1, Manchester, Lancaster, 
Dwelling:             Dob lane
                                      born this county
Thomas     Chatterton,  25, Victualer.           No
Hannah     Chatterton   25                       Yes
Mary       Chatterton    7                       Yes
Edward     Chatterton    6                       Yes
Sarah Ann  Chatterton    4                       Yes
Robert     Chatterton    2                       Yes
Joseph*    Chatterton    1                       Yes
Sarah      Percival,    15,     FS (female servant?).
*Joseph, Bap. Sunday April 26, 1840, as Charles joseph
sheet 4

Having sold the Inn in 1849
The 1851 Census shows Thomas Chadderton as a widower,
possible death of his wife
GRO Deaths Hannah Chatterton SepQt 1850 Manchester 20 607
Hannah wife of Thomas, buried 4th aug 1850, Newton Heath

1850,  Burial at All Saints, Newton Heath, in the Parish of Manchester and Newton

1851 census
Source:          Ho 107,   Piece 2231   Folio 200  page 4
place:           Newton, Manchester
Dwelling:        Schedule 10, Church Street  

Thomas          Chatterton, head, W  39, assistant overseer,
                                         collector and surveyor,   Glossopdale, Derbyshire;  
Mary            Chatterton  dau,  s  18, housekeeper,              Fallowfield, Manchester; 
Edward          Chatterton son,      16, assistant book-keeper,         Failsworth, 
Sarah Ann       Chatterton dau       14, powerloom weaver,              Failsworth; 
Robert          Chatterton son,      12, silk factory operative,        Failsworth; 
Charles joseph  Chatterton son       11  silk factory operative;        Failsworth; 
David   smedley Chatterton son,       7, silk factory operative;        Failsworth; 
Elizabeth       Chatterton dau        5, scholar                        Failsworth; 
James frederick Chatterton son,       4, scholar.                       Failsworth; 

On 10 april 1855 Thomas remarried to Mary Dean, See Original marriage cert
1855   Marriage Solomnized at St. John's Church in the parish of Manchester in the county of Lancaster
No. When
Name and
Age Condition Rank or
Residence Fathers
47 April

43 Widower Fishmonger
Newton Edward
38 Spinster ~~~ Byron
Married in the   above Church According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,
after Banns / Licence by me Wm Huntingdon
Signiture This Marriage  
was solomnized  
between us.  
In the presence of:

Edward Tyson
Eliza Dean

sheet 5

However just 2 years later, In 1857 Thomas with 2 of his sons emigrated to Australia leaving behind his new wife a baby and other children.
The Index of unassisted passengers to Victoria, Australia
Shows arriving Melbourne, 14 september 1857 on the ship Sarah Dixon 
Thomas Chatterton age 45    occupation Grinller?
Charles Catterton age 16           do
David Chatterton  age 14           do
note; Thomas age is not in the married column! Source: Public Record office Victoria

It is not clear if Thomas' second marriage had broken down or if he had originally intended to send for his wife and other children, when he was settled in Australia. Expectations of high wages in Au were sadly exagerated and labourer were lucky to attain £30 per annum.

1880-85 Sands & McDougall Melbourne directory
Chatterton Thomas, Pascoe Vale Road, Moonee Ponds
1885 Sands & McDougall Melbourne directory
Chatterton Charles, Mount Alexander road, Flemming
Australian Police Gazette, Victoria, 1901
Thomas Chatterton and his two sons, Joseph Chatterton and David Smedley Chatterton, are inquired for by Charles Chatterton 207 Japonica Street, Pawtuket, Rhode Island, USA.
They are said to have arrived in Melbourne in 1857, and have been Cattle raising.
2nd December 1901.

sheet 6


1861 Census
Source:            RG 9; Piece: 2916; Folio: 30; Page: 5;   
place:             Salford, Lancashire, England
Dwelling           73 Silk Street 

Mary       Chatterton, head  m   46   house keeper,          Gisburn, Yorkshire, 
Charles H. Dean,       son   s   15   calico hooker,         Seacomb, Cheshire, 
Sarah      Chatterton, dau   s   24   cotton weaver,         Failsworth, Cheshire, 
Robert     Chatterton, son,      23   striker iron,          Failsworth, Cheshire
William    Chatterton, son,       5   scholar,               Salford, Lancashire, 
William    Turner,   nephew,     11   office boy,            Salford, 
Nancy Curdy,   lodger widow,     80,                         Colyhurst, Lancashire, 
Fanny Wiggins, lodger widow,     41   cotton warper,         Colyhurst, 
Mary  Wiggins,        dau    s   18   cotton weaver,         Colyhurst.  
note additional child, William Chatterton born to 2nd wife Mary

1871 Census
Source:              RG10; Piece: 4019; Folio: 98; Page: 10
Place                Greengate, district 28, Salford, Lancashire
Dwelling             shedule 45, 91 Silk Street,  

Mary    Chatterton  head M  53,                              Craven*, Yorks, 
James,  Chatterton  son  U  24   artisan printer,            Failsworth, Lancs
William Chatterton  son  U  15   apprentice maker up,        Salford, 
William Turner   nephew  U  21   apprentice maker up,        Salford.   
* enumerator error?

1881 Census 
Source              RG11; Piece: 3951; Folio: 77; Page: 36
Place               Broughton district 4a,  Salford, Lancashire
Dwelling            23 Edith Street,

Mary    Chatterton  head M  63  Publicans wife,            Gisbourne, York, 
James   Chatterton  son     34  House painter              Failsworth, Lancashire, 
William Chatterton  son,    25  Marker up cloth warehouse(cotton dyer) Salford, Lancashire

Mary Chatterton probably died sepqt1890 Salford aged 73

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